New Video: Slim Of 112 (Feat. Shawty Lo & Yung Joc) - So Fly

I know yall remember the lead singer from 112 name Slim. Well his is back on the scene this time solo with his song "So Fly" featuring Young Joc and Shawty Lo. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

Spend A Day In The Life Of Lloyd

Do You Think Luda Went Too Far?

Things are getting political up in this b***h! This Ludacris and Obama ordeal is a hot topic right now. I do not want to rehash everything that went down, but I will summarize things in a nutshell if you have not got wind of the whole situation. Apparently, Luda, who is a strong supporter of the Obama campaign, has made a track, which stated that Obama was destined to be President. What really got people in a twist was when he said, "Hilary is a b****, Bush is mentally handicapped, and McCain doesn't belong in any chair unless he's paralyzed."

Obama has heard the track and feels that Luda's comments were offensive. The presidential candidate even took a stab at hip-hop by stating that "rap lyrics today too often perpetuate misogyny, materialism, and degrading images that he doesn't want his daughters or any children exposed to." My question to the readers is this....did he take it too far? Like I said this is a hot topic and my first reaction was to leave all else alone, but I thought, why not post a poll to see how the readers feel to keep my butt out of the hot seat. Haha!

I will say this however, I am the type of person that always sees the broader perspective in everything. I can look at both sides of a situation. With that said, I can say that I firmly believe in freedom of speech. Isn't that what America is built on? Why does hiphop always have to be the scapegoat on everything? People can say what they want to say. On the flip side of the coin, Obama is in awkward position right now. This is make or break time and really a monumental moment in history. When has their ever been a black presidential candidate? Uh....never! I think it is safe to say he is walking on egg shells right now and has to make the right moves. Like I said, he is making history. Why would he want to do or say the wrong thing? I can keep going about this, but I am going to stop. All I wanted to do is toss a few ideas out there and see what you guys think. Take the poll below and please leave comments if you have anything to say. Don't be scurred! Haha! There is nothing like a good heated debate!

J Hov on the Cover of Vibe!

Check out J Hov on VIBE's 15th Anniversary Juice Issue. I am a big fan of Hov and all and looking forward to that upcoming album with Timbaland, but this cover photo is not hot. Vibe could have stepped things up with this one. Gotta love Jay Hov though!

R. Kelly Still Doing What He Does Best...

Apparently, R. Kelly is still sexing it up on his upcoming album 12 Play 4th Quarter. We all know that is the usual for R. Kelly. The upcoming album has leaked online and from what I heard, it is filled with that autotune effect that we all have grown to love. Haha! Reps from R. Kelly's camp says that this album leak will give the album much needed promo. Look out for his new single "Skin," which he is currently shooting a video for. Let's hope that Mr. Kelly has put his obsession with young girls to rest too!

One word........ROSS!

Huey Ft. Trey Songz

Here's a new song by Mr. G5 himself. Smart move putting Trey Songz on it, we might be seeing alot of features with Trey the rest of this year. Take note other artist, when you start work on another album, take in some features to keep your name out there!!
Huey Ft. Trey Songz - No Makeup

B. Cox and Brandy a couple????

I just saw this posted as a *RUMOR* on a well known gossip site for black entertainment, and they have a pic that they are trying to use to push it. People can't take pictures together anymore??? I don't know if it's true, but if it is, kudos to you B. Cox!!!! Tell her to let you get some shine on her album! Rodney ain't had a #1 hit in a while....that new Pussy Cat Dolls song is at #12 right now so there goes that one.

Big Boy Ft. Mary J. Blige - Somethings Gotta Give

Nice nice video.

Throwback Joint-"In the Hood" by Donell Jones

This song was included on Donell Jones's first CD. This song brings back a lot of memories. I was in the 9th grade when this came out. I posted both the original version of this song and the remix. I am sure that a lot of you are familiar with that famous sample on that remix. The beat on the remix is "Computer Love" by Zapp and Roger, which is definitely a classic song. Go back into memory lane and enjoy the video!

Raekwon Talks About New Album & This New Generation's Rappers

Shout to Chelsea over there at KarmaLoopTV for sending me an interview with Wu-Tang's Raekwon talking about of his next album "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2" and his opinion on this generation's rappers. Now if you don't know anything about Only Built 4 Cuban Linx the first one. I suggest you check out that classic album.

Part 1: Status of his next album "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2"

Part 2: This generation's rappers.

T.I. Gets Political

T.I. is shown here getting his political on at the Hip-Hop Caucus' "Respect My Vote" campaign in Washington, DC the other day. I am glad that he and other artists in the industry are encouraging people to vote. Can you believe I barely signed up to vote about 3 months ago? This will be the first time that I have voted in an election. And no I did not sign up because one of the candidates is black either. I wanted to vote in the last election, but kept procrastinating and did not have the time to go out to vote. I promised myself I would vote next time so here we go. I wanted to be sure that my voice was heard this year. I encourage all of you out there to sign up to vote. It is fairly easy and doesn't take much time. If you vote, please do some research. Vote for the best candidate that shares in your belief systems. I really didn't used to be interested in politics, until about a few years ago when I took a politics class in school. A lot of people feel that their vote will not change anything, but one vote is better than nothing at all. Get out there and vote!

New Music!!!!

Young Jeezy Ft. Jay-Z - Put On Remix
Ludacris - The Robot Thingie (FUNNY AS HELL!!!)
Akon Ft. UGK - Bad As Hell (R.I.P Pimp C)
Cassie - Soilder 4 Your Love Is she talking to Diddy????
Cassie Ft. Lil' Wayne - Official Girl
Jagged Edge - Go Girl (T-pain on their voice!!!ahhhhhhh!!!)

Trey Songz Breaks Down The New Him

I thought it would be cool to posted up an interview with that Trey also posted on his myspace page to get everyone ready for him tonight. In the interview with Essence Trey talked about his recent change in appearance, politics, growth, and love.

ESSENCE.COM: So I hear you’re making a pretty big change soon…

Trey Songz: I cut my hair today. Everything I do in my life I do with a do-rag [laughs]. The braids are a part of me. It’s been ten years, but I am tired of them.

Is this change just another step in your evolution process?

Songz: With the new album, I am growing more into adulthood. I’m wearing my pants up a little more, my clothes are fitting [now], and I think it’s time to step into manhood, so that’s why [I decided to cut my hair.]

ESSENCE.COM: Speaking of new albums, I hear you've been burning the midnight oil in the studio as of late. What direction are you taking with this new LP?

Songz: I look to grow on every album. Musically, I have a soulful hip-hop edge, and I want to keep that base but also expand. I want to experiment with world music, soul, R&B, and a little bit of pop, while still keeping the essence of what I do.

ESSENCE.COM: Do you ever feel like the music today is missing something?

Songz: There is a lot of creativity and a lot of music of substance that doesn't get heard. I'd say it's more about what's missing from mainstream music. [The industry] wants a record that will stay in people's heads. If a song like Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" came out today, it would never get played. Everything has its place. R&B [is mostly] about love. Rappers talk about clubs. So you're either loving, having sex or in the club. I mean, Lil Wayne speaks about Al Sharpton on his new album but what's the single? "Lollipop." I dig people that try to get [a message] out. But everyone has to compromise a little piece of creativity to get a hit.

Songs like "Hatin Love," "Last Time" and "Missin You" show that you definitely know a thing or two about love and relationships. What is the recipe for a great love song?

Songz: A good love song makes a woman feel good. It makes a woman sing it and a man want to sing it back to her.

ESSENCE.COM: Since you brought up politics, how do you feel Obama's campaign is progressing?

Obama is great. I'm proud of him even though I don't know him. It's great to know that Black men can do things like this in this world right now. Even though he's not 100 percent Black, we feel proud about the views that he has and the way he looks at things. There's a lot of pressure on him. I hope he can handle it.

50 Cent Gets "Low, Low, Low, Low, Low, Low, Low, and Lower!"...

WTF??!! 50 Cent has bought the rights to Shaniqua Tompkins life story! Yes, I said it! 50 Cent pulls no punches and always wants to get the last laugh. I mean, how do you buy someone's life story? You wanna know why Shaniqua Thompkins life story is a hot commodity? Well, 50 wants to prevent his ex from writing a tell-all-book about him. This further lets me know that this man is no good. I mean, what is he afraid of? Is he afraid that Shaniqua is going to dish out some juicy dirt about him? These two are still in a court battle regarding their son together. 50 claims that she will not let him see his son. I don't know about you guys, but I think 50 is dirty and I think the public is getting tired of him too! I just want to know how did he accomplish buying the rights to someone's life story? That really boggles me right now...And their poor child is caught in the middle of this. I am sure their child's head is getting flooded with a lot of stuff right now.

Best Album of the year!!!!!

Ok Ok i'm only kidding, but i wouldn't be doing my part if i was not to tell you that she sold 371,000 copies of her second release. I haven't heard it, but i can probably tell you what it sounds like. Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, with a little Billy Ray Cyrus influence. I can't knock her because she is straight up hustling these little kids, and parents right now. GET IT GIRL!!!! If y'all want to see some funny stuff, go to the itunes store and type in her the reviews people are leaving on her album.

Can Tony Yayo Pull Off Playing KRS-1?

Apparently, Tony Yayo may be playing hip-hop legend KRS-1 in a new movie about the Juice Crew and about the birth of hip-hop. His role in the film has not yet been confirmed, but it is being worked out right now. Supposedly, KRS-1 is 50 Cent's favorite rapper. We all know that KRS-1 is a legend in the hip-hop industry. Do you think Yayo has what it takes to play him? I am a little skeptical about this one. Maybe he can pull it off, but I think they can get someone better to play him. The question is, who???? I do know that I am excited about this movie. I am big fan of old school hip-hop and I think they need to go all out on the movie. Akeelah & The Bee star, Keke Palmer, has signed up to play Roxanne Shante and Evan Ross will portray MC Shan. Anyway, do you think Yayo would be a good KRS-1?

Gnarls Barkley Gives Great Performance on Leno

Gnarls Barkley performed their new single "Who's Gonna Save My Soul" on Monday night. I have to give them props. You can tell these guys put thought into their music and performances. To tell you the truth, that is really rare in the industry today. I love the song and the video definitely gets my vote for one of the best videos of the year.

What Does Kelis Have On?

Check out Kelis at LAX airport the other day. What does she have on? That doesn't even look like the same Kelis that was talking about her milkshake a few years ago. She looks like she is about to break dance! I guess married life is taking a toll on the star. You can't let go of yourself when you are married!

Ladies and Gentlemen! a Stayondeck exclusive - Grammy Award winning Engineer Ralph Cacciurri

We got a chance to sit down with one of the hottest engineers in the game:


One of my favorite producers EVER,Ryan Leslie has sum inspiring words for those trying to follow their dreams...


Here's a behind the scenes look of Chilli's Maxim shoot. Ursher might just regret lettin her go!


Redman really is a character. Watch as he talks bout showing off his new whip to the block.LOL!

Knuck If You Buck!!!

If you care to know Princess & Diamond almost got a into a little altercation with each other at Soulja Boys birthday party. Princess accept a challenge to a freestyle battle against Diamond after the crowd egged on a showdown. Diamond lame ass said she would only do it if it's on pay-per-view. Sure Diamond, the 10 people who know yall are really gonna pay to see yall. People say such stupid ass shit when they are put on the spot. Diamond should said fuck it and embarrassed her ass that could have been free internet promo for your upcoming album. But don't get it twisted I like Diamond but I think she was lame ass hell for saying that Pay-per-view shit.

If I was there I would have pushed Princess into Diamond to get a fight going!

Marco V sends his apologies.......

The Host of Blackbaby Radio, Marco V The Realest sends his apologies for Trey Songz not being there yesterday. He gaurantees that Trey will be there for Wednesdays show! So tune in 7pm Est Wednesday.

Atlantic Rolls Out Content Aggregator

Atlantic Records unveiled a desktop computer application that will aggregate various types of online content related to its artists in one location. Called Fanbase, the desktop widget includes a music player for streaming tracks, chat feature to communicate with other fans, tour dates, videos and other features customized for each artist.

Here goes the attempt at embracing the internet instead of bitching about it. Labels, the internet is your friend, if you figure out how to use it, instead of putting all of the faith in these bum ass A&R's that don't know jack shit, you might be in a better position!

Are You Ready for Some More Drama with Making The Band 4: Season 3?!!

What?!! So I guess Laurie Ann Gibson and Diddy patched up their differences...If some of you do not know, Laurie and Diddy had a big falling out. I am actually glad she is back because I really think she is a good choreographer; a lot better than than that other choreographer that took over when she left...I guess on this season, we will get a glimpse of how things were on tour.

T-Pain's New Album Cover

Am I the only one that thinks this album cover is ugly? This is T-Pain's new cover for his upcoming album that will drop on Sept. 30th. I am not feeling this circus vibe he has going on. It's corny! He could have came up with something more creative. I hope the album is better than this cover.

Here We Go Again...Young Jeezy's Album Pushed Back

Don't expext for release dates to be final nowadays. Everyone is pushing back their albums. I can go on and on about who has pushed their albums back this year, but I am not. I will say that recently Nelly pushed his album back and now Young Jeezy has too. I was looking forward to those album showdowns between Nelly and Young Jeezy or Jeezy and The Game. It looks like none of these albums will be released on the same day. Young Jeezy's album The Recession is going to drop on September 2. I really think that album is going to rake in some good sales, as the result of the polls that I posted a few weeks ago. Jeezy has a lot of fans out there. Nelly's Brass Knuckles is going to be released on September 16th. At the end of the day, I think that Young Jeezy is going to take it home and sell more records than Nelly. I guess we will have to see though.


Terrance Apologizes to Rocsi on Air.....Finally!

After that 106 & Park drama a few weeks ago, Terrance is back from his vacation and has now apologized to Rocsi. Last week, R&B singer Mario was a guest host on the show and he apologized to Rocsi for Terrance. He even brought her flowers that were sent by Terrance. In the above clip, Terrance finally apologizes in person to Rocsi and basically said that he took his jokes too far. I am starting to agree with other bloggers out there that this may have been a publicity stunt to get more viewers. Well, it is still not working for me because I still do not watch 106 & Park much. Haha! Publicity stunt or not, I think Terrance went too far with his jokes, epecially when he told her, "Why can't you have a body like Ciara." I think they have a personal relationship that goes beyond the show....

The Game's New Hood Movie: Millionaire Boyz Club” Movie Trailer

The world most unhappy rapper The Game has a new hood movie coming out called "Millionaire Boyz Club". What's it about you may say? I reply " Who cares"! Hey, if you seen one hood movie then you seen them all.

G aka The Game gets out of jail and goes back to his old ways of a life of crime. He then starts to feel what a life for him would be like if he goes straight and narrow. G hooks up with Alexis (Shari Headley) who isn't really down with his lifestyle and falls in love. And some other bullshit happens in there that may take up your time for about a hour forty-five give or take. Wow, that sounds like a moving story. I would have never thought of a movie like that in a million years.

I give it 2 guns up!

DJ Drama Presents Ludacris - The Preview

Hot ass mixtape people!!!!! If you don't download it now, stop whatever you are doing, get in your car and go 70 mph, and jump out that bitch while trying to hit the ground running and KILL YOURSELF!!!

Download Here

Is Nicole Scherzinger Two-Timing?

It looks like Nicole Scherzinger is messing around with Ne-Yo again. I am confused. I thought she was dating British race car driver Lewis Hamilton? I guess not by the way that Ne-Yo and Nicole are looking in this photo. I remember seeing pictures of Nicole and Ne-Yo out and about a few months ago. They look rather friendly. I guess she kicked Lewis to the curb already.

Flashback Joint-"Song Cry" by Jay-Z

Check out this video of one of my favorite songs by Jay-Z. This song is definitely a Hip-Hop classic. A lot has changed since he released this video. He is now married to Beyonce and a record label CEO. Enjoy the video. This is only one of the many classics by Jay-Z.

What the hell......

Ray J, what the hell is wrong with you!?!?!? I can't even say anything else right now lol.....i'm baffled

Nothing Like a Lil' Bit of Male Bonding....

Check out this pic of Diddy and Nelly. Is this the reason why Diddy really isn't get married to Cassie and why Ashanti and Nelly aren't seeing each other anymore? Hmmmmmm????? My mind is wondering. Haha! Apparently, according to, Nelly has been handpicked by Diddy himself to be the spokesperson for Sean Jean underwear. I don't know about you guys, but I think Diddy is a little more excited than some of you are about seeing Nelly in some briefs! They look a little cozy in this photo don't ya think? Them brothas on the DL! Haha! Nelly says that he is pretty much honored to be appearing in Diddy's campaign. I say, we better watch out for these two!

Kanye West television show in development?

There's a rumor going around that Kanye West might be hosting a reality TV show in the near future. It's been reported that Ye's shopping the idea with several networks about a program where he would host in a Project Runway type environment with designers more in tune to Ye's sense of style. As a fan of his music I would rather him concentrate on producing, but if I were in charge of a network I would jump all over this idea. Ye has been one of the most influential figures in pop-culture and fashion for the past 6 or 7 years. Just go out any Friday or Saturday night and count how many Kanye trends you see at the club. Not to mention the dude is pretty charasmatic and ideal for hosting a show dedicated to fashion.

Plies Has Been Lying Too...

So what is up with these rappers or musicians being exposed as fakes? Rick Ross is lying about being a Correctional Officer in the past. Now, we have Mr. Corny himself, Plies, joining the fradulent rappers list. According to, Plies is not really the criminal that he has made himself out to be. And get a load of this; he hasn't even been to jail! All of this talk about living a life of crime on the streets is just a lie. He has had a few issues with the law on a small scale recently, but nothing like what he has been rapping about. And like I said, he hasn't even been to jail. I find it interesting that both of these "foos" are from Florida.....What is up with that? All of these rappers out there who are frontin' like you have lived this thug life better watch out because the media is out to expose you as being lame. They are pulling up background reports and criminal reports. Now, what I am wondering is who is going to be the next rapper that is exposed as a fake? Also, do these issues really matter though. How do you feel as a public about getting lied to? I know that people like entertainment, so I guess some of these rappers are trying to give people just that. But when is it enough? Let me know your thoughts and if you want to read the article on this matter, please click here.

New Music: T-Boz - 'You Got Me Open'

Former TLC memember T-Boz has signed with SRC/Universal and is currently working on her first solo album. She has already tapped Polow Da Don, Dallas Austin and Raphael Saadiq to lend a hand in production. After all these years I wonder what took her so long to do a solo album. Remember she had that song "I Touch Myself" off the Fled soundtrack? Well here is a song that maybe on that album called "You Got Me Open'. My question to you is, do you think there is still a place for a T-Boz album in todays industry?

New Video: Lil' Wayne - 'Get Money (ft. T-Pain)

What do you think of the video?

Monica Squashes Rumors Of A Beyonce Beef!

Monica recently cleared up rumors about her taking slick shots at Beyonce and Jay-Z secrete wedding. Monica is currently in the studio finishing up her next album and also she's about the premiere her realith show Aug. 5 on Peachtree TV. source

Update-Diddy Denies Engagement

Well, it looks like there will be no wedding between Cassie and Diddy. Diddy has issued a statement claiming that he and Cassie are not engaged and says the rumors were completely false. Cassie has stated that they are "both very good friends and enjoy working together." I am actually glad to hear that Cassie is not going to marry that playboy. I think it would be a huge mistake on her part.

New Music Monday!!!!!!!

New music from Akon, Whitney Houston, Avant, Lloyd, The Game,Ludacris and Jennifer Hudson.....check it out!!!!

I know you're listening to Blackbaby Radio right? Tomorrow = Monday Trey Songz is supposed to be on the show!

Tomorrow Marco V host with special guest Trey Songz in the studio with B Cox!! this week the show will be added to other sites. Want the show and chat on you're site? It is simple copy the embed code above of the ustream video box and the embed for the meebo chat room immediately below. If you are having trouble with that email us at and we will hook you up with the proper code so you too can feature shows such as blackbaby radio, b jabr's newly named radio show that will be anounced tuesday!! Krys Ivory, and more featured shows coming very soon!!! Be here!!

Find more videos like this on The Studio Exposed

Video Premiere-"Those Girlz" by Snoop Dogg

Here is the new video from Snoop titled "Those Girlz" from his album Ego Trippin. Let me remind you that this album was a disappointment. This song is one of the few decent songs on the album. To tell you the truth, I did not even play this song much on the CD. It has a dope sample and everything, but this track is just alright to me.

Trina And Boyfriend Gets Into A Car Accident

Trina and her boo, NBA player Kenyon Martin, were involved in a car accident in Belize on Friday. They was on their way from the airport when their Ford Excursion was struck by a minivan on the highway.

Trina and Martin were unharmed, but the driver of the minivan, George Abraham, and his two young sons were injured. Abraham has accused Trina and Martin’s driver of being in the wrong.

New Music Alert: Whitney Houston Ft. Akon- Like I Never Left

Thats right everyone here is new music from my girl Whitney Houston featuring and produced by one of our industry go to guys Akon. I'm so happy to see Nippy doing what she does best and thats sharing that beautiful voice with the world. I am looking forward to hearing great music from her upcoming album.

Like I Never Left (ft. Akon)

Flashback videos: De La Soul - Buddy and Rakim - Paid in Full

Another nice little summer jam for everyone out there brought to you by the legendary sound bite...

One of the top 5 hip-hop songs ever!

Carter who? Hov what? Jeezy has a new album coming? Aren't we forgetting about the DON on the mic Bow Wow

Here we see a new song with Bow Wow aka Lame Wow and Soulja Boy. Wow Lame Wow, your swag is really through the roof on this one. You sound really "hard." I can tell you are really feeling this/yourself. Here is the new smash from Lame Wow feat soulja boy - "Marco Polo:"

Luke Leaves Those Playa Dayz!

Well, what do you know? Our favorite 2 Live Crew member gets married! This is a shock. I never, in a million years, would've thought that he would get married with his womanizing ways. I guess he is tired of that playa lifestyle. And I say, good for him! He grabbed him a young one too. Luke is 47 and his new bride, Kristin, is 27. They got married today in Dallas, TX, according to Expect to hear more from Luke and his new bride too. His new reality show, Luke's Parental Advisory, will premiere on VH1 on August 4th. Hopefully, his playboy days are behind him. Things are looking good in that area. He was quoted by as stating, "I never knew that I could feel love on another level like this until I met her, and I am now honored to call her my wife.” Congrats to the happy couple!

Foxy and Lil' Kim Betta Start Writing Quick!

Foxy Brown and Lil' Kim are about to get sued! reports that back in 2005, Foxy Brown was given a $75,000 advance by Simon & Schuster Inc. to write a book. In 2003, Lil' Kim was given a $40,000 advance by the same publishing company. Both of these ladies have not submitted any books to this company and now they are getting sued. As far as I am concerned, they could have wrote these books while they was doing time in prison, ya feel me? We all know they had some serious time on their hands! If I was them, I would get on these books asap!

Video Premiere-"Bad Girl" by Danity Kane Featuring Missy Elliot

All I can say about this video is about time it came out! "Damaged" has been their only single forever. Haha! This is a cool video with the girls appearing as superheroes. They took the Sin City, comic-book approach with the vid. "Bad Girl" is one of my favorite tracks on the album and was produced by Danja. You know they must have spent some major change on this video, but what is up with the wigs? They could've did without them if you ask me.

The Cop and T-Pain playin the drums

Video Premiere-"Missin You" by Trey Songz

I thought Trey Songz cut those braids off!! Well, he may have. He probably cut his braids after this video premiered because there is a video floating out there showing him getting his braids cut off. The R&B singer stated that braids can make a person look childish. Do you think that is true? I guess he is following in Busta's footsteps. Remember, when Busta chopped off his braids? Anyway, check out this new vid from Trey Songz. This is one of the better songs on his album.

No Homo!

I'm not calling Chingy fruity or anything but you gotta learn how to pose better for the cameras. Yall know how us bloggers do.

Sidebar: I wonder what color shade of Mac lipgloss he has on! I LOVE IT.

From The Bust Down Files: Hoe's Gotta Eat Too!

Jackie O recently told HipHopWeekly she has to sleep with her boss in order to get her advance check.

Everybody that signed [to Poe Boy] had gotten their advance money, but when it came time for me to get my advance, I had to f*ck for my advance,” Jacki told HipHopWeekly. “It was ten stacks and I had to f*ck for it. So naturally it wasn’t something that I’m proud of doing.

[E Class] told me I had to have sex with him to get the ten stacks. That's how me and him got into a relationship. But that was the situation I had to face, and I made the wrong turn.

But I'm from the hood and if somebody offers you ten thousand dollars at one time to get out of the hood, and lets you go for your dream of doing music, you're gonna run to that.

NO COMMENT! I don't want to offend future bust downs.

From The Vault: Lil Mo Featuring Fabolous- 4Ever

Here's a flashback video from my girl Lil Mo with 4Ever off her 2003 release of Meet The Girl Next Door. 4Ever was produce by Bryan Michael Cox and it feature her favorite duet buddy Fabolous. I think Lil Mo have and will always be one of the most underrated talents in R&B. She is currently working on a new album tentatively titled "Tattoos & Roses: The Rebellion Against My Pain" (confirmed by Lil' Mo herself in an interview), a mixtape, and a reality show for 2008.

Paper Trail is getting longer.......get it????

T.I.'s album "Paper Trail", has been pushed back from a Sept. 9 release date to a Sept. 30th release. Good news for all those producers trying to get on it.

Rappers Speak on Rick Ross Scandal/Will The Scandal Affect His Fanbase?

Below Fab and The Clipse give their take on Rick Ross' recent correctional officer scandal to I agree with Malice from The Clipse. I think that Rick Ross should admit to being a C.O. It is obvious it's him in the photo. Why lie? Personally, I do not think that this is a big deal, but he is making himself look bad by lying though. If he is really true and gutta, then he just needs to be a man about it and say, "Look I don't give a f**k what you think. I had to get my bread." That just shows he's real ya know? Maybe he doesn't want anyone to find out because he was doing some crooked stuff at the prison. I used to work at a prison, not as a guard, but as a Mental Health Secretary, and correctional officers were "known" for sneaking in drugs to inmates. Just because you work at a prison, doesn't mean that you are not crooked too. Hey, it is just a possibility!

Anyway, do you think this will hurt his rep? Will is affect album sales? It might, especially if so many people are making a deal about it. Also, he is lying about it too so that really might hurt things. I really do not care about it though. Whether he had a hard life on the streets or not, he is sure giving the world an accurate account of what things are like growing up in the streets so he must know something. Just to add more fuel to the fire; maybe the inmates told him all these stories he is rapping about. Haha! Give me your take on things!!?? Also, check out what Fab and The Clipse had to say about it below:

Scoop-Will Diddy Really Wife Cassie?

Okay. So I thought that Cassie and Diddy were no longer dating. Star Magazine says it isn't so! And this situation even gets a little more interesting too. The latest rumor involving the two, says that Diddy popped the big question to Cassie. Guess where the news exploded at? Well, it all went down at his son Justin's 8th grade graduation party by Mr. Diddy himself. The rumor is that he wants to keep his engagement hush-hush and has asked family and close friends to keep this a secret. Diddy must be excited since he couldn't keep quiet about the engagement. But did Diddy really believe that people would stay quiet? Somebody close to him spilled the beans! I guess we will have to see if this rumor is true or not. For some reason, I can't see Diddy married. If so, then it won't be for a long time.

The Game ft. Travis Barker - Dope Boys

Lil' Wayne is getting sued for Copyright Breach

It seems that Lil' Wayne has the copyright police after his ass. The company that owns the rights to the song that samples The Rolling Stones, says that he released an altered version of the song without permission.
In one example, the lawsuit said a lyric from the Stones song is "But don't play with me, 'cause you're playing with fire," and the Lil Wayne version has the line, "But you can't blame me if I set this stage on fire."
Let this be a note to you samplers.....if you sample, if you don't want to pay later, make sure that it's not recognizable!!!! Listen to the song here

Playin’ With Fire (Produced By Streetrunner) - Lil Wayne

Gucci Mane arrested!!!!

Sound Bite's favorite rapper Gucci Mane was arrested Wednesday after being stopped at a police checkpoint in Stockbridge, Ga. Henry County police officers confronted Davis and three other people in a vehicle at I-75 and Hudson Bridge Road at about 4 a.m. After searching the vehicle, they found a .40-caliber handgun and marijuana. Davis was booked at the Henry County Jail on charges of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of marijuana and DUI. He was later released Wednesday after posting a $3,300 bond.

What Would You Say In A Meeting With Lyor Cohen?

What if you had a chance meeting with Lyor Cohen North American Chairman and CEO of Recorded Music for Warner Music Group to discuss about getting a label deal what would you say that's hasn't already been said? First, if you don't know who he is regardless of your music genre you better Wikipedia him while I give you a suspect side eye. Here's a video of a music business reality show "The Biz" where nine contestants compete to become the president of their own record label under Warner Music Group. This show was only available on the net. But check out the final two contestants in their final shot to win over Lyor.

To see the full season click here!
Also if you want to know what happend to the winner and his label hit me up in the comments and I will tell you. I have a inside sources that work at Atlantic who filled me in.

DMX Basicly Tells Us To Shut-Up Or I'ma Beat Your Ass!

DMX addresses his numerous arrests and people talking about it on a new mixtape track called “Soldier.” I really ain't got nothing to say about it beside I am happy to talk about something else then his latest arrest today. But yall know how he do it! August is a fresh new month that he can fuck up in!

DMX - “Soldier”

Nas Takes On News Giant Fox News!

Nas join forces with the Website to protest outside the network's Manhattan headquarters on Wednesday (July 23) and present a petition to the news organization. Color of Change gathered more than 600,000 signatures to try to curb what it considers biased reporting on Fox's part. No matter what you think of Nas you have to tip your hat to a man who is taking a stand for something.

Nas stood in front of the press and protesters and gave a prepared speech. "We already knew that Fox is not a news network; they are a propaganda machine," he said. "But their racist attacks have gone way too far. Calling Michelle Obama 'Barack's baby mama' — tell me, is that acceptable? Is that racist? Bill O'Reilly saying a 'lynching party' for Michelle Obama might be legit if she has the wrong political opinions. Is that acceptable? Is that flat-out racist?

Gnarls Barkley = Originality

Wow is all I can say! This new video "Who's Gonna Save My Soul" by Gnarls Barkley is simply genius, sick, disgusting, real, and creative at the same time. Who can relate? I know I definitely can. I actually felt like I was stabbed in the heart about a year ago so I can relate. What I like about Gnarls Barkley is that they strive to be different. They experiment and are creative. I really respect what they are doing and they are refreshing in an industry where many artists are not putting much thought into their music. Take note that I said not "many" of them and not "all" of them. There are definitely still some musical gems out there no doubt. Anyway, watch the video and let me know what you think. It's an amazing song a great duo. Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo are just dope!

Are You Ready to be Shocked!!??

Timbaland is ready to serve his fans up with another case of "shock." Who is ready for Shock Value 2? I am! Timbaland has to be one of my favorite producers of all time. I like him because he is an innovator and is always thinking of new ways to use sounds. My fascination with Timbaland began with Aaliyah came out with One In A Million. I was hooked then. From Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, Playa, Ginuwine, etc., Timbaland has created timeless classics. I am really glad that he is back on top. People always want to bite Timmy's style, but he keeps hitting us up with something different. Shock Value was good, but I am ready to see what Shock Value 2 is going to sound like. He told MTVnews, that he wants different people on Shock Value 2, that he did not work with on the last album. He is currently eyeing Pop songstress Rihanna, Madonna, Beyonce', Jordin Sparks, T-Pain, T.I., and of course, Jay-Z. I can't wait to hear the new material. Check out the video below of "Up Jumps Da Boogie" By Timbaland, Magoo, Aaliyah, and Missy Elliot. This reminds me of those old Timbaland days. The whole crew; Missy, Magoo, Timbaland, Nicole Wray, Ginuwine, and Playa used to call themselves the "Super Friends." Awwwwww!!!! I miss those days! R.I.P to Aaliyah and Static Major!

The Game Takes His Vodka To the Head!

D**n! Did you guys see that? I am a casual drinker so I do not drink all of the time. When I go out, I drink with my friends, but I do not get out of hand. But uh! I couldn't drink straight vodka like that! The Game is gutta forreal. Haha! If I would have drunk that, I would have threw up afterwards. Do ya'll think that was really vodka or do you think it was water?

"No Quiero Taco Bell" Says 50 Cent!

50 Cent wants Taco Bell. Apparently, the rapper is looking for some cash since the G-Unit album was basically a flop as far as album sales are concerned! Haha! He is not looking for any chump change either. According to, 50 has now sued Taco Bell for $4 million dollars. Yes! $4 million dollars! From what I understand, the fast food chain basically made an promotional offer to him. They wanted him to change his name to 79, 89, 99 cents for the day while rapping an order. In return, they were going to make a donation to any charity that the rapper chooses. So now 50 is saying that Taco Bell used his name or trademark in their promotion. This article was a little vague on everything in this case, but I don't understand why he is suing them. I mean, it sounds like they were just going to make an offer with 50 Cent to do this. The offer did not even go into motion. I said it before and I will say it again, he is just fishing for some money. He knows his album may not sell well too so he is panicking!

Video Premiere-"Please Excuse My Hands" by Plies featuring Jamie Foxx/The Dream

Uh...oh....Looks like Plies, Jamie Foxx, and The Dream can't control their hands in the new video "Please Excuse My Hands." Plies is kinda getting on my nerves with the way he is using his hands. He is all being robotic with them and stuff. Come on. We already know what the video is about. No need to keep flashing your hands all over the screen. Haha! Anyway, enjoy the video and let me know what you think!

Recap of last night's chats!!

Is This Really Amy Winehouse?

This is Amy Winehouse, but not literally. Haha! What you are looking at is a wax figure of the soul singer, which was unveiled by her parents Madame Tussauds in London the other day. It looks just like her doesn't it? Well.....let me take that back....not exactly. She doesn't look like that anymore...Haha! If they did a wax replica of the singer all cracked out like she is now, it wouldn't look so nice! Anyway, I just wanted to post this because I was amazed at how much this wax figure looked like her. I hope she really takes the time to get herself together before she releases another album. Her father basically confirmed that she has recorded new material.

Whoa Nelly!

Could those Ashanti and Nelly breakup rumors be true? DailyNews reports that Ashanti is out there giving advice on how to get over a man. Also, she stated that she is "dating her music right now." Hmmmmm? Now, this has got me thinking. Did Joss Stone really come between Nelly and Ashanti? It could be possible if those breakup rumors are true. What's really funny about this situation is how Ashanti is prancing around in her new video "Good, Good" telling women what they need to do to keep a man and she couldn't even keep her own. I guess having all of that "good, good" isn't enough to keep these men around. Supposedly, their breakup was a nasty one too. And I'm sure it was if it had to do with Nelly cheating. I am still holding out hope that this one is not true. I like them together.

The Dr. Is coming but will he have the cure?

Dr. Dre has a reputation for reinventing hip-hop whenever things start to get stagnant in the industry but can he do it again in 2008? Dre has confirmed with USA Today that the Detox album is real and it is coming soon, very soon. Dre said that he is finally happy with the material and plans to release the album around November or December of this year. I personally have been waiting 8 years for this album and can't remember the last time I've had this level of personal hype invested in a new album. No one expected 2001 to have such a drastic impact on hip-hop but it lived up and beyond to expectations and has proven its weight years later as a classic album and respectable following to the legendary Chronic album. This new "Detox" album is the closing chapter to the series of Dr. Dre's musical legacy. Can the Dr. come up with the cure to hip-hop's current state of trendiness wish-wash? Will Detox be a legendary close to a legendary career of music? I believe in the Dr.

Now to close it out let me take you all back on some Dr. Dre history:

Nas knocks Weezy out of the top spot finally! lol

After 5 weeks of being at the #1 spot on The Billboard 200, Lil' Wayne must now move down to the number 2 spot after selling only 105,000 copies last week. Nas took the top spot with 187,000. You can hate on Weezy F Baby all you want, but the man is selling records in the age where not even Jay-Z can go platinum right out the box.

Would You Get Lasik Eye Surgery?

I was talking yesterday about getting Lasik eye surgery cause I am tire of wearing contacts. And to everyone that has seen me, my hazel eyes are real. lol But really, for those of you who have glasses or contacts, have you thought about getting that surgery. I'm scared of it! Check out this video of Jermaine Dupri getting it done. Please be aware this video makes your eyes! Let me know if you could go through it yourself.

Would you do all of this for Diddy?

Not me! I don't have delusions of grandeur about being Diddy's next b***h! Haha! thank you! These contestants look like they are willing to do whatever it takes to be his "b***h"....oh...I work for him...Haha! First, I want to tell them that it won't be any easy task to please Diddy. Diddy is going to send these people through hell and back! Remember how he made the first members of The Band walk a long way just to get him some cheesecake? He is a slave driver forreal. Who is going to tune into to this show? I am sure it is going to be good entertainment watching these people make a fool of themselves. I will try to tune in when I can.

New video!!!! Dj Khaled ft. the state of Florida and Akon

How in the hell does a DJ have an album??? I'm still trying to grasp that issue. You don't produce, you don't write....what the hell. Oh, and there is way to much shit going on in this video lol

Paull Takes Exec Post At Sony BMG

Sony BMG has just named Michael Paull executive VP of global digital business. With this new label, he will be responsible for developing and executing the company's digital strategy, working both domestically and internationally with various Sony BMG divisions. He was the Senior VP of corporate development and strategy at Fox Entertainment's mobile group.


New Joint-"Cutain Call" by Nina Sky featuring Rick Ross

This new joint by Nina Sky isn't the hottest thing that I have heard and all, but it is alright. It doesn't scream play me, play me! Haha! Maybe after a few listens, it will grow on me. The song features our favorite "correctional officer" too! haha! Don't lie Rick Ross. Haha! I will say that I like Nina Sky. I think they have beautiful voices and harmonize very well. I just hope that their new album The Musical is good. The album was pushed back and their single "Take Your Clothes Off" was just average to me. Don't take my word for it, however. Judge for yourselves. I really think they need to come with something similar to their first album...

Curtain Call by Nina Sky Featuring Rick Ross

Spare Me A View of Your A**crack

Apparently, officials in Flint, Michigan believe that you should go to jail for sagging. In Flint, sagging is no longer allowed and any perpetrators will find themselves behind a jail cell and fined. Sagging is deemed as an "immoral expression to some." My question is, should a person go to jail for sagging and do you think that this law will be passed down to other cities? For years, sagging has been an integral part of fashion, believe it or not, particularily with hip-hop culture. Personally, I do not think a person should go to jail for sagging and I think that jail time is extreme. I may be wrong about this, but I do not believe that people sag as much as they used to. Don't quote me on that though. Haha! And I feel that we all have the right to dress the way we want to. Most of the time when I see a guy sagging, he has a long shirt covering up his back side anyway. Also, think about this scenario as well; think about all of the females that walk around half dressed and do you think someone is going to send them to jail for the way they are dressed? Probably not!

Believe me. I am NOT PRO-SAGGING at all, but a person sagging does not bother me and it sure isn't an immoral expression. I really don't care one way or another, but I do have a problem with the government making more excuses to lock up people just for dressing a certain way, which is their basic inherent freedom or right, shall I say. And I would prefer not to be staring at somebody's a**crack either, but in that case, everybody baring a part of their private parts, should be fined and jailed though. Anyway, that is enough of my ranting and raving for the day. Like I said, I just don't see how this law can be justified with the way that people dress now. Let me know what you guys think. Should sagging be outlawed?

If you want more info about this article, check it out here

Gangster Rap Music Made Me Do It - Ice Cube

I've been a hardcore Ice Cube fan since I can remember, and it's not just because we both grew up in LA and went to the University of Arizona. The young folk around here may not remember but back in the day there wasn't a harder MC on the mic than Cube. From Straight Outta Compton, to Death Certificate, to Westside Connection, Ice Cube has proven himself to be one of the greatest rappers and artists of all time. Well Mr. Jackson is back with a banger, one of the hottest beats I've heard all year. So here it is, enjoy... WESTCOAST STAND UP!!

Broadcast by Ustream.TV
Exclusive 2009 New Yung Joc Single!! - Poppin featuring bobby v

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