Is 50 Cent Reaaaally Back?

I don't know if any of you agree, but 50 Cent fell off since his "Wanksta" days. After hearing his last album, I told myself, "he's done!" Well, the rapper is preparing to release his album Before I Self Destruct in June, which will be his final album on his Interscope contract. The rapper has been involved in a number of feuds, especially with our favorite Correctional Officer Rick Ross. In my mind, these feuds are taking place to create or build hype for his album. This is just my opinion, but I think 50 knows that he needs to bring it this time around or his career is basically over. He's has to get his respect back, and he describes his next album as his "best album to date." The album reportedly, will be darker and yet more aggressive than his previous releases. It's put up or shut up time. Now the question is, will he truly succeed in making a classic album for the masses; gain his respect back and then some? That question remains to be seen of course, but the longer it takes for the album to drop increases the chances for the album to be a success. I was looking at the track-listing for the album, which was confirmed by The track-list has some very impressive producers contributing to this project. He has producers ranging from Dr. Dre, Hi-Tek, J.R. Rotem, Scott Storch, Tha Bizness, Play-n-Skillz, DJ Khalid, Jake One, DJ Premier, and more. I thought I would see Kanye and Timbaland on that track-listing. However, we know that these things are subject to change. I can say that I respect 50 Cent lyrically and I'm a fan of East Coast Hip-Hop, but this album is really going to have to be good for him to get back on top. I can only speak for myself, but I stopped paying attention to his music as I've heard many others say the same thing. I guess we will have to see what happens with this situation. Will he really bring it this time around? I know he's definitely capable of doing so.

Keri Hilson Interview with Angie Martinez

Keri is everywhere. Here's an interview with her at Hot 97 with Angie Martinez. She discusses her new album and more in the interview.

Mos Def on Bill Maher...

Mos Def appeared on The Bill Maher Show and talked about Obama and more. I wish he would also speak on linking back up with Talib Kweli and giving us fans another Blackstar album. LOL!!

Keri Hilson and Lil Wayne Perform "Turnin Me On"

Check out Keri Hilson and Lil Wayne performing "Turnin Me On" on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night. Keri Hilson's album "In A Perfect World" is in stores now! Make you sure you cop that! Big ups to The Clutch!

GLC feat. Kanye West - Big Screen

I like this.. crazy track

Man I Love N.E.R.D!

Here's my boys N.E.R.D premiering a new song "Soldier." Wow! They never cease to amaze me! This song is borderline Reggae, Ska, and Punk. The vocalist in the background sounds like Santigold. What do you guys think? So does this mean there's a new N.E.R.D album on the horizon? Please tell me so and if there is, trust me I will find out and let you know! Haha! Either way it goes, the song is cool and different.

Video Premiere-"Last Chance" by Ginuwine

Well, I'm a big Ginuwine fan so you know I had to post this video. His upcoming album titled, A Man's Thoughts, will drop on June 2nd. This track was produced by Bryan Michael Cox and written by Adonis. Reportedly, his next single will feature Missy Elliot, which is pleasing to my ears. One of the most exciting things about Ginuwine's upcoming project is the presence of Timbaland, who will have production credits on the album. I'm excited! I'm a big Timbaland fan and just to hear that they will link up on this album takes me back to the good old 90's. The track is nice. I can't wait to hear more from this project.

The Dream Interview with Tavis Smiley..

The self-proclaimed "RadioKilla" recently sat down for an interview with Tavis Smiley to talk about his music and more. Check out the interview.


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Amy Winehouse Working on a Reggae Album?

Many of you should know by now that I'm a huge Amy Winehouse fan and looking forward to her upcoming album. For those interested in her follow-up to 2006's Back to Black, she has reportedly been working on an album that is more reggae-influenced. Reports say that the British singer recently recorded at a studio in St. Lucia. On Winehouse's two previous albums, Frank and Back to Black, some of the songs had a reggae vibe. I have started feeling a lot of reggae music lately, so I'm definitely looking forward to the album. In addition, the lyrics on the album have been described as dark. Let's just hope that Winehouse can keep herself focused and complete the album.

Video Premiere-"Knock You Down" by Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West & "Love Sex Magic" by Ciara ft. Justin Timberlake

Keri Hilson Interview with Jenny Boom...

Below is a Keri Hilson interview with Jenny Boom. In the interview, she speaks on her upcoming album, "Turnin Me On," the Ciara situation, and more!

Part 1:


Me in the Studio.. working, writing, vibing, playing.. Random clips

I'm going to try to post more of these.. Thanks for reading!

Cashmere Nicole's apology for missing last nights show

Please be here next week for her show thursday at 8pm eastern

Lil Wayne & Baby Interview with Music Choice...

Tonight at 9pm eastern - Don't miss it!!

Chrisette Michele Turns Up the Bass...

Grammy Award winner Chrisette Michele is doing things different this time around. On her upcoming album Epiphany, which will be released on March 31, 2009, the singer states that "she's ready to put on her dancing shoes." Michele has been featured on many Hip-Hop tracks from artists including, Jay-Z, Nas, and The Game. Now the singer is ready to get her music played in the club circuit. The singer states in Essence Magazine that, "You'll hear more bass heavy stuff and club bangers." Hopefully, for her sake, her new formula will be welcomed by fans or even gain her new ones. I'm feeling her new single, "Epiphany" so maybe we are in for a treat.

Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek Interview with Angie Martinez

Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek recently sat down for an interview with Angie Martinez. Kweli is definitely one of my favorite emcee's and Hi-Tek one of my favorite producers. Anyway, they discussed their music, of course, and even twitter. LOL! Check out the interview..

Yeezy's Girlfriend interviewed

Wow.. Guess Ye wasn't lying when he said blonde dykes

A Michael Jackson Album This Year?

Many of us have been under the impression that Michael Jackson was going to release an album this year. Even though the King of Pop hasn't yet confirmed those rumors, he is in the studio. Reports claim he's working with and Ne-Yo. Even Kanye has submitted tracks for the album. Some say that even Timbaland and Rihanna will be on the album. Supposedly, Michael will unveil a new song during his upcoming tour "This Is It" in London on July 8th. I'm definitely ready for this album.

Kanye and Fabolous at The Dreams album release party

Fabolous & Kanye West join The-Dream at MySpace Release Show

Evidence That Chris Brown's Career Is Suffering?

Wow. Check this out. Apparently, Chris Brown's future in the music industry is up in the air at this moment. According to, Chris Brown's song "Forever" has dropped from #14 to #58, after he was arrested. Now, the song has completely disappeared from the Hot 100. Even his song with Keri Hilson, titled "Superhuman" has fell off the charts as well. However, his collaboration with T-Pain, titled "Freeze, is still holding steady on the charts. Rumors are flying around that Rihanna and Chris Brown are in the booth working on a track together. Some say that his listeners have declined greatly. I wonder if this is just temporary or if the fans will eventually forgive him?

Will T.I. Appear on Detox?

On T.I.'s Road to Redemption, he was asked about some tracks that leaked, in which he recorded with producer Dr. Dre. With the recent, frustration mounting in Dr. Dre's camp about the leaking of tracks from Detox, T.I. remained quiet on the matter. Apparently, many songs such as, "I Am Hip Hop," "Topless," and "The Doctor" that he recorded with Dr. Dre have leaked. It's unclear at this time if the tracks will be on Detox. As I've stated before, Dr. Dre's camp isn't happy about potential Detox tracks leaking and Bishop Lamont recently stated that he was "kick some a**," in reference to the person who's leaking these songs. If songs keep leaking, then I wonder if we will ever hear Detox. Stop leaking these tracks whoever you are so we can hear that album!! Haha!!

Best of Both Worlds-Kanye and The Dream?

According to, The Dream wants to work with Kanye. The Dream's third single is going to be "Walking on the Moon", which features Kanye. The Dream recently stated:

"Everybody is trying to talk us into it. It was first thought of by me. I was in Miami at the time, and I gave Kanye a call and said, 'The best thing would be for me and you to do an album.' I feel he's at a certain place in hip-hop, I'm at a certain place in R&B, and lyrically, I'm just in a certain place in my lifetime. Let's take the best of both worlds and put it on a CD and try to make something we can sell to the consumers. He says he's with it. We're gonna try to make it happen. I told him, 'Let me lift my profile up a little bit.' "
As of yet, it seems that Kanye hasn't commented on this joint album. Do you think they should do it? One thing is for sure; they both know how to make hot records. So I guess we'll have to see what becomes of this planned collaboration.

Diddy Gives Insight into "Ready to Die" and More..

The anniversary of Biggie's death was earlier this week. Check out this Diddy, in which he talks about Biggie's first album "Ready to Die," production ideas, and more...

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

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Chrisette Michele-"Epiphany"

I like Chrisette Michele's music. Her second album will drop on March 31st. This is the first single to her album titled "Epiphany" and I like it so far..

Kanye on American Idol

incase you missed it..

L.A. Reid showing the Blueprint 3 respect

As long as it is one of the greatest albums of our time. Amen to that.. I love how Hov is taking his time right now. I have a good feeling about this next project. Kanye is growing more and more as an artist and producer. Hov is a seasoned vet at making classic albums. Two guys making history with great timing. I can't wait to hear it!

Full Article Here


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Video Premiere-"My Love" by The Dream ft. Mariah Carey

Check out The Dream's new video for "My Love" ft. Mariah Carey. This is one of my favorite songs from his album Love vs. Money. Mariah Carey turned on her ghetto persona in the video. LOL!!

Keyshia Cole's "A Different Me" Hits Gold Mark...

Keyshia Cole's latest album has recently reached the Gold mark in CD sales, which indeed gives her something to smile about. A Different Me, which was led by the single "Playa Cardz Right" debuted at #2 in the Billboard Charts and sold about 322,000 copies within the first week. According to RIAA, the album is now certified Gold.

Music I wrote/produced/releases/ unreleased demos

I am going to be constantly adding stuff to this.. The first record is a demo I wrote and produced that I may end up keeping called "waiting for you.." version without rap on hook.. 2nd track - hello world is a hook i write produced and demod.. the remainder are some records that were released that i produced. add me at and add


bill jabrs songs/productions/demos etc.

Bishop Lamont Has Message for People Leaking Detox!

Detox is probably one of the most anticipated albums this year and Bishop Lamont just said he's going to beat some a** when he finds the person who's leaking tracks from the album. LOL!! Some are saying 50's been leaking it...What do you think? Either way it goes, I'm tired of waiting for Detox. If it comes out, then it will come out. I'm surely not holding my breath. LOL!! Oh, and did you hear him when he stated he doesn't like, "Crack A Bottle?"

Lil Wayne's Rock Dreams Halted?

Well, amid the lukewarm response from fans, Lil Wayne is putting his rock-inspired album Rebirth on hold. According to, a rep from the label stated that the album's release date is now TBA. The album was supposed to drop on May 19th, which would've pitted him up against Eminem and we all know Eminem is going to do some major damage on the albums chart this year. Weezy's debut single from the album, "Prom Queen," has been out for about a month and is currently #15 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Honestly, I don't think the album is going to come out. I'm sure his label is expecting killer sales like last year and when they saw "Prom Queen" was not getting the buzz they expected, they had to rethink things a little. Supposedly, Rolling Stone reviewed the album and it didn't get a good response. However, Wayne's manager stated that the album wasn't finished at the time and tracks were still in the production phase. So what's next for Lil Wayne? Tha Carter IV? If he wants to maintain his fanbase, I think he needs to proceed with Tha Carter IV and forget about the rock stuff right now.

If you are looking to see one of the best touring Reggae / Funk Bands

Look out for them on tour.. They've been playing with P Funk too. These guys are the truth. I went to school with them and they've been grinding for a while and now they are getting big: Spiritual Rez

DAMN TMZ goes in hard.. Chris Brown in court


The King of Pop is coming back

Only MJ can make a 40 year old fat balding English guy cry like a little school girl. Check out this guy in the front row at about 1:19!! hahahahahaha... that's good stuff right there.. great stuff.. Anyway, you notice how Michael is so awkward off stage? He is a complete idiot savant until he steps on the stage and then turns into a musical genius. Anyway, I'd love to see Michael live and I hope everything goes well for him. This should be legendary.

What does Classic really mean?

This man is the definition. If there is every any question he is the answer. If you don't know then you're ignorant and don't know anything about music:

Keyshia Cole Interview with Chelsea Lately...

Keyshia Cole recently stopped by Chelsea to talk about her album, reality show, and more! Check out the interview...

Crazy video for a crazy song.. Rick Ross feat John Legend

nice work here

Tonight!! 7pm eastern right here!!

Video Premiere-"Prom Queen' by Lil Wayne

From what I am seeing, the response to this song is mixed. I am kinda feeling it though, honestly and he did his thing in the video. Peep the special appearance from the members of Korn.

New Joint-"Sky Might Fall" by Kid Cudi

This is just the new studio version of this song that has leaked on the net. His debut album Man on the Moon: The Guardians is expected to drop possibly during Summer 2009 via Motown Records. As far as the production process is concerned, he is getting help from Ryan Leslie for his debut album along with Emile and Da Dot the Genius. Also, we know he rolls with Kanye so I am sure he definitely is going to be on the album. His current single "Day N' Nite" is still generating a lot of buzz and it's one of my favorite tracks out right now. I am definitely excited about his upcoming release. This track sounds like a Kanye track...

"Sky Might Fall" by Kid Cudi

Kanye on VH1's Storytellers..

I still play the heck out of this album; one of the best albums last year! Kanye recently performed on VH1 Storytellers and here are all of the songs he performed from "808's and Heartbreak." Also, he performed some more of his classic joints. You can check out the rest of them here

"Say You Will"

"Love Lockdown"


"So Amazing"

"See You In My Nightmares"



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New Gucci - Stoopid Video

ok so by now everyone should know that I am a huge Gucci Mane fan.. I love it how Gucci has the whole jail theme in this video especially considering that's where he is right now haha.. Fulton County.. Who says you need to be out of Jail to film a video that's what cartoons are for. Although this video makes me feel like I am playing a video game it is still entertaining:

Mariah's Working On New Album...

Mariah Carey has recently confirmed via Twitter that she working on another album. Apparently, she has recorded two songs for the album and still is working on more tracks. It is unknown at this time how many tracks are finished, but the album is definitely in the production phase. As of yet, the album has no title. Earlier this year, some believed that it was going to be titled "MC3." However, that information is false. In other Mariah news, rumors are swirling around that she plans to work on a project with Nick Cannon's brother Ruben. The Dream apparently is going to be a major part of Mariah's album this time around. He's a hitmaker so I'm sure the album will be full of heat.

50 Cent Responds to Rick Ross...

Rick Ross predicted that his upcoming album would sell better than 50's upcoming album. Actually, Rick Ross said he was going "millions," which I am going to have to disagree with. However, I don't think 50 will even do millions, not unless something miraculous happens. Now if I'm wrong, I am wrong, but I think 50's greater days are behind him. 50's new material is pretty nice and sounding better, but my theory is still out on this topic. I'm still not convinced that he will even get close to selling millions...

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Exclusive 2009 New Yung Joc Single!! - Poppin featuring bobby v

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