Have You Heard of the Cool Kids?

What do you get when you pair a rapper from Illinois with another person from Michigan? You get nothing, but the electromagnetic, hip-hop fusion of The Cool Kids. The Cool Kids are a hip-hop group, which consists of Antoine "Mikey Rocks" Reed and Evan"Chuck Inglish" Ingersoll. The duo, who were inspired by Eric B. and Rakim, met when
Mickey Rocks wanted to purchase a beat from Chuck English. On a whim, the duo had an undeniable chemistry that would lead them to actually recording for hours upon meeting each other. After that, The Cool Kids formed and released a few mixtapes to get a buzz going. The two were signed to the independent label Chocolate Industries, in which they have their own label called C.A.K.E Recordings.

The hip-hip duo are doing things their way and independently. In fact, they have generated a significant buzz online and throughout myspace. They have collaborated with artists, such as British rapper M.I.A and also Lil' Wayne on a track titled "Gettin It," which features DJ Benzi.

On May 21, 2008, the group released their second EP The Bake Sale, which contains about ten tracks and features the hit single "Black Mags." The single was featured on a Rhapsody commercial.

Their debut album When Fish Ride Bicycles, will be released this year. In the meantime, check out their new EP The Bake Sale and keep your eyes on this exciting hip-hop group, which is set to take the industry by surprise.

-Written by Roshelle aka Rowrytah

ATL's Own Lil' Weavah ft. Lil' Wayne!!!!!!!! ***Banger Alert***

If any of you have been following the underground rap scene in Atlanta, you know who Lil' Weavah is. With over 100k mixtapes in the streets, and music on MTV's "Rob & Big", ESPN, The Speed Channel his last underground single "My Rims" gained national exposure and was the #1 Indie radioplay leader in the southeast. All of this done with no major, and no major backing. Now he's ready to gain major exposure with this song as the only Indie artist to do a song with Lil' Wayne, as well as T-Pain. See for yourself

Making the Band 4 "The Tour" Footage

For all of you Making the Band 4 fans, check out this footage of Danity Kane performing "Pretty Boy" from their latest album Welcome to the Dollhouse. Day 26 and Donnie Klang are also on tour with Danity Kane.

Lloyd's Pushes Album Back

Lloyd has pushed back the date of his album from July 15th to now July 22. The album is titled Lessons In Love. His latest single is "Girls Around The World" from his upcoming album. It seems like a lot of artists are pushing back their albums. I wonder why?

Weezy Carter 3 leaks

click here to check out the official Lil Wayne album @ sohh Lil Wayne - Carter 3 listen Why couldn't Wayne have just dropped 4 songs on here and it possibly could have been a classic.. Still a hot album though. I'll let it marinate

Saturday Video Chat Cancelled

Unfortunately we had to cancel the Belawa chat tomorrow due to scheduling conflicts. He got called for a job last minute so won't be able to make today at 7pm. Stayondeck apologizes! Please stay tuned as the B Jabr and Dirty Rose interviews will definitely 100% be going down this week as scheduled and more will be coming!!

50 cent's Mansion Burned Down

Rapper 50 cent's Long Island mansion went down in flames today. The million-dollar home was at the center of a dispute between 50 cent and his ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins. His ex-girlfriend and his 10 year-old son were living in the house prior to it burning down. The rapper has been trying for months to kick her out of the house along with his son, which I think is messed up. Shaniqua believes that 50 cent may have been associated with this crime. She was given permission to stay in the home for the time being. What do you guys think? Do you think that 50 cent was responsible for this fire?

Read the full article here

Exclusive stayondeck video: Polow Da Don, Bryan Michael Cox, and Jazzy phe perform on same stage

kicked off by the Polow "dick on your wall" line from throw some Deez. Don't worry, he explained it was a joke. This might be the only footage ever of these three guys performing on stage together. It was taken from Alanta live last night. Dirty Rose, B Cox, and Algebra performed and shut it down with the help of State of Emergency! Concert footage coming soon! stayondeck baby.. you can only find this ish here!

Aulio Leaked-Rihanna "Disturbia"

A new song titled "Disturbia" from Rihanna's repackaged Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded album, has leaked. The album will hit stores on June 17th. I find the title of this song a little fishy. I remember hearing about her rumored romance with actor Shia LeBeouf, which starred on the movie Disturbia. Maybe the title of this song was influenced by him...haha....I think I am on to something....

The Flashing Lights Video! Version 3

This is the best version to me. More artist need to step up their creative game.

WTF: JailHouse Love????

TQ, formerly of Cash Money, is now talking about the ‘Jailhouse Love’ that went down in Cash Money Records:

Too much funny sh*t was going on at Cash Money. I’m sitting at the house in the East one day Wayne comes in and walks over to Baby and kisses him in the mouth. I didn’t just see that so I ain’t gonna say sh*t. When Wayne gets ready to leave, they do it again.

I guess some of them other ni**as recognized the look on my face and ran to the rescue. “T, don’t trip, that’s jailhouse love.” Jailhouse love? What the f**k? Them two ni**as and never been to jail! I’ve sent my fair share of Kites homie and I ain’t never heard of two ni**as kissing as being jailhouse love unless they was… ya dig? That sh*t was disturbing to me pimp. They say it’s a father-son thing. Ni**a I ain’t kissing my daddy in the mouth!

To each his own… I ain’t questioning a ni**a’s sexuality cuz I just don’t get down like that, and I know for a fact that both of them cats like women. But it f**ks me up when them ni**as do that sh*t in public… Everybody always asks me about that picture. Well did y’all forget about 106 and Park?? Ni**a, my neighborhood rode me for months about that sh*t… I had to speak on it cuz y’all wanted to know.

That’s my spin on the whole “kissing” sh*t. I’m done with it. source

Pay attention people! This is a real artist who has respect and vision with his influence and craft

Jay Z Live Nation Interview: Seems like guys like this are rare these days. One of the best artists around STILL!

My 08 predictions for whose next to switch to Auto Tune and jump on T Pain's nuts

Ahh the good ole days of music. It is 2008 and the hot thing to do right now is jump on someone else's nuts. Right now the 2 hottest dick rider sounds in the music industry are pop techno synths and Auto Tune. For those of you that don't know how auto tune (the little computer voice that everyone uses) works, I did my research and all you do to put this effect on your voice is literally apply an effect to your track when or after you are recording. So no, don't compare it to Roger Troutman or Peter Phramton because those guys actually had skills. In 08 you use auto tune when you don't have skills to ironically make you hotter. So here is my list of the new artists that will more than likely jump on the auto tune trend:

50 cent.. ah woops he already did..

Lil Wayne.. yeah him too.. He opened pandoras box for all the rappers

who else is popular right now? Oh I know, how about Kanye West. He had a huge album last year.. ahh woops, he did too.. damn

R Kelly.. Come on Kells is a trend setter.. he was probably the guy who made copying T Pain the hot thing to do.

Well, I can't think of any predictions because it looks like everyone big has already done it. Cheers to conformity! I think the next hot thing to do should be to make your voice repeat so every time you sing a word it repeats. That could be hot fire, right?

This is why you can't trust those clowns at the distribution factory

It seems like every album starts to leak about 10 days out now. People are forcing the majors in more ways than one to go strictly digital. Check this picture out that I saw on sohh.com. hmm conveniently right next to the computer.. wow.. and on top of this, the song I hate Got Money with T Pain is a "featured single" on the cover!

Is There Hope For R. Kelly?

A surprise witnessed stepped forward in the R. Kelly case. As a result, the trial has adjorned for the moment. Reportedly, an undisclosed man made a phone call, which could discredit previous testimonies during the trial. At this time, the defense team is examining this vital information, which could impact the case in a big way. I know I am not the only one who is wondering who this mystery man is. I wonder what he has to say and how it will impact the case?

Usher Celebrates Album Release Party

Recording artist Usher arrives at an intimate celebration of his new album release Here I Stand on May 27, 2008 at Norwood in New York City. Busta Rhymes and Michelle Williams also made it to the event. So far, his album is doing well on the charts, despite illegal downloading of the album. I didn't see his wife Tameka in any of these photos so I wonder if the rumors of the couple getting a divorce is true.

Video Premiere-G-Unit's "Rider Part 2"

Check out G-Unit's new video for their single "Rider Part 2." Their upcoming album Terminate On Sight will be released on July 1.

Get A Jail Sentence! Win A Reality Show!

According to Variety, the network will go with the self-proclaimed "King of the South" as he performs the remainder of his community service hours and prepares for a one-year prison sentence next spring. The network plans to air the show some time soon after T.I. goes to jail in early 2009.

Variety is reporting that MTV plans to a reality featuring T.I. some time soon after the self-proclaim "King of the South" goes to jail in early 2009 for one year.
The show will also cover the release of Tip's upcoming album, Paper Trail, heavily inspired by his latest legal woes and the birth of his newborn son.

Right now T.I. is finishing up
remainder of his community service hours and prepping for his upcoming album release.

Stayondeck.com is changing the game!

Thanks for Making www.stayondeck.com your home! Now we have to take this whole blogging experience to the next level. As you can see we have been bringing you exclusive interviews from a lot of the creative minds behind the scenes in the music industry. Last week we introduced you to our video chats with a live chat with the guys from Dirty Rose. Coming up this weekend we will have a live chat with hit songwriter Belawa Muhammad who is responsible for penning such hits as Mary J - take me as I am, Ciara - Like a Boy, Timbaland and Keri - The Way I are, Donnell Jones - What's up, Jaheim - Put that woman first, Bobby Valentino - Anonymous, Usher, Mariah... I could go on forever.. If you are an aspiring songwriter make sure you tune into the video chat above this saturday at 7pm eastern time. All you have to do is create a name in the chat room and Belawa will be on live to answer your questions about the music industry and songwriting. More exclusive chats coming up are:

Sat May 31 - Belawa "The Clutch" live songwriter chat 5-31-08, 7pm EST - hit songwriter = Mary J Blidge - take me as I am, Timabland and Keri - The Way I are, Ciara - like a boy, Donnel Jones, Jaheim, Omarion, Usher, Keri etc. -- All the songwriters make sure you have your questions ready for Belawa this saturday at 7pm EST

Wed June 4 - Bill Jabr "the Clutch" live producer chat 6-4-08 8pm EST - Produced Bobby Valentino new "Come with Me" album - Raven Symone's first single, Jesse McCartney, Yung Joc etc. newest producer signed with the CLUTCH. Chat next wed @ 8pm

Friday June 6 - Dirty Rose live chat 6-6-08 5pm - Bryan Michael Cox's new group - you chatted with them last week. Come Chat with them again after the premier of their new video next friday at 5pm

stay tuned! stayondeck.com is about to change the game!!

Fan Throws Hat at Kelly Rowland

While performing at the Great American Gay Day 2008 concert on May 23rd., a fan threw a hat on stage while Kelly Rowland was performing. The hat almost hit the singer's face. It looked as if Kelly Rowland was about to act a fool when it happened...haha... The fan appeared to apologize and she resumed the concert after that. I wonder what she would have done if he didn't apologize?

New Music!!!!!!

Ok folks, i've been extremely busy these last couple weeks so excuse the lack of posting. I'm here to make up for it bringing new music from Chris Brown, Murphy Lee Ft. T-Pain, Plies, Yung L.A., J. Holliday and up and coming Scrilla & A-Game from Atlanta, Ga.(Ben Hill). Let me know what you think!!!!

Scrilla & A-Game - Freak

J. Holliday - I Know Love

Chris Brown - Last 2 Know(produced by B. Cox)

Murphy Lee Ft. T-Pain - My Shoes

Yung L.A. Ft. Young Dro & T.I. - Ain't I (remix)

Plies Ft. Jaime Foxx & The Dream - Please Excuse My Hands

Audio Leaked-"Get Down" by Rick Ross featuring Pharrell

After just releasing his album Trilla on May 11th, Rick Ross is already preparing for a follow-up, which is due for release later this year. A new single for the upcoming album titled "Get Down," which features Pharrell Williams, has leaked online. Pharrell, who is my favorite producer, seems to be on a lot of tracks lately. I like the collaboration between Rick Ross and Pharrell on the track. Listen to the track below:

"Get Down" by Rick Ross featuring Pharrell

Usher Tweaks on MTV

Looks like Usher is cracking under the pressure of the media a little. I feel him though, but I still wonder why he fired HIS MOM..
check him out yesterday on TRL

Exclusive Donnie Scantz Stayondeck.com interview

The man behind the scenes of such hits such as Ludacris - pimpin all over the world, Aaliyah - I don't wanna etc. He's also worked with Chris Brown, Jagged Edge, J Holiday, Rich Boy, and engineered on the smash Usher - Yeah. Donnie has been involved in a lot of hit records. Stayondeck got to sit down with him in the studio and talk about what he's got going on in 2008:

Ciara Adds Flavor To The "Sex In The City" Soundtrack

Here is new music from Ciara entitled "Click Flash" off the Sex In The City soundtrack. Ciara is really owning that Crunk N' B sound that it's hard to compare her with any of the females that's out.

Ciara- "Click Flash"

Neosha King of R&B Group Cherish Get's Married

Cherish group member Neosha King has married her long time sweetheart, Jason Lawrence.

Neosha, 23 and Jason, 24 wed on Saturday, May 3 at 6:30 pm during a small, intimate beach ceremony in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

According to Essence, the pair have been dating for the past six years and mutually felt bond since day one.

Neosha King says, " Jason and I both had come out of bad relationships and met when he visited his childhood friendm who was also my sister Farrah then-boyfriend." "From the beginning there was something special between us, but we took our relationship slow."

Jasons admits, "We vibed, got to know one another and I decided to give her a chance." "No seriously she's beautiful person and it was a blessing to fall in love with a woman who shares the same values and goals as I do."

Source: Essence

Lil Wayne feat T Pain = if this is on the Carter 3 I'll be pissed and let down

The past 3 months I've argued against all the haters about how I think Wayne was going to drop a classic album with the Carter 3. Lollipop was kinda pop but still jamming and innovative, Milli is on fire, but this record with T Pain is WACK== Exactly why HOV is still the NUMBERO UNO. You won't find any bullshit like this on The Blueprint or even American Gangster. I am really disappointed in Wayne with this one. Thought maybe he still had some musical integrity to drop a classic like HOV. I'll still be checking out the Carter 3. I am sure there will be some hot one's on there but he is leagues behind the great HOV or Pac or DRE 3000.. blacking out on mixtapes isn't enough. He needs a CLASSIC ALBUM.

Keri Hilson's New Single "Energy"

Keri Hilson's new single "Energy" was released today on iTunes and Amazon.com. Listen to the full version below:

"Energy" by Keri Hilson

Hot New Couple Alert!!! Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton

Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger is currently dating British race car driver Lewis Hamilton. They were spotted overseas in Monte Carlo attending the Monaco Grand Prix. Nicole is seven-years older than her boyfriend who is 23 years-old. I guess dating younger men seems to be the trend nowadays...haha...

MTV on the Set of The Notorious B.I.G Movie

MTV News went on the set of the upcoming Notorious B.I.G biopic in New York City. The movie will hit theaters on January 16, 2008. I can't wait to see that one. Who wants to see this movie?

Bow Wow Joins HBO's Entourage

Bow Wow, has signed up for a recurring role for the upcoming fifth season of HBO’s Entourage. He will be playing Charlie, a new stand-up comic client of E (Kevin Connolly). Rapper Saigon is rumor to be reprising his roll but it has not been confirm as of yet. In other Bow Wow news, look out for him in the sports drama Patriots starring Forest Whitaker, Isaiah Washington and Lil Wayne. He will play a high school basketball player in post-Katrina Louisiana.

Missy Elliot's New Album

According to The Thomas Crown Chronicles, Missy Elliot plans to release her seventh studio album FANomenal on August 26th. The album reportedly will feature production from Timbaland and DanjaHandz, of course. Also, the Souldiggaz and The Arkitects will also have production credits on the release. I am definitely eager for the album. I have always been a big fan of Missy and Timbaland and I am glad they are still making magic together. I wish that Ginuwine would also start working with Timbo again. Their collaboration together was bananas! If Timbaland and DanjaHandz are reading this right now, please throw my boy Ginuwine a beat if he can't afford one. I want to see you guys collab again and I am curious to see what DanjaHandz can do with him too. Let's make this happen! Anyway, I know I am all off subject and all...haha... Anyway, check out this video clip of Missy performing in Malaysia at the XLive Music Festival, to help promote her new album and her rumored new single "Act A Fool."

T-Pain to Release New Album In September

T-Pain plans to release his upcoming studio album Thr33 Ringz, which is set to drop on September 30th. The first single from the album will be "Snap Yo Fingers" featuring Lil' Wayne. The single will hit radios outlets in June. The song is reportedly still in the production phase along with the video. T-Pain definitely seems to be doing his thing. He was recently received five nominations at the 2008 BET Awards. Do you think his new album will do well?

Alicia Keys/Jordin Sparks/Ne-Yo Perform on Tour

Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo, and Jordin Sparks are pictured performing live at Alicia Keys 'As I Am' tour at the American Airlines Arena on May 25, 2008 in Miami, Florida. Looks like it's a great show!

Are You Ready for Dr. Dre's Detox?/Eminem Working On New Album...

It has finally been confirmed from sources within the Aftermath camp that 2008 is the year that Dr. Dre will drop the much anticipated album Detox. The release date also has been scheduled for 2008 by Interscope Records, which is an improvement from what we have been hearing. For years, this album has been the subject of many Dr. Dre fans. We would hear rumors of the album dropping, only to be disappointed later. His third album is rumored to be the last and final outing for the producer. Some say that is may be released in June, which is hard for me to believe. I guess we will have to see. Many artists and producers have claimed to have recorded tracks for the album, such as 50 cent, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, producer J.R. Rotem, Mary J. Blige, and Snoop Dogg to just name a few. Hopefully, this will be the year that we hear the most anticipated album of the year!

In other news, rapper Eminem also plans to release his fifth studio album this year, coming from almost a three year hiatis. Some sources say that the album is yet untitled and that it will drop in the 4th Quarter of 2008. However, other sources say the album will be titled, "King Mathers." Regardless, of what the album is titled, this will also be one of the hottest albums to drop in 2008. Of course, we all know that Dr. Dre will produce on the record. 50 cent and T.I. have also confirmed that they have recorded tracks with the rapper.

Mariah and Nick Cannon in Japan

Mariah Carey and her boo Nick Cannon are pictured here at Narita International Airport on May 26, 2008 in Narita, Chiba, Japan. Mariah Carey is to perform in MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2008 on May 31. The happy couple were welcomed by their fans. Now, that Nick and Mariah Carey are married, I wonder if she will be a special guest on MTV's Wildin' Out?

Snippets of Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III Album

If you are anticipating Lil' Wayne's Tha Carter III, then we have snippets of the album here for you. This is just a preview of 11 tracks. There may be more on the album. Let me tell you the album sounds like it is going to be dope! All of the tracks sound hot. The Carter III will be released on June 10. All of the the snippets will appear in the order below:

1. Shoot Me Down (featuring D.Smih)
2. Tie My Hands (featuring Robin Thicke)
3. Playin’ with Fire (featuring Betty Wright)
4. Mrs. Officer (featuring Bobby Valentino)
5. L.A. (featuring Busta Rhymes and Brisco)
6. Mr. Carter (featuring Jay-Z)
7. You Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On Me (featuring Fabolous and Juelz Santana)
8. 3 Peat
9. Don’t Get It
10. Let the Beat Build
11. Phone Home

Jim Jones Documentary

Jim Jones has just release his trailer to his upcoming documentary that will show him and his right hand man Dame Dash trying to take his career to the next level. Although I am tired reality shows this may be a good one.

Stay Tuned for an Exclusive Interview from Krys Ivory

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview from NextSelection Lifestyle Group signee Krys Ivory here at stayondeck.com within the next day or two. The R&B singer will share with us what has been going on with her music and we will also introduce her to listeners that may not be familiar with her work. Until then, you can check out an interview from her today on 107.9 at about 5 PM Pacific time, which is basically in about 30 minutes.

Listen to the radio interview here

Can You Please Listen To My Demo


So you just finish the last song on your demo and it’s really hot. This is the best piece of work you’ve put together. You are so confident that you decide it’s time to go knocking on those major labels doors. My question to you is why? You must have been locked away in the studio if going major is still your first option. Let’s take a look at your first step, sending in your demo to a major record label.

Who cares that you paid good money for your pretty pictures and your demo has that good quality sound. What do you think are your chances of being heard? I was at a very major record label based in New York talking with a contact of mine and in come this A&R guy with a box full of demos. Hey, in that box is probably your CD. Next thing you know the A&R guy starts to shoot baskets with all those demo CD’s in the garbage can.

But who can blame them. They have countless of wide-eyed kids who want to be the next Jay-Z or Lil Wayne begging to be heard. After listen to one too many broke down T-Pain’s you can understand their lack of interest. Now say if you got your little record deal and I do mean little. You still got to get everyone behind your vision or you will be promoted like Chrisette Michele. This is what you do.

Take those same songs and get your butt on the internet and submit them to websites like StayOnDeck. If your song is hot you’ll be more likely to get your song reviewed and posted on the site. That can generate buzz for you plus you got your press going. Remember the internet is the new streets so get on your hustle.

This is just one way of building your worth. If you already had a strong buzz that A&R would be beating down your door trying to sign you because he see’s what you are capable of doing. If you are looking for an hand out, then look for your nearest food bank.

Stay tune for more industry tips.

Did Nelly Jack "Stepped On My J's?"

There is a lot of drama going on between Nelly and a rap group that goes by the name of Da Banggaz314. Apparently, the group is signed to Atlantic Records/7Fourteen Entertainment and they are claiming that Nelly jacked their song, which shares the same name as Nelly's. The group claims that back in 2006, they came out with a mixtape, which had a song on it titled "Stepped on My J's. They garnered a lot of feedback for the song and were eventually signed to Atlantic Records. Da Banggaz314 claims that Nelly did not steal the song, but instead they state that he stole their concept. Personally, I don't believe that he jacked the track, especially if the phase is commonly used. What do you guys think? Listen to both of the tracks below. At first, you will hear Da Banggaz version. Then, you will hear Nelly's version at the end. Let me know what you think. The songs sound totally different to me. It is definitely possible that he stole the concept since they are both based in St. Louis. However, do you think that they have the right to sue in court?

Kanye West Second Video For “Flashing Lights”

This is the second of three versions of Kanye West's Flashing Lights. Check it out and let us know what you think!

New Joint-"In These Streets" by Ashanti

Check out this new track from Ashanti titled "In These Streets." This song is included on her upcoming album The Declaration, which will be released on June 3. The track is pretty nice and the beat is really dope. It doesn't sound much different than any other material that I have heard from her, however. Nonetheless, I think her album should be good. Click on the link below to hear the track!

"In These Streets" by Ashanti

New Joint-"Universal Mind Control" by Common featuring Pharell Williams

Check out the new joint below from rapper Common. The song is titled "Universal Mind Control" and features one of my favorite producers Pharrell. It is unclear as to whether this will be the lead single from his upcoming album Invincible Summer, which is scheduled for release in July. Reportedly, the album will feature production from The Neptunes and Mr. DJ. This new track reminds me of his album Electric Circus. He was criticized for the album, but I was digging the feel of it. "Universal Mind Control" displays a different vibe from Common that was displayed on his album Electric Circus, which was released in 2002. The track has a futuristic vibe and is something that people can dance to. Big ups to my boy Common for keeping the people guessing. You know I am buying this album. Let me know what you think of the song whether negative or positive.

Exclusive Stayondeck Lil Wayne footage!! live in the A!

Why is wayne playing the guitar all out of tune like that?? Oh well.. It looks cool.. Can't wait for the Carter 3!!

Wrap up from Dirty Rose video chat! Thanks for chatting!

stay tuned for more upcoming chats with Dirty Rose and other artists exclusively here at www.stayondeck.com

Dirty Rose Video Interview Shout out

Kanye West Sued for Sampling

All of Kanye West's sampling has caught up to him. Apparently, the Hip-Hop artist has been sued by Kathleen Firrantello, who is the daughter of late jazz musician Joe Farrell, for sampling her father's music without approval. She is seeking compensation in the amount of $1 million dollars. It doesn't stop there, however. She is also charging other artists and their recording companies, such as Method Man, Common, Redman, Def Jam Music Group and its label Roc-A-Fella Records, Universal Music Group with its labels Interscope Records, Geffen Records and A&M Records and Vivendi. The track in question that these artists sampled is "Upon This Rock," which was recorded in 1974. She has asked that no copies of the song be sold, made, or performed in the future. I wonder how this whole thing will turn out. Any thoughts?

Video Permiere-"Kung Fu Fighting" by Cee-lo ft. Jack Black

Check out Cee-lo's new video "Kung Fu Fighting," which features Jack Black. The famous remake of the song, which was originally recorded by Carl Douglas, is from the movie Kung Fu Panda. The track will be included on the Kung Fu Panda Soundtrack.

Snippet of Keri Hilson's new single "Energy"

Check out this snippet of Keri Hilson's new song "Energy," which will be on her debut album In A Perfect World. The album is slated for release later this year via Interscope Records. This track is rumored to be her first single and will be available on iTunes and other digital retailers on May 27th. "Energy" was reportedly written by Tank and produced by the Runaways. Some are saying this could be a promo single. I like the song and I believe this girl is going to blow up. However, I know that she works with Timbaland and Danjahandz rather closely. And we all know that she is a part of The Clutch! So I know that this single is just a taste of what she has in store for us. Listen to the snippet of Energy below and shouts out to The Thomas Crown Chronicles for the tip!

New Joint By Lil' Kim-"Respirator"

"Respirator" by Lil' Kim

It seems that Lil' Kim has hopped on the Autotune bandwagon. I swear I am going to get drained out with all of this Autotune stuff. This track does not do it for me. I can't understand what she is even saying. It's sounds like she is speaking some new Middle Eastern dialect. I guess she needed a respirator one day and decided to record a track while she had trouble breathing. Can you understand what she is saying?

Usher on the Ellen Degeneres Show

Usher appeared on the "Ellen Degeneres Show" this morning. When asked his new marriage and fatherhood, Usher described it as "amazing." The singer talked about how much he loved his wife and credited her for the person that he is today. In reference, to his son, Usher stated, "As an African-American, to be there for my child is so important when there are so many young African-American kids without their fathers. I just want him to grow up to be as wise as he can possibly be, kind and open hearted. Fatherhood changes everything about me."

It seems that the apparent rumors that the couple is headed for splitsville is false. His manager Benny Medina told PEOPLE: It's 100% not true. Usher and Tameka are currently traveling in Europe together as a family on his promotional tour. This rumor is completely false." I guess we will have to see how this plays out. I really wish the couple the best. It would be a shame for this couple to break up, after welcoming a new son about 6-months ago. People need to think about what they are doing nowadays before tying-the-knot.

AMFAR "Cinema Against AIDS 2008′ Benefit Gala 2008"

Diddy poses here with Madonna and Mary J. Blige at amfAR's "Cinema Against AIDS 2008" benefit gala at Le Moulin de Mougins in Cannes, France.

Dirty Rose Chat tonight @ 5pm EST TODAY only here

Come chat with R&B group Dirty Rose @ 5pm EST today. just login to the chat room above and start asking your questions. Check them out first at myspace.com/therealdirtyrose

Usher & Tameka File for divorce!!!!!!!!!

Theybf.com exclusive report says that usher and tameka have filed for divorce!! I must say she did have that man all messed up in the head. Tour is coming, and ursh will be a free man...........click here for more info on this.

Estelle Is Glad She Was Dropped From Label

British rapper/singer Estelle reports that she is glad that she was dropped by V2 Records, which is in the U.K. Estelle was dropped from the label in 2004 after her first single "1980" failed to break the top ten in the U.K. during 2004. Things weren't looking good for the star until she released her single "American Boy," which shot to the number one spot on the British charts. John Legend quickly signed the singer to his Homeschool Record label. The singer stated that she is happy that she was dropped because she went through a struggle that many artists must go through in order to achieve success.

Video Premiere-Usher "Moving Mountains"

Here is the video for Usher's new track titled "Moving Mountains." This is the second single from his upcoming album Here I Stand, which will be in stores May 27th. The video continues where the first single left off.

Ashanti Performs on BET's 106 & Park

R&B singer Ashanti performed "The Way That I Love You" for BET's "The Adventures of 106 & Indiana Jones." The crowd seemed really hyped. Her new album The Declaration will hit stores on June 3.

Nas Changes Album Title

Rapper Nas changes the title of his new album from N***** to an untitled project. The album title was the center of controversy, which led the rapper to change the name of his upcoming album. Personally, I was not offended by the title, but apparently a lot of people were. However, I could see why he would change the name of the album. Today, we need to perpetuate positivity and escape the term that has negative beginnings.

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