Exclusive Donnie Scantz Stayondeck.com interview

The man behind the scenes of such hits such as Ludacris - pimpin all over the world, Aaliyah - I don't wanna etc. He's also worked with Chris Brown, Jagged Edge, J Holiday, Rich Boy, and engineered on the smash Usher - Yeah. Donnie has been involved in a lot of hit records. Stayondeck got to sit down with him in the studio and talk about what he's got going on in 2008:


Alicia Allout said...

I don't Wanna Be is one of my favorite Aaliyah songs.

Anonymous said...


Rowrytah said...

Man, I gotta check out this one....especially if he worked with with Aaliyah who is my fave. I agree with Alicia. "I Don't Wanna Be" is one of my favorite songs from the singer (R.I.P)

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