Another Levert passes away.....

R&B singer Sean Levert passed away on Sunday while he was incarcerated. Sean, who was 39 years-old and the son of O'Jays lead singer Eddie Levert, suffered from high blood pressure and hallucinations. He died approximately one hour after he was taken from Cuyahoga County jail to Lutheran hospital in Cleveland. The singer was sentenced to one year and 10 months in prison last week for his failure to pay an estimated $85,000 in child support payments.

Sean was a member of the R&B group Levert with Marc Gordon and his brother Gerald Levert, who passed away in 2006 at the age of 40. Please keep his family in your prayers at this time... Below is a video of the single "Just Coolin" by Levert.



Rapper Snoop Dogg has released a highly comedic video in which he proposes a fight between two fueding rappers. He wants to promote a fight between the"two west coast gangsters." Snoop always seems to have a lot of fun....StayonDeck

Rihanna and Chris Brown....... Just Admit It Already!!!!

Apparently, on the Kid's Choice Awards yesterday, Chris Brown was quick to deny rumors that he and R&B singer Rihanna are dating. They were both present at this event, but walked the orange carpet separately. When he was asked if they were dating, he shot down relationship rumors between the two. Rihanna managed to dodge the press. The question is, however... Do you believe them? And the answer is no! These two have been spotted everywhere and from the picture above, it seems that they are rather comfortable with each other. Whether they will admit to a relationship remains to be seen, but they are definitely giving people something to talk about. Remember when Beyonce' and Jay-Z denied their relationship to the press? Then, we found out later that they are dating. Many celebrities hide their relationships in an effort to preserve it so this could be the case with Chris Brown and Rihanna. Anyway, I think they need to admit what the public already knows. We are not idiots for God's sakes! Haha.....Do you think they are dating?

A New Day

It seemed every Mc who ever picked up a pad or pen, every producer who ever cut up a sample on the MPC, every band who ever spent countless hours arguing over a name for the group, every kid who ever sang in the shower pretending that the shower head was their microphone; to be signed to a major record label and to one day see their CD on the shelf of the record store. The goal to one day see their blood, sweat and tears materialize from a pipe dream to a concrete reality of fame and fortune.

But as Langston Hughes warns in his timeless poem A Dream Deferred, a eulogy to dreams, “does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over – like a sugary sweet? Maybe it just sags like a heavy load. Or does it explode?”

The record industry is experiencing a period of evolution due to several factors including the technological revolution of the internet and major label’s ignorance towards the quality of their product. By the end of this summer Itunes will be the No. 1 distributor of music in the entire world. No longer is there a need for big-label marketing or distribution, in short the middle man is getting cut out. Groups like Radiohead and Gnarls Barkley have taken full advantage of the ability to get their music directly to the fan without a label, and have experienced ground breaking success.

So what does this mean for music? I believe the ability to get your music straight to the fan without the filtering process of working with a label will only improve the quality of music by allowing the artist to have the liberty to experiment and to truly express his artistic vision. No longer will the music fan have to choose from a monotonous buffet of bubble gum artists or whatever the labels deem as “hot” at the moment. Digital record stores, like Itunes, will give a balanced ground for the established and up-and-coming artists to get their music out on a global scale.

As time-honored record stores continue closing down and overall CD sales continue to decline each quarter it only seems inevitable that the record label keeps getting closer and closer to their pinewood box six feet under the dirt. Right now is the time when music can start a metamorphosis from it’s spiraling plunge into ring-tone jingles to the genuine art form we all fell in love with. Now it’s on us to get up and do it…

Peace, love and happiness,


The Stay On Deck Future... Are you On Deck?

Thanks to everyone for reading! We are currently getting over 500 views a day in less than two months of being online. In the next few weeks/months etc., the stayondeck community will be interviewing and giving you behind the scenes information with your favorite artists and producers. How can we get it before any other blog site? Simple, the majority of the blog contributors on are members of the music industry. Who they really are is actually a surprise.. The goal of is to become your main source for information on what is going on behind the scenes in the music industry. This includes inside news about albums, new songs, exclusive interviews, reviews, and much much more. Thanks for being a part of the stayondeck community and please spread the word because you won't get this much accurate and behind the scenes music information anywhere else! Thanks.

the BITE

An Exclusive Interview with Upcoming Producer Chase N. Cashe

If you have the new Flo Rida album Mail on Sunday, then skip to track #6. Chase N. Cashe's production, along with his partner Hit-Boy, can be heard on the song "Priceless" featuring Birdman. Also, check out his remix to Nicole Scherzinger's single "Baby Love." His production credits are growing. Currently, he is signed to Polow Da Don's record label Zone 4 along with Hit-Boy. Also, he and Hit Boy have formed their own label Surf Club with their other partners B. Carr and Chilli Chil. This talented and humble producer has agreed to speak with me regarding his rise in the industry..........

Rowrytah: First of all Chase, I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your "mega busy" schedule to participate in my very first interview at

Chase N. Cashe: Always appreciated.

Rowrytah: No problem. So tell us a little about yourself Chase. How long have you been producing and how did the greatness begin?

Chase N. Cashe: I've been producing since 2006 and started getting into music in 1997. I was listening to the Hot Boys and Missy Elliot at the time.

Rowrytah: Wow! So you haven't been producing for long and you are really good... What kind of equipment were you using when you first began producing?

Chase N. Cashe: I used Fruityloops and a Triton LE and I am still using the same stuff. I like to keep it real simple...

Rowrytah: I hear that...Were you born in New Orleans?

Chase N. Cashe: Yep. Born and raised

Rowrytah: Being that you are from New Orleans, how did Hurricane Katrina affect you and do you reside there now?

Chase N. Cashe: Nah, I live between Atlanta and Los Angeles. Hurricane Katrina affected everyone really. My folks still live there. The city isn't completely recovered, but it looks a lot better.

Rowrytah: Indeed, it was a terrible disaster to a great city. There is still so much more rebuilding to do....... So before, you mentioned that you listened to Missy Elliot and The Hot-Boys when you first got into music. Were there any other artists that inspired you growing up?

Chase N. Cashe: Yeah, I was inspired by Michael Jackson, Babyface, Luther Vandross, James Brown and basically anyone legendary.

Rowrytah: Oh yea. You mentioned the greats. Do you see their influence in your music now?

Chase N. Cashe: Yeah I definitely see it. I feel my music sounds like a progression of all of my influences.

Rowrytah: The music is hot no doubt! By the way, I love the name "Chase N Cashe." It's really creative and clever. How did you come up with it?

Chase N. Cashe: I always loved to work and give 100% in my art and business. And my homies were like "You always chasing that cash." It had a ring to it so I ran with it.

Rowrytah: It's definitely got a ring to it. Haha..... It's dope! Can you tell us a little about your background and how it was growing up?

Chase N. Cashe: Shit. I was an athlete. I always played sports and had hoop dreams.

Rowrytah: Ah cool. So you wanted to be the next Michael Jordan? Haha....

Chase N. Cashe: You already know....

Rowrytah: Haha.... Balling is definitely a far cry from music, but I guess you are ballin' in other ways though...

Chase N. Cashe: Nah, but I'm trying.

Rowrytah: Haha... I hear that. You were definitely destined for production. Speaking of which, I am aware of your production team with Hit-Boy called Surf Club... How did the Surf Club come about? Are there any other producers or artists on Surf Club's roster?

Chase N. Cashe: The producers of Surf Club are Hit-Boy, Chase N. Cashe, and B.Carr. Chili Chil is our main artist and also a producer.

Rowrytah: How did you all link up?

Chase N. Cashe: I met Hit-Boy through Myspace after we heard of each other from music friends. I was living with Sean Kingston at the time he was working on his album. Hit-boy submitted beats to Sean and I listened to them. I checked my Myspace inbox later and he had sent me a message as well.

Rowrytah: Wow! So you guys both felt each others' production.... You were definitely destined to link up. Surf Clubs' sound is real unique... I love that surf; beach boy vibe to the music. Haha....

Chase N. Cashe: Thanks. It's what I like to call cool music.

Rowrytah: And that it is. You guys are definitely blowing up. What projects are you currently working on and what artists are you currently in the lab with?

Chase N. Cashe: I am working on projects for Teyana Taylor, Young Steff, The Pussycat Dolls, Tiffany Evans, and whatever else we can get on.

Rowrytah: Those are all hot artists and I can't wait to hear what you guys have in store for us. How did it feel to have a major artist on your track for the first time?

Chase N. Cashe: Its still surreal. I'm a fan of music more than anything. So I'm just appreciative. Shit is like a dream.

Rowrytah: I hear that. You are currently a part of Zone 4 Inc., which is Polow Da Don's record label. How does it feel to be working with one of the biggest producers in the industry right now?

Chase N. Cashe: Its great. I get to learn the business side just as much as music. It's a blessing above all.

Rowrytah: What have you learned from his work ethic?

Chase N. Cashe: To never stop.

Rowrytah: By the way, how were you discovered by him?

Chase N. Cashe: I was discovered through Myspace.

Rowrytah: Ah yes.... the beautiful world of Myspace. I bet you were surprised.

Chase N. Cashe: Yeah, but I didn't really know much about him other than that the fact that he was in Jim Crow. I just knew he did "Pimpin All Over World" by Ludacris ft. Bobby Valentino.

Rowrytah: Wow! That song was hot no doubt! So did he just ask you to be apart of his label? What prompted you guys to meet?

Chase N. Cashe: Nah, we had a meeting. I played material for him and then the rest was easy. He made an offer to me and I gladly accepted.

Rowrytah: That is really cool.

Chase N. Cashe: Yes, definitely.

Rowrytah: Who are your favorite artists in the industry right now and which one of them would you like to work with in the future?

Chase N. Cashe: Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Lil' Wayne, Beyonce', Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, Alicia Keys. I'd really like to work with Beyonce'.

Rowrytah: All of them are hot. So you know that I am going to be waiting for that Beyonce' collaboration right? Haha...

Chase N. Cashe: Thanks. I'm hoping.

Rowrytah: Well, there is nothing standing in your way. How do you feel about the industry today? Do you think it's changing?

Chase N. Cashe: Yeah. It will always change. Everyday a new person is inspired to make music and change is inevitable. I'm always excited for change.

Rowrytah: That is very true. Do you see music shifting in a positive or negative direction?

Chase N. Cashe: It'll always be both because of opinions. So it'll be positive and negative.

Rowrytah: Very true. Music will continue to thrive and evolve. What inspires you to make music?

Chase N. Cashe: My talent. I just like to see what I can do next.

Rowrytah: So you like to keep people on the edge of their seats guessing for what you are going to do next huh?

Chase N. Cashe: Different is always the route for me.

Rowrytah: Yes. Different is always good. So that brings up another question... Do you have any other hobbies besides music?

Chase N. Cashe: I like to play basketball as a hobby.

Rowrytah: Do you have any clothing lines, record labels, or projects in the works, etc.?

Chase N. Cashe: Well, Surf Club is the label. Chili Chil will be the first artist with a project from the label. Then from Zone 4 Inc., I will be working on Keri Hilson's In A Perfect World. Rich Boy's and I-15's new albums are coming as well.

Rowrytah: We definitely can't wait to hear what you have in store for us. Keri Hilson is really doing it big.

Chase N. Cashe: Yep. Look out for her in Ushers new video "Love In This Club" produced by Polow Da Don. It's the #1 song in the country.

Rowrytah: Oh yea. I love that track. I have it as a call-tone. Haha....

Chase N. Cashe: Good taste.

Rowrytah: Thanks! I heard she may be the leading lady in the video. Is that true?

Chase N. Cashe: Yeah. She is from what I know.

Rowrytah: Cool. Can't wait to see the video. Do you have any advice for the up and coming artists and producers wanting to break into the industry?

Chase N. Cashe: Yes. Believe in God and get your business ethics right.

Rowrytah: I love to hear that Chase. God has to be first and foremost.....

Chase N. Cashe: Always.

Rowrytah: So basically, they need to find out all of the ins and out of the business?

Chase N. Cashe: No one will ever be able to find out the ins and outs.

Rowrytah: Elaborate for us...

Chase N. Cashe: Each situation is different. You just have to be a people person and know how to conduct business professionally. Preferably in a face to face manner.

Rowrytah: That's great advice Chase. Do you think that being in the industry will change you as a person?

Chase N. Cashe: Yeah and I can't wait.

Rowrytah: Haha! In a positive way right?

Chase N. Cashe: If I didn't grow I'd be worried. Always positive.

Rowrytah: I hear that. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Chase N. Cashe: In a studio working with the best talent at the time and being continually blessed.

Rowrytah: I can see that in your future Chase. Don't ask me how I know.... I just have that you feeling that you are right.

Chase N. Cashe: Thanks. I appreciate it. I'm just a blessed black man that loves music.

Rowrytah: Awww. That is great.... Well, we have reached the conclusion.... I would like to thank you again for participating in my very first interview.

Chase N. Cashe: Thank you for asking me.

Rowrytah: Is there anything else that you would like to mention or say before we conclude?

Chase N. Cashe: I love my parents, my brother, my family, and the whole Zone 4 staff. Surf Club forever! New Orleans is the home of the best. And thank you. -)

Rowrytah: You are definitely welcome. Shouts out to too.

Chase N. Cashe: Yes, is official!

Rowrytah: There we go... -) Oh, and one more question before we get out of here..... What made you cut-off all of that lovely hair!?

Chase N. Cashe: It was time for a change. So I just went and cut it off.

Rowrytah: Oh okay. Change is sometimes necessary. Well, thanks for being patient with me during this interview. Keep doing great things!

Chase N. Cashe: Anytime homie.

-Rowrytah signing out! Check out Chase N. Cashe's myspage page below and let him know you heard about him at!

Chase N. Cashe's myspage page

Bobby V. Stayondeck Exclusive Interview!!!!

The making of I Get Around in Shock G's own words

This is an excerpt from Shock G's upcoming book chronicling his time with 2pac during his pre-Death Row days, including the recording of the legendary I Get Around. This is a real nice read, gives great insight into the making of the beat and the actual studio session with the greatest rapper to ever touch a mic. Enjoy and R.I.P. Pac...

"The ’I Get Around’ Story"by shockg(this is an excerpt from the forthcoming book "Producing a Young Genius", coming in 2009) The deep 808 kick-drum, the screeching percussion turntable part, the"step-up" (james brown?) voice sample, and the triplet-snare pick-upare all part of 1 sample; "Step into the Arena" by Gang Starr. I thinkthat was the title, but all I know for sure is that it was Gangstarrand that it was a song from one of their first 2 albums.The main kick, snare, & hats where all individual drum samples fromold james brown records, on an MPC disc full of drum sounds that Fuzetailor made & truncated himself and then passed it on to me:"Shock, your drums are gettin stale. You make good tracks, your beatsswing, but I’m gettin tired of those same ol’ drum sounds; here trysome of these." Get Around was the first beat I made after Fuze slid me that disc ata rehearsal. The drum pattern, the bassline, both piano tracks, thechord change from those piano tracks, and the ultra-low tuning of thehats where all original and were my doing. The layered cry-baby vocalsamples; "I been arounnnnn’ ooh oo-oo-oooh" (..yeah, it isn’t evensaying "get" around), and "you knoww I.." were both lifted fromRogers’ "Computer Love" and I ran them through a DJ mixer andtransformed them as I sampled ’em. That’s what chopped it all up likethat. Pac heard the track for the 1st time almost five months after it wasmade. It just missed becoming the theme music to an "Oz" type TVseries called "Angel Street", but the networks never picked it upafter the 3 pilot shows aired. After that, it was a popular 4-trackcassette instrumental that I used to carry around, and it served as abackbeat to many freestyle sessions and rocked many parties. At oneoutdoor picknic/video shoot (for the song "Spirit" by Force OneNetwork), repeated plays of that 4-track cassette I Get Aroundinstrumental slowly pulled 30 to 40 people (almost half the peoplethere) away from the set and over to the parking lot 200 yards awaywhere we were bumping it out of a friends droptop camaro. The crowdkept insisting we play it again & again, over & over & over. Itsounded SO fresh & exciting that summer, a year before it came out. After Angel Street got rejected by the networks, we decided to recordit as a d.u. song. But before we even began work on it, a call came inthat the director john singelton wanted a song with Pac & d.u.together for the Poetic Justice soundtrack and that "Shock should makethe beat". So I mailed Pac a tape with 3 beats on it, the Get Aroundbeat first, and 2 other tracks I had made in case he didn’t like thatone. I was concerned that it was too pretty for Pac and he might notof liked it. The Angel Street producers were concerned it wasn’t toughenough for their street series, and another rap crew we used to runwith called "the Dungeon Squad" rejected it all together. (I nevertold them the picnic story though, I felt the artist should always hear the magic themselves.) But don’t let 20/20 hindsight fool you, that beat wasn’t so obvious back then, most people thought it was too pretty & R&B souding for hip-hop believe it of not. Anyway, when I sent it to Pacs’ cabin or trailer or whatever they hadhim in on the "..Justice" set, he paused the tape after the first 2bars of Get Around went by and left me this excited phone message:"YES! YES NIGGA! BEAT ONE! I HAVEN’T EVEN LISTENED TO MORE THAN A FEWSECONDS SO FAR, BUT YES, BEAT ONE! Okay, I’ma press play now andlisten to the rest of the tape."About a week or 2 later, I was told by either Atron or someone at Interscope what time Pac would be in town, and we figured out the best time for the session. It took place at Starlight Sound in Richmond California, and here’s what happened:I had been in the studio all night & day by the time Pac arrived. I had been dumping tracks for Raw Fusion, digital underground, and adding vocals to Gold Money’s album the day before. All of Atrons acts where in the studio that week, the entire TNT label/roster, and we had Starlight Sound locked out the entire month. As one act was leaving, the next would be arriving, usually stopping in the booth to add their 2-cents to whoever elses album. Back then we didn’t have Pro-tools, Cubase, or Reason yet; so dumping tracks involved a shitload of changing disks, switching & re-plugging midi cables, repositioning keyboards & rackmounted gear, and re-directing quarter-inch cables to various outputs in the MPC60, the SP1200drum machine, or the various keyboards & rackmounts. By the time Pacs session rolled around I was exhausted from a day of the above, but Darrin & I managed to get the track recorded properly, and I even managed to add the little live piano bits with a little flavor & enthusiasm. As usual, Pac was either pacing back & forth impatiently as we layed the music, or leaving on missions across town to get more weed.As we were finishing the music Pac stormed in and announced "We gotta finish it today. I want you & Mun ta put yall verses on it right now too." I said.. "I’ll get a verse tagetha tanite when I get home, and come back 2morrow and lay it", as I started unplugging & tearing down my equipment rack. I was in the habit of splitting my brain into two different modes, either producer mode, or emcee mode, two totally different mindsets. Rarely did I ever do vocals and lay beats in the same session. One required a more detailed logical state of mind, the other required care-free spontaneity. As a producer, sobriety was best, but as a vocalist I always worked better with a buzz. But Pac replied.. "I ain’t got till 2morrow, their mastering it 2morrow. A messenger from Interscope is on his way here now to take the master and fly it back to LA with him tonight. We gotta finish it tonight". Swear ta god, it was all rush-rush like that. But he musta seen the exhaustion in my eyes because before I could even respond, he picked up a pen & pad and started scribblin words as he paced around the room. Less then 2 minutes later he handed me the paper and said.. "Just say this."Back then it was almost a crime ta say rimes that you yourself didn’t write, so I took the paper reluctantly and looked at it with a smirk, already ta say nay. But it was a tight verse I thought, so after fixing a word or two to be more my style, I went in the booth & tried it. I had to slow down a sentence or two, he had it too fast for my rimin style at first. It wasn’t that I couldn’t say fast raps, it was that I wasn’t known for it, so I figured it would be too obvious I didn’t write it if I suddenly started tongue-twistin outta the blue like that.Another concern of mine was the title & concept of the song.. us braggin about how we get around wit the chicks n all. At the time I was in love and engaged to someone, so at the time I was not down to be a "player" on the song, and I thought forsure that Pac would overlook this. But he knew Melissa, and supported our relationship, and had me covered. When I read.. "just cause I’m a freak doesn’t mean that we can hit the sheets.." that’s when I decided it was appropriate for me to say. The "satin on your panties" line was another cool sounding line but I really didn’t know what it meant when I was saying it, I just spit it confidently anyway, which is the rule when riming. Later, I imagined he meant that, before a girl was a fan of d.u., before she heard Sex Packets and Freaks of the Industry, and/or before she had sex with me personally, she wasn’t conscious of the fabric of her undergarments, or the sexiness-value of them, but ever since the "aftershock" she now wears satin panties regularly. (ha ha, Pac you a fool for that one!!)So as it turns out, the most popular punch-line of my career was penned by Tupac. So too-shay 2Pac, "without you, there’d be no me" as well!So after we all layed our verses, we left the 8-bar gaps where the hooks would go. Money-B by the way wrote his own verse, even though Pac rushingly wrote one for him as well, Mun didn’t like it and said his own instead. It was Pacs’ decision that I should sing the hook, and everyone agreed due to Kiss u Back being a big single out that year, with me doing the male singing parts. Pac didn’t have a melody idea, but he had the words.. "Round & round, round we go". When I asked him how he wanted me to say it, he said.. "You know, .. just put that Shock shit on it" ..which meant he didn’t have a musical idea for it, and was also his way of getting the best out of us, by boosting our egos & confidence. The way he said it translated: "you know, just do YO thing, I want YOUR thing on it" and it pumped us up before we added whatever we had.So I went in the booth, walking slowly, rehearsing in my head different melodies & rythmic patterns to fit the words to. By the time I reached the mic & put the headphones on, I had 3 different ideas to audition for everyone in the control room, which consisted of Darrin Harris the engineer, Pac, Mun, and 2 or 3 other homies, I forget which ones. I said over the mic "Okay here’s one way I could say it" ..and I sung idea 1 of the three, expecting that they’d let me try all three. But when they stopped the tape, everyone was all jumpin around in the control room, and Pac said "Nigga! Do you know how good that sounds?? Listen!" ..and we played it back for that first check. It caused everyone to jump around again, and Pac & Darrin were both like.. "Just double that". So I scratched whatever the other 2 ideas were without even doing them.. (trust me, they were hotter than what we kept, I was saving the best for last!) ..and put an identical stereo double over the first track, and that became the hook.Later when I rejoined Darrin at the board, Pac leaned over and said "Aight peace, make that shit sound fat!" and he bounced out the door as always, and left us to mix it down. He totally trusted our mixing ability and rarely even made a suggestion about the mix. I didn’t see Pac again till the video shoot weeks later. He never got invovled with the sound levels, the pans, the EQ, none of it.For the record, we mixed 4 versions of I Get Around, 3 of which I never saw again once I turned them in. We did a 3 minute short radio edit, a 4 min album version, a 5 min or so extended club version, and a completely instrumental version. The 4 min became the album & video version. The little mini 3 min version I never heard again, but no big deal. The extended club version I also never heard again, but this was a major loss. We had lots of music drop-outs, long drums-only sections, delays & echoes on sound bites, different vocal effects, etc., it was a fun mix. I wish interscope would release it one day. And the instrumental was equally lost in the shuffle. I only saw it once, over in Australia in 05, this kid brought it in for us to sign, a vinyl version, to a d.u. instore we were doing in downtown Adelaide. Me & Mun freaked when we saw it! was a 12-inch maxi single on some Australian label. We offered the dude big US bucks to buy it, but he wouldn’t sell it. I was like, "Man, we need this for live shows!".Oh well, I shoulda kept copies of all that ish. Back then I didn’t bother makin copies of the stuff we were for sure would get put out by the labels. If it was hot and in-demand, which I Get Around fit the criteria, then we just waited to see the test-pressings and the final masters which they normally sent to us to approve the sound quality anyways. Or with Pacs stuff, I just waited to hear/see the finished manufactered/packaged version. If I woulda thought that those mixes would never see the public light, I woulda kept personal copies.But anyone who’s at Interscope or diggin through the TNT crates, here’s what to look for:2 ADAT copies of the entire playlist, which was.."I Get Around"1. Album mix2. Radio mix3. Club mix4. InstrumentalI turned over the ADATs and the half-inch reels to the Interscope rep that night, who immeadiately flew back to Los Angeles to master the Strictly for my Niggaz album.Anyone out there with a copy of the "club" or "instrumental" please hit me up, I’d love to hear those again, haven’t heard ’em since that night we made ’em.SHKG

Erykah's Badu's "Real Thang" Remix Campaign and Contest!

Remix magazine and Erykah Badu have teamed up to bring you the "Real Thang" contest. Erykah Badu has a task for all of you established or emerging producers, DJ's, and musicians out there! How would it feel to have Erykah Badu on one of your instrumentals? Well, here is your chance to remix "Real Thang" originally produced by the beatmaster himself, Madlib. Download the acappella version of the track, do your "thang," and then send it in. The track can be found at the website below:

Official contest rules can be found here at Cornerstone

1 Grand Prize Winner and 2 Runners up will receive packages containing a portion of the below prizes:

-Stanton DJ Package w/KRK monitors
-Membership at
-Remix featured on 1200Squad radio & Cornerstone Mixtape
-Subscription to Remix Magazine
-VIP Pass to Remix Hotel
-Remix Featured on Erykah Badu’s Myspace Page, Okayplayer, and Fusicology

So all of you producers and beatsmiths need to send in those remixes now!

For you N.E.R.D fans out there, this is for you........ And what happened to Out of My Mind?

N.E.R.D is currently in the studio recording their third album titled Seeing Sounds. The group told MTV news that it will appeal to the senses and have a fusion of many different musical genres. The album is due to be released in June and is the follow-up to 2004's Fly or Die. To see their full interview on MTV, check out the video below:

For all of you ride or die N.E.R.D fans, this album is indeed dedicated to you. I love the fact that this group transcends boundaries with their sound. I have been a N.E.R.D fan from the beginning and can't wait to see them in the Glow In the Dark Tour. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am a bit peeved that Pharrell's Out Of My Mind album has been shelved. Interscope Records has the nerve. If you do not know about this album, then it is the remix album to Pharrell's In My Mind, which had a hit single Number #1 featuring Kanye West. The tracks from In My Mind were sprinkled with that classic touch of ?uestlove's magic. ?uestlove had many of the tracks from the album playing on his myspace page and fans seemed to love them. I know I did. Well, I have been waiting and waiting and finally found out the album was canned! Lucky for us faithful fans out there, the album has been leaked on the internet and even has two bonus tracks. The tracks that I heard from his initial release sounds a lot better on Out of My Mind.

Anyway, I am glad that the guys are back together and giving us another album. Even though I liked In My Mind, it was missing Chad's influence. I think Pharrell, Chad Hugo, and Shay function better as a team. They are back with their new single "Everyone Nose" and I am sure a video will follow soon. These dudes have us guessing again. "Everyone Nose" is clearly a mixture of sounds and unlike anything that you have ever heard.

Listen to "Everyone Nose"

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Throwback joint: LL Cool J - Around The Way Girl

What's good everyone, since it's another beautiful sunny day in LA I felt like hitting everyone with a classic joint from back in the day. This joint just gets you in a good mood, you can't be mad bumping this. And since it's that time of the year when the females change out their winter hoodies and jackets for tank-tops and shorts, what better joint to get your mind right. So here it is, a classic from LL's legendary 1990 album Mama Said Knock You Out, enjoy...

Bryan Michael Cox - Behind the scenes producer video!

Thanks to Rehearsal Space for informing me about this video. Rehearsal Space is an original series produced by Zoom In Online and Magnet Media Films. It showcases industry icons and emerging talent in the music biz. This is a very informative video getting a behind the scenes perspective from hit producer Bryan Michael Cox. You are seeing it here first. So get on deck! This is a GREAT video!

- lil bite

The T.I.P. Report

So the report is out on T.I.P. or TI? I'm confused.. Which one of the personalities bought the guns? Maybe they should have sentenced him to a mental institution for having split personalities? Maybe the nice guy in court is T.I.P., but once TI comes out it is back to buying guns? Who knows, but TI has been sentenced to only 12 months in jail which is great considering the initial charges could have amounted to 20 plus years. I think TI's easy sentence is good for the hip-hop community. Historically, rappers have been harassed and under higher surveillance by the law. For what? bad lyrics? I see a million times more violence on public access TV now a days then I've seen in recent hip-hop videos. It all comes down to underlined racism... Regardless, given the evidence presented against TI, It is good to see him get a reasonable charge for a crime that he even admitted guilt for at the scene. YES?! apparently TI waived his miranda rights and admitted guilt at the scene of the crime for one of the gun crimes charged against him. All and all, for someone that is supposed to be street savvy, he made some pretty careless moves. However, Since his house arrest sentence he has been cooperating 110% and his good behavior has obviously made an impact on the final sentence. So as of right now, I have heard a couple different stories. The fact is is that his sentence will begin a year from today in 2009. He will serve a whole year with 3 additional years of probation. Until then, he can serve up to 1,000 hours of required community service and I am still unclear if he is on house arrest or not.. V103 in Atlanta said that he has to serve house arrest for a remaining 9 months but hot 107.9 said no more house arrest???

Keyshia Cole - "Heaven Sent" Video umm yessir

I think everyone can relate to the message in this song. I feel like every time I see a new Keyshia Cole video she looks better. She looks so good in that purple.. ok.. I'm going to stop.. here is the video:

New Game - Big Dreams

The Game is back with his new single Big Dreams produced by Cool and Dre, this is the hardest the game has ever sounded. The Game was recently released from jail for assault and pulling out a firearm in a school zone. A day after his release he put out this single from his new album LAX that will be released on June 24th. West-Side cuz.

The Clipse - We Got It 4 Cheap Vol.3

Malice and Pusha T return, with help from fellow Re-Up Gang members Sandman and Ab-Liva, with the third installment of the We Got It 4 Cheap series. This may not be as good as Vol.2 but it doesn't disappoint either. Standouts on this mixtape are the group rapping over Kanye's Goodmorning beat, Raekwon's Rainy Dayz and 20K Money Making Brothers On The Corner. As usual, Malice and Pusha stick to their usual tales of coke dealing and balling but the manner in which they do so is still innovative. Sandman and Ab-Liva step their game up drastically on this one, but I could of done with less of them and more Clipse verses. So, if you're a fan of good basic hip-hop focused on lyricism and grimey beats then this is for you. Enjoy....

Ryan Leslie's new single "Diamond Girl" Peaks 50 Cents Interest....

If you haven't heard of the "Talented Mr. Leslie," then back-track to Cassie's mega-hit single "Me and You." Yup! He is the man behind the magic. Ryan Leslie is a talented singer, song-writer, producer, and founder of NextSelection Lifestyle Group, a label under Bad Boy Records. He has produced tracks for Beyonce, Cassie, Danity Kane, Latif, Katherine McPhee, Donell Jones, Britney Spears, and Nina Sky to name a few. His first album Just Right, which I had the pleasure of listening to thanks to my good U.K. friend, was not released in the United States. It was a very good album that the public missed out on. Now, Mr. Leslie is at it again with his new single "Diamond Girl," which is already big in New York. It's a hot track no doubt. The single shares it's name with Seals and Crofts 1973 pop hit. His new album Used To Be is scheduled for release sometime in June. I am definitely looking forward to his album. I think he is one of the best producers out there today and deserves more shine than what he is getting. It is rumored that he is in the studio with Usher.

His new single "Diamond Girl" has even spawned interest from "Mr. Talk" himself 50 cent. 50 cent and his G-Unit camp has recorded a remix to the song called "Bottom Girl." If many of you are like me, then you want to know what a "Bottom Girl" is. I did some research and it is basically defined as a prostitute whose status is high or makes the most money. I just learned something new. Did you? 50 cent turned a classy girl into a h**! Haha.... Anyhow, the tracks are doing very well in New York and "Diamond Girl" currently peaks at #95 on the billboard charts. I definitely hope this single keeps rising on the charts. Be sure to check out his single on iTunes if you haven't already. There is also a remix of this song featuring Kanye too. Below check out some footage of Ryan making the track in the studio. Also, check out Ryan Leslie's version as well as G-Unit's video for "Bottom Girl." It's not an official video as you can tell, but at least you get to hear the track.

Ryan in studio making "Diamond Girl"

Diamond Girl

Ryan Leslie's Myspace page

Mariah Carey interviews with Parade Magazine!

Mariah Carey's new single "Touch My Body" is steadily rising up the charts. Coming off the success of her "comeback" album The Emancipation of Mimi, life can't get any better for Ms. Carey. In her interview with Parade Magazine, she talks about her divorce from Tommy Mottola, speaking to her father again, and her mental breakdown to just name a few...

Enjoy the article here!

-Photo provided courtesy of

For you Day 26 and Danity Kane lovers out there....

Day 26 and Danity Kane will be on the Tyra Banks show today so check your local listings for dates and times! If you miss the show, don't forget that it will later air on the Oxygen network. They will be performing their hit singles "Damaged" and "Got Me Going." Oh, and don't forget to check back for those reviews on both albums. It should be good!

Look out! Mario's on Dancing With The Stars Ya'll.....

R&B superstar Mario has conquered many things. He has topped the charts with hits such as, "Just A Friend-2002," "Let Me Love You," and "Crying Out For Me." Now, he is at it again and dancing his way to the top on "Dancing With The Stars!" Trust me, I am not a "Dancing With The Stars fan," but now I am definitely going to tune in. I am a bit surprised that he is on this show. I mean, shouldn't he be busy promoting his music right now? He just released a new album you know? There is one question that I would like to present to the readers. Will his appearance on this show hurt his image? Is this just a pull for more publicity? It could be. "Dancing With The Stars" is already a huge television show and his album is doing well, but don't we all like that sweet sound of money? More money and publicity is always good. Mario is partnered with Karina Smirnoff, who is Mario Lopez's girlfriend! If you do not rememeber, Mario Lopez also got a lot of recognition from this show. Remember when he played Slater on "Saved By The Bell?" From the looks of things, they are doing a great job. Didn't you get a "Saturday Night Fever" flashback from watching the clip? Haha... Dude can definitely dance, but this promotes a different image for him. Nonetheless, I will definitely be watching this show closely to see how he does and rooting for him as too! Well, here is the clip of his first night on the show. Let us know what you think!

Lupe Fiasco's new video "Hip-Hop Saved My Life" ft. Nikki Jean

Here's Lupe's new video. I love this track. Lupe is definitely one of my favorite hip-hop artists. I am glad that the industry and the public aren't sleeping on him. Last week, "Superstar" was still within the top 10 on the billboard charts. I can say that he is truly making music because he loves it and not for the glitz and glamour. Everyone can relate to his lyrics in some way. His new album "The Cool" is just as good as his first album. "The Cool" has more of an alternative and hip-hop feel versus "Food and Liquor". However, both of the albums are very good. Anyway, check out the video and cop his album if you haven't already.

Hip Hop Saved My Life Video

Album Releases for the Week of March 24, 2008

This is just a recap of a previous post. Don't forget that Day 26's debut album hit stores today! Pick it up, listen to it, and let us know what you think. Remember, I will compare the two so I need for everyone to go out and buy Danity Kane's and Day 26's so you can tell me if my assessments were correct. Haha!!! Also, look at the list below to see who else drops today. Apparently, Day 26 wasn't the only Bad Boy alum scheduled to drop albums today. Elephant Man was supposed to come out today too, but it looks as if Elephant Man's album "Let's Get Physical" has been pushed back to April 8, 2008. That makes more sense. I was thinking, "Okay, so Day 26 gets all the love on album release day?" I am glad to see that it has been pushed back. Bizzy Bone, formerly of Bone Thugs and Harmony, is also dropping "A Song For You," today. Pick up both of these albums. That's all for now!

Day 26's new single "Got Me Going"

If you haven't seen Diddy's new brainchild of a group's new single, then look no further because we have the video for you here. I like the song and they did a really great job performing it on the Making the Band 4 season finale. Their new album will hit stores on March 25, 2008 so be on the lookout for it. Stay tuned for a face/off or album review here at between Day 26 and Danity Kane's albums. I have listened to the new Danity Kane album and I am excited to hear Day 26's new album. The girls talked a lot of smack regarding who would sell more records. To tell you the truth, I am vouching for the men. I hope they shut the girls up. Who's album is better? Keep checking this week for the final weigh in on both albums and find out who came out on top! My prediction is that the guys will do better, but I guess we will have to see......

Corinne Bailey Rae's husband dies....

British soul singer Corinne Bailey Rae's husband died on Easter Sunday, which was March 23, 2008. Initially, police reports concluded that he died of a drug overdose, but due to some inconsistencies, an autopsy in underway. Click here to read more about this story

T.I. allowed to attend Easter Services on Sunday

Rapper T.I. didn't let house arrest stop him from attending Easter services at the Georgia Dome on Sunday. Speaking of the Georgia dome, it was damaged due to a tornado that ravaged through Atlanta about a week ago. Apparently, the damage did not stop T.I. or church goers either. He enjoyed Easter Sunday with his family by his side and a court-approved monitor; just to keep an eye on things.... Exclusive footage of the family photos can be viewed here

Was Diddy smoking crack when he allowed Donnie Klang's new single "Take You There" to be released?

Donnie Klang's new single "Take You There" is horrible! Please spare us another wanna-be Justin Timberlake in the industry. Clearly, he was inspired by Prince on this track and I know it was only the genius of Seven. Now don't get me wrong, I love Prince, but did Donnie really need to "Take It There" with this song? Haha.... I am surpised that Diddy even allowed this song to be released. And get this.... Diddy is featured on the track and his verse doesn't even come close to being good! I hope Donnie's got more tricks in the bag because if he doesn't, then I don't know if he will even come close to selling as many records as his Making the Band counterparts. On the Making the Band finale, he mentioned working with producer Seven for the album. I guess we will see how it turns out. I am sorry Donnie, but this is not a good choice for a lead single... What do you think about the song?

Listen to "Take You There" here

Visit Donnie's myspace page

Teyana Taylor's "Google Me" video is finished!

About a week ago, posted Teyana Taylor's new song "Google Me." The video was in the production stages at the time. Well, the video is finally finished. Here is the new video to view at your leisure....

Dream tops BDS charts/ I'm a psychic somebody pay me!


rank = 1

taken from

I called that this song would be a hit the first second I graced my hit predicting ears on it. Too bad I wasn't writing for this site then but I also said that Ray J - sexy can I would be too.. Ray J right now is #4 on rhythmic radio and just got 500+ adds which is the most added song besides Usher who barely edged him out sitting at number 6. What does that mean? Ray J has a bona fide hit. He is going number 1 people. Don't get me wrong, just because I know when something is a hit doesn't mean I like the song. I'm not one of those lame little popcorn bloggers that jumps on everyone's nuts that gets hot. I just happened to have skills = Check the blog history. That boy "the sound bite" is a psychic. Also, the new Keiyshia Cole video is coming so get ready for Sent for Heaven to be a hit. and didn't I also tell you that Ashanti was going to be put back on the map with that song? So you want more?? I thought so... look out for this record --> Rick Ross feat T-Pain - "The Boss" to keep climbing the charts. The beat is crazy. Definitely going to be a nice record for the clubs. Not a big surprise but i'll have more for ya. PAY ME

-the bite

New Lloyd feat lil Wayne

I like this song. Nice little feel good joint.. Not sure what the hell Lloyd is thinking with that other song with Luda.. It is sad to see poor creative decisions hinder a project. Ludacris is slipping on these cameos. From what I hear Lloyd has a hot album in store but I guess that's all relative.. Will it really be hot?? Probably not... Anyway, I think lloyd is a cool artist. I heard Sylvia Rhone say on the radio that he's stepped his dancing skills up this time around. I am so relieved to hear that, because I was really starting to worry about what Lloyds new dance steps would be looking like. Now that I know that they are good I am so hyped it's not even funny. I'm losing it... Because i've been thinking to myself all the time damn, I hope that guy Lloyd "steps it up" this time around with the dance skills. Anyway, here is the song already, I got to go and watch dancing with the stars asap-- Lloyd featuring Lil Wayne - Girls All Around the World

Happy Easter -

Mr. Holiday weekend aka Mr. bite

Album review for Erykah Badu's New Amerykah, Part One (4th World War)

Erykah Badu’s new release “New Amerykah, Part One (4th World War)" is a highly personal and socio-political epic that centers on individual and worldly struggles. Also, it is a poignant ode to hip-hop and the legacy of mega-producer J-Dilla aka Jay Dee (R.I.P), whose untimely death took the industry by storm. If you are not a fan of Erykah Badu or have a deep appreciation for some of the most talented and under-rated producers in Hip-Hop, then this release may just fly past your cognitive senses only to leave you baffled and confused. Please do not write it off as a lack luster effort. This release is just a classic, creative, and beautiful example of how an artist can deeply connect with their music. Erykah Badu cleverly devised this album from start to finish. For those of you who have a deep appreciation for “real” music, including myself, you will understand the vision and nature of this project. Producers on this album include, the legendary Roy Ayers, Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Madlib, Kariem Riggins, James Poyser, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson and the extraordinary 9th Wonder. Altogether, there are eleven tracks on the album, if you include the bonus song "Honey," and most of them are good. Highlight tracks on the album include, "The Healer," "Me," "Soldier," "The Cell," "Twinkle," "Master Teacher," "Telephone," and, of course, "Honey." "The Healer" is a serenade to hip-hop produced by the creative Madlib. With its’ hard hitting drums and banging beat you will feel the need to rhyme yourself. She even praises Dilla on this track. “Me” is probably my favorite track on the album, in which she talks about how she has changed. It’s a real mellow and soulful track. The longest and most emotional song on the album is "Telephone", in which she reflects on the memory of Dilla. The lyrics echo.... “Fly way to heaven brother…” Indeed, the only song on the album that is not political or emotional is "Honey," which is produced by great hip-hop producer 9th Wonder. When I initially heard the album, I thought "Honey" was the best track, which is not true. However, if you fully listen to this release and embrace the lyrics, you will embark on an artistic journey. Her growth from Baduism to present can be felt. Ms. Badu, you put your heart and soul into this project and I feel it....

Rating: ***** out 5 stars

Club Banger Alert!!!!!!!!!

Nelly will make his way back to the top of the charts this summer with this crazy banger ft. Fergie called Party People.....produced by none other than Polow Da Don.......I said it first!!!!

Gnarls Barkley release album today, three weeks earlier than it's supposed release date

This morning Gnarls Barkley released their second album The Odd Couple three weeks earlier than it's supposed release date of April 8th. They stated that they felt the time was right to do so but one can't help but wonder if this was a strategic move to surpass the bootleggers. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised to see more artists drop albums unexpectedly earlier than their planned date of release to avoid online bootlegging. This comes on the heel of the two getting their video for their single Run banned from MTV for reasons some consider ambiguous. One can't help but wonder if the two have shrouded this release with mystery and controversy to aid marketing and generel interest. However you feel about their music you have to give it up for their ingenious marketing.

New Lil Wayne off The Carter 3 - Running A Marathon

This will be the second track off the album, heat, no one raps like this, money got the most original flow in years...

New Outkast news

Andre triple stacks and Big Boi are putting out albums again this summer. People may not be quite as excited after the most recent sub par idlewild soundtrack, but the rumor floating around the industry right now is that Organized Noize (the legendary Atlanta production crew responsible for a lot of Outkast's earlier material) is producing both big boi and Andre's upcoming solo albums. Personally, I am happy to hear this and hope that the crew can rekindle their chemistry. Although, I would love to see Andre 3000 branch off on his own because the "Love Below" was genius. Will these guys still have it or have they been focusing too much on movies? vote in this poll:

-The Bite aka Mr I'll start a small fire in your mom's panties

Estelle's new single "American Boy"

Straight out the U.K. comes Estelle with her new video "American Boy" featuring Kanye West. I love English artists! The beat of this song definitely sounds familiar. It was on's debut album "Songs About Girls." Anyway, her version is really nice. Pay close attention to the video because you will see alot of "American Boys" in the video. Which ones do you spot? Haha.... I feel like we are playing a childhood game. (Smile) She is the first artist signed to John Legend's new label called Homeschool Records. Her new album will feature appearances from Wyclef Jean,, Swizz Beats, Mark Ronson, Kanye West, and John Legend. Estelle not only can sing, but can rap as well. Her debut album Shine will hit stores April 29th. You guys better remember this day because Bill Jabr and Bobby Valentino's album Come With Me will be available on iTunes. Mark your calendars people!

Who's going to the Glow in the Dark Tour?

If you haven't heard about this tour yet, then read on. This is one of the biggest tours of this year with Kanye West leading the pack. Other notable artists headlining this tour will be Lupe Fiasco, Rhianna, and N.E.R.D! Personally, I will be attending either the Albuquerque, NM or Charlotte, NC show. I have stated before that I am a big Star Trak fan so I eager to see my boys N.E.R.D on stage. I am also excited to see Kanye and Lupe Fiasco as well. Indeed, this tour is going to be a treat for all that attend. Buy your tickets now because I am sure they are going fast! Below is a list of tour dates. Keep checking ticketmaster .com for changes in dates and venues....

March 2008

* March 17 Indianapolis, IN - The Vogue
* March 18 Nashville, TN - City Hall
* March 19 Pittsburg, PA - Diesel
* March 21 North Myrtle Beach, SC - House of Blues
* March 22 Richmond, VA - The National
* March 24 Louisville, KY - Coyotes
* March 25 Asheville, NC - The Orange Peel
* March 26 Knoxville, TN - The Valarium
* March 28 Jacksonville, FL - Free Bird Cafe

April 2008

* April 16 Seattle, WA - Key Arena
* April 18 Sacramento, CA ARCO Arena
* April 19 San Jose, CA HP Pavilion
* April 20 San Diego, CA Sports Arena
* April 21 Los Angeles, CA Nokia Theatre
* April 22 Los Angeles, CA Nokia Theatre
* April 25 * Las Vegas, NV Red Rocks Casino Resort
* April 26 * Albuquerque, NM Journal Pavilion
* April 27 Denver, CO Pepsi Center
* April 29 Oklahoma City, OK Ford Center
* April 30 Austin, TX Frank Irwin Center

May 2008

* May 1 Dallas, TX Center
* May 2 Houston, TX Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
* May 4 Atlanta, GA Gwinette Arena
* May 5 Tampa, FL Ford Amphitheatre
* May 6 Miami, FL American Airlines Arena
* May 8 Charlotte, NC Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
* May 9 Raleigh, NC Walnut Creek Amphitheatre
* May 10 Washington, DC Nissan Pavilion
* May 11 Virginia Beach, VA Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
* May 13 New York, NY Madison Square Garden
* May 15 Boston, MA Tweeter Center
* May 16 Hartford, CT North East Dodge Music Center
* May 17 Philadelphia, PA Susquehana Bank Center
* May 18 Scranton, PA Toyota Pavilion
* May 20 Montreal, Que. Bell Centre
* May 21 Toronto, Ont. Molson Centre
* May 22 Detroit, MI Palace
* May 23 Chicago, IL United Center
* May 24 Minneapolis, MN Target Center
* May 27 Saskatoon, Sask. Credit Union Centre
* May 29 Edmonton, Alb. Rexall Palace
* May 30 Calgary, Alb. Saddledome

Los Angeles Times article places Sean "Diddy" Combs as mastermind behind Tupac Shakur's shooting outside Quad Recording Studios

In an article released by the Los Angeles Times on March 17th, 2008 staff writer Chuck Phillips places Sean Combs and other affiliates of Bad Boy Records as having ties with the assailants involved in Tupac Shakur’s Nov. 30th, 1994 shooting outside Quad Recording Studios on New York’s 7th Avenue. The article takes accounts from unidentified FBI informants from 2002.

According to FBI reports, Bad Boy associates talent manager Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond and promoter James Sabatino orchestrated the attack to appear as a robbery. The reason for the attack was reportedly due to the fact Shakur refused to sign with Comb’s label Bad Boy Records, according to FBI reports. Shakur had been hired to lay vocals for one of Rosemond’s rappers but his motive was to get Shakur to the studio in order to have him taught a lesson for his provocative behavior around New York. Apparently on the tenth floor Sean Combs, Christopher “B.I.G.” Wallace and other members of the Junior Mafia were present for the recording of Junior Mafia’s first album, and all were aware of the attack that was about to take place.
Upon entering the studio, Shakur was confronted by three men who told him to give up his jewelry. Shakur refused and was repeatedly pistol whipped by all three. Shakur then drew his weapon and shots were exchanged. The three escaped the building with Shakur’s chain and medallion valued at approximately $40,000. Shakur had been shot four times; once in the head, once in the thigh, once in the hand, and once in the groin. Pac crawled to the elevator and rode it up to the tenth floor where he was met by the members of Bad Boy records including Combs, Rosemond, and Wallace. In an interview with Vibe magazine Rosemond claimed that Pac accused him on sight of the shooting, "Why you let them know I'm coming here? You was the only who knew, man. Why?". While Pac managed to get himself to a couch he proceeded to roll a joint then call his girlfriend to notify his mother of the assault while bleeding profusely.

One day after the shooting Shakur, heavily bandaged, was rolled into court in a wheelchair and sentenced to four and a half years in prison for sexual assault, which he vehemently denied ever being involved with. The events that followed have been well documented including his signing with Death Row Records and the start of an east coast/west coast war which included the murder of Suge Knight’s bodyguard in Atlanta and the eventual slaying of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace.

Usher at the top of the charts for the Week of March 17, 2008

I knew it! I knew It! It seems that the news of R&B superstar Usher getting married has not hastened his mega-hit success. Usher tops off this week at #1 with his new single "Love In This Club." The Polow Da Don produced track is quickly rising up the charts. When I first heard this song on the radio a few weeks ago, I was hooked. Apparently, others are too judging by the songs recent take-over of the charts. It is even the most downloaded song on ITunes. Way to go Usher!! No matter what, this proves that he will always be, in my opinion, the King of R&B. I can't wait to hear the new album, which is rumored to be released in June of this year. I predict it will be one of the biggest and most anticipated albums of the year.

Also, Jordin Sparks' duet with Chris Brown is another hot one that I knew would rise up the charts. I admit I am not a Jordin Sparks fan, but even I could not resist the clever pairing of the two. And our very own Mr. Soundbite predicted that Ray J's new track with Yung Berg would be a hit single this year. By the look of things, he may be right. Do you think Usher has what it takes to hold the #1 spot next week? I think so.

Below is a full list of the billboard charts:

1. Usher featuring Young Jeezy-"Love In This Club"
2. Chris Brown-"With You"
3. Flo Rida featuring T-Pain-"Low"
4. Sara Bareilles-"Love Song"
5. Rhianna-"Don't Stop The Music"
6. Jordin Sparks w/ Chris Brown-"No Air"
7. Ray J. featuring Yung Berg-"Sexy Can I"
8. Timbaland featuring One Republic-"Apologize"
9. Webbie, Lil' Phat, and Lil' Boosie-"Independent"
10. Lupe Fiasco featuring Matthew Santos-"Superstar"

-Songs provided to us courtesy of

New Lil' Wanye Video - Lollipop

What do you think?????

Danity Kane's new video "Damaged"

Danity Kane is back and taking no prisoners with their first single "Damaged." I was not fond of this track in the beginning, but it has actually grown on me fairly fast. I love the pink colors and the disco-vibe in the video. Dawn stood out on this track no doubt. Her voice is so beautiful. Also, it seems that Shannon is stepping out and being the leader that Diddy portrays her to be. However, they could have stepped up on the choreography. Some of them were off on some parts. Maybe Diddy and Laurie Ann need to kiss and make-up? Haha.... Anyway, check out the video and don't forget that Welcome to the Dollhouse will be in stores March 18, 2008.

Dirty Rose Radio interview and Bryan Michael Cox drop

we caught back up with Dirty Rose @ v103 in atlanta and got some footage on them throughout the day. Check it out and stay tuned to follow these guys on their rise to the number 1!

Ain't I? Ain't I? Ain't IIII

So I saw Yung L.A. perform "Ain't I" in the club the other night. That guy is Jamming. He set it off! I actually went to see another artist perform but when I saw L.A. on the stage I knew he was something to look out for. look out for this song to pick up in the A. I'm telling you here first... Remember where you heard it first = from the bite aka don't bite the steelo aka mr judo aka the enlightened one. This track features Big Kuntry too!

Yung L.A. - Ain't I

apparently the song is a little old but it is just now starting to pick up..

Teyana Taylor's new single "Google Me"

Check out the Princess of Star Trak's new single "Google Me" produced by Jazze Pha. Her debut album, From a Place Called Harlem, is due out this Spring and features appearances from Polow the Don protege' Hit Boy, The Neptunes, and Jazzy Pha. The video for this single is in the production phase. You may remember her on MTV's Sweet Sixteen. I must admit that when I saw her on this show I wrote her off as being a "spoiled brat." But from the sound of her music, she definitely has something to be cocky about. I am eagerly awaiting this girls album. First things first though, I am a die-hard Star Trak fan so you know I am going to cop this album regardless. Haha.... Moving along though, I think she is what my favorite label needs right now. She is refreshing and has her own unique style, charisma, personality, and swagger representative of the skateboarder look that is characteristic of Star Trak. She not only sings, but can spit too! Definitely, keep an eye out on Teyana Taylor. Her new single is hot and is currently available on Itunes. Check out the single below and leave feedback if you are feeling it or not. I have posted some pics from the set of her new video. Also, I posted her website address so you can hear the full version of "Google Me" and the link to her myspace page so you can hear some more of her tracks. Enjoy!

Teyana Taylor's Myspace page

Click here to visit her website

New heat from Wale feat. Bun B and Pusha T - Back in the Go Go

This is a hot track with Bun B and Pusha "the greatest rapper alive" T dropping some ice cream bars on here. I love how they use an old Baltimore Go Go beat too.

Obama speaks on Hip-Hop and who's on his i-pod

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama admits he listens to hip-hop in this video interview

I know who I'm voting for...

New Bohagon ft. Rock City(Konvict Music)

I've been wondering where Bohagon has been. We haven't heard anything worth listening to since that verse on Lil Jon's Crunk Juice album. Well my friends, i'm glad to say that it sounds as if he has been hard at work. The tag for the song say's it's Bohagon ft. Mario and Rock me it sounds like it's just Rock City from Akon's Konvict Music. Nice track though......

All Apologies...

Yesterday I posted a snippet of Wayne's single Lollipop, and I hated on it to say the least. Well, today Im posting the full version of the song... and well, basically, I was wrong, this joint is a banger. It aint T.R.O.Y. or Don't Beleive the Hype but this is a certified club banger. Good lead single...

Snippet From Lil Wayne's First Single Off The Carter 3 - "Lollipop"

Hmmmm, if this is any indication of how The Carter 3 is going to sound, well, someone better start writing hip-hop's eulogy ASAP...

(I swear if I hear another T-Pain imitation Im going to....), oh, forgot to stop thinking out loud. caught up with Bobby Valentino to do drops for his new album!

and the second take

This is big news because Bobby V is being one of the first artists to release an album strictly digital. The album will be available on itunes April 29, 2008!!! mark your calenders because it is a classic. We got an exclusive listen and it is his best work to date.

Album Reviews will be posted this week!!

Be on the lookout for album reviews for Snoop's Ego Trippin, Erykah Badu, and Janet Jackson. Snoop's album drops on Tuesday, March 11, 2008, so I will definitely be picking that one up. I am currently reviewing Erykah Badu's and Janet Jackson's newly released titles as we speak. All of these album reviews will be posted throughout the week. So make sure you check back to see what the verdict is on these albums!

Ashanti's new video......

Okay, so I got to find out what all of you think about Ashanti's new video, "The Way That I Love You." OMG!! Can you guys relate to this video or what? I mean, seriously, I had tears in my eyes as I was watching it. It's such a powerful and emotional video that many people can relate to on a lot of levels, especially me.....

This video is definitely controversial and is based on the hit reality show, "Snapped" on the Oxygen network, in which ordinary women commit terrible crimes of murder. In the video, she murders her boyfriend because he cheats on her. The question is, did she take it too far with this video? Personally, I say no. It's indeed a great comeback video for her and the fact that so many women, and even men, can feel the pain of how it is to give your heart to someone and then find out they have cheated on you. Plus, a little controversy never hurts!!! Haha.... However, I would never condone murder as a way to solve a problem. You just have to realize that he cheated because "he" has a problem and not you! You just need to move on and take the situation for what it is. As Bite mentioned before, this video is going to be one of the biggest songs of the year.... I even believe that the album will sell fairly well, especially since she has been on hiatus. Well, here is the video. Let us know if you connected with it or not. Also, be on the lookout for her new album The Declaration to drop on March 25, 2008. It looks like the Princess is back!!!

Presenting Dirty Rose *-First Stay on deck video !! introduced Dirty Rose. Dirty Rose is made up of Zan, Chase, and Qui. They are signed to hit producer Bryan Michael Cox(Mary J -be without you, Usher - U got it bad etc.) . The group has been grinding for a while now and are back stronger than ever with a whole new sound! Their current single "All for Love" has been impacting Atlanta radio and is already picking up into mid rotation. Look out for these guys because they are on the rise fast. Here is a brief video of the guys in the studio talking about their song and the meaning behind the group and the name Dirty Rose:

Check out more from Dirty Rose and contact them at

to request this record call v103 @ 404-741-v103 ..

-the bite aka i get the exclusives first

Hit predictions Spring/Summer 08!

A few hit predictions for you all. Don't say I didn't call em. ---> Keiysha Cole - Heaven Sent (her next single - going to be another big one), Ashanti - The way that I love You (This record should put Ashanti back on the map.. watch..), Ray J and Yung Berg - Sexy Can I (I don't like this song but the warmer it gets the warmer this record will get). Also look out for The-Dream - I love your girl to pick up for the summer. Sit back and watch... holler at me to A&R your project.

A tribute to one of Hip-Hop's biggest legends...

The anniversary of Biggie's death is quickly approaching. In honor of his legacy, a tribute song titled, "Speak to Biggie," has been released. The song features appearances from 50 cent, Bizzy Bone, Bobby Valentino, Chingy, Maino, R & B singer Chris Montez, and New York rapper "Hav Boy" Monte. The track is also produced by Monte.

Apparently, a movie will also be made based on the life of the great Hip-Hop star. The cast reportedly includes, Brooklyn rapper Grav as the late Biggie Smalls, Derek Luke as Sean "Puffy" Combs, Angela Bassett as Voletta Wallace, and Anthony Mackie. Angela Bassett and Derek Luke are very good actors so this may be one to look out for. Hopefully, the tribute song will be connected to the movie in some shape or form.

If you would like to hear the track, Click here

Lloyd's got a new song...

After the success of his last album "Street Love," released in 2007, Lloyd is back with a new single called "How We Do It" feat. Ludacris. This is a nice upbeat track, definitely destined for the clubs. The video for this song has not been released. However, his myspace page states that the video will be shot within a couple of weeks. There is no word yet on when the album will be released. I am pretty sure that it will this year.

Speaking of Lloyd, he is also rumored to be in talks with Lil' Wayne about doing a "Best of Young Worlds" album. Lloyd and Lil' Wayne linked up on the hit single "You" from the certified Gold album "Street Love" in 2007. There is no official word on whether they are going to complete this joint album, but they have spoken about it and it may actually happen. I guess we will have to see....

You can hear the new track "How We Do It" HERE

or listen to it on his myspace page at: Lloyd's myspace page and Beyonce have a passion for movies....

It looks as if Beyonce's got that acting bug again. It has been confirmed that she will portray legendary Jazz and Blues singer Etta James in Cadillac Records. She will not only star in the movie, but has signed on as an executive-producer of the film. Cadillac Records, written and directed by Darnell Martin, is a 1950's period piece, which chronicles the rise and eventual demise of Chess Records. Chess Records was responsible for launching the careers of legendary greats such as, Muddy Waters, Etta James, and the Chuck Berry. The movie will begin filming early this year and is set to star Adrien Brody, Beyonce, Cedric the Entertainer, and possibly Mos Def.

In other news, will make his acting debut in the X-men spin-off devoted to the character of Wolverine. The movie is titled, "X-men Origins: Wolverine." I am not too sure if this film has entered the filming phase as of yet. However, has signed on to play the character of John Wraith, also known as Kestrel, a mutant who has the ability to teleport himself. Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as Wolverine in this film.

I wonder if will add some Hip-Hop flava to the score or soundtrack of this film? Who knows? It may add some zest to the movie. We have already seen Beyonce in a few movies already and she actually did a great job in Dreamgirls. Do you think has what it takes to pull it off in "X-Men Origins?"

-Beyonce photo provided courtesy of Steve Granitz at

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Exclusive 2009 New Yung Joc Single!! - Poppin featuring bobby v

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