Video Premiere from The Dream, Fabolous, and Ginuwine

The Dream ft. Kanye West- "Walking on the Moon"

Fabolous ft. The Dream- "Throw It In the Bag"

Ginuwine- "Get Involved"

New Ocean's 7 song - That Girl

Busta Rhymes Interview on Chelsea Lately

Fresh off the release of his album Back On My B.S. last week, Busta Rhymes is shown here in an interview with Chelsea Lately. Check it out!

This is funny.. JD goes through the drive through

Pete Rock

One of the hottest hip-hop producers ever. Cool little video..

Jay Z buys out of Def Jam contract

More bad news for Def Jam but it seemed inevitable. It would have been nice to have a garunteed platinum selling album to be released in 09 for Def Jam but looks like Jay just couldn't wait to go live nation. Read the whole article here: Jay Z buys out def Jam contract

Kelly on the Drake remix

Video Premiere-"Paranoid" by Kanye West

For a while, there has been speculation that Rihanna was going to be on "Paranoid." Well, it looks as if Rihanna is actually appearing in the video. The video was presented at a recent Def Jam Event. The chairman of Island Def Jam Music, L.A. Reid, presented the video at the event.

Video Premiere-"Cigar Music" by Rick Ross

Check out this video premiere of Rick Ross song "Cigar Music."

Radio Station's Are Going to Have to Pay to Play...

Wow. Check this out. What do you guys think?

Jay-Z and Ciara Prepare for Tour

Ciara recently confirmed via her twitter page that she will go on tour with Jay-Z. Details of the tour have not been released at this time. However, more information will be coming soon. Jay-Z and Ciara will visit at least 10 cities this year so it will be nice to see which cities they will appear in. More information coming soon!

Ciara and Justin Perform "Love Sex Magic" on SNL

The Lounge Report's 3rd Live Ustream Show

Check out clips from The Lounge Report's 3rd Live Ustream Show! Listen to the report on Cassie, Rihanna, and Much More...
New Air Time & Day Coming Soon!!!

I'm Back!

Hey guys! Sorry I've been absent from posting for a little while. I had some computer issues. Two new videos premiered the other day by Slim and Keyshia Cole. Slim premiered his new video "Heels On" and Keyshia Cole premiered the video for "Trust." Check them out below and stay tuned for more great news right here at!

Nigerian hiphop artsts make way more $ doin live shows in Africa, than American artists do in the U.S

Wow, Nigerian hip hop artists are making MILLIONS off of LIVE SHOW performances in Africa. One of the biggest acts, Psquare says performin in America is a joke cuz they only get offered $10,000 per show where as in Africa, they make between $70,000 to $100,000 per show! Now I know y Jayz, Beyonce, Gunit and all those acts go over there to perform!

produced by your boy

did this beat a couple years ago:

About to lock in with Q tha kid

I'm about to go in and executive produce Def Jam artist Q tha Kid's mixtape.. Check out this video from a freestyle he did and his campaign.. not many of you all know my hip-hop side so be ready!! I will be posting footage on the site weekly so check back!!


Hot new music from rising star out of Chicago, Reno Chinati. Song is produced by Justice Beats.

Has anyone noticed that music videos are starting to get hot again?

instead of just putting a million psychedelic effects I've been seeing a lot of crazy looking videos lately.. Here's the new Eminem - 3am video

The Lounge Report's 2nd Live Ustream Show

Check out clips from "The Lounge Report's 2nd LIVE Ustream Show!!!

Listen to us talk about the break up of Nas & Kelis, King Magazine going out of business, and Cyber Stalking.....

Broadcast by Ustream.TV
Exclusive 2009 New Yung Joc Single!! - Poppin featuring bobby v

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