Nice to see Jay playin the guitar. For those that don't know, Noel Gallagher, of Oasis protested against Jay-z performing at the Glastonbury festival. He felt a hip hop artist didn't belong and would take away from sales. We think he was just bein a tad racist..Anyhoo, it was nice to see Jay shrug it off and come out on TOP!


Here it is folks.
Akon Ft. Michael Jackson - Hold My Hand

Nas signs deal with.....FILA??????

Fila will offer reciprocal financial support for Nas' print and TV ad campaign as well as his upcoming tour in support of his untitled album, due July 15 via Def Jam. In return, the MC will wear Fila products and co-create an apparel line that draws from fashions of the late '80s.

What's going down tonight on Blackbaby Radio?

Check out Bryan Michael Cox's first official broadcast of blackbaby radio with hosts Marco V "the realest" and Pimp T. This is the first EVER that the world will hear blackbaby radio and you will hear it here first!! Tonight at 7pm - 9pm eastern!! interview on the show with Shady Aftermath's Stat Quo! Exclusive unreleased music, comedy, artists and producer interviews -- Blackbaby radio on tonight at 7pm eastern time!

Kimora Lee Simmons Get's Her Way In Court....

We all know that this blog relates to the music industry in some way and I feel this topic is worthy since Russell Simmons is a hip-hop mogul. Haha....Anyway, Kimora Lee Simmons was just awarded full custody of the couple's two children Ming and Aoki. Plus, she was awarded at least $40,000 a month in child support. I have been reading many blogs about this topic and many people have referred to Kimora as being a money-hungry, gold-digging b***h! True, the woman has loot herself, but is she really tripping by getting child support? No! I don't care if I was the richest woman in the world, the father would still pay up and I would cop that money! I know what it's like to demand child support for help with the kids. If the children are going to be using up a portion of my millions and I was Kimora, then they should be using up a portion of father's millions as well. After all, it is fair right? They did create the children together. Apparently, Russell has no problems with these stipulations as he issued a statement defending the court agreement. I don't think the child support payments are horrible though. A lot of people were saying that she was going to get over $400,000 a month for the kids, which turned out to be false. Therefore, I think the current agreement is definitely reasonable because we all know that both parents have a lot of change in the bank and that's real.

Rihanna States, "We Are Very Close Friends"

So about a week or two ago, Rihanna stated that she and Chris Brown are just "very close friends." Well, here's a photo of them cruising around in West Hollywood. Rihanna looked mighty comfy in that car don't you think? She's probably taken that car for a spin multiple times and Chris Brown too if you know what I mean. Those guys are not fooling me at all. They are together! Stop lying already!

Thanks to People.com for the photo!

Robin Thicke Wants to be in American Gangster II

Check out this new promo pic from Robin Thicke. I knew he was really a gangster. He's tries to act all smooth and romantic, but underneath all of that coating, he has that bad boy side that is ready to come out. I know this is just a promo pic, but it's his hint to movie producers that he wants to be in a gangster movie. Can't you see him now in American Gangster II as the star? I think I am on to something. If American Gangster II isn't in the production phase, then I think as script needs to be written with Robin Thicke as the star. Oh, and then they can cast his wife Paula Patton as the female lead. Come on. It would be hot!

Alicia Keys Jumps On the Retirement Bandwagon...

Alicia Keys is now saying that she wants to retire. Gimme a break! Why retire now? Your career is booming and your only 30! I have heard this all before. Jay-Z said he was going to retire and look at him now. He is still recording albums. The Game, Lupe Fiasco, and M.I.A have all jumped on the retirement bandwagon too. Who is Alicia Keys fooling? She knows that she's not going to retire. I mean, why retire from something that makes you happy? I know a lot of work is involved in the music business and all, but if you got love for it, then you got love for it and that is real. The singer sites that she wants to travel more. I say keep doing this music thing, and enjoy traveling the world on tour!

Well someone had to go for the slightly off deck Kardashian Sister

Here she is with Jeezy. I always said that the bigger Kardashian could get it too. Way to rep for the big girls Kim's younger sister. Jeezy is set to release an album soon. His first single "put on" is going to work. It is pretty cool.. Nice little record. I've never been disappointed with a Jeezy album though. He will get copped.

DJ Screw: The Official Documentary Trailer

Dru Hill Introduces A New Member Again

I guess Dru Hill is about bring R&B back to where the music and lyrics was pack with emotion.??? Dru Hill was a very good and respectable group when they first enter on the scene. But do we really care about them anymore? I like Dru Hill but I am not checking for them. If you are a lover of music and I do mean music then you should now that there are some very very good groups thats on the horizon. And no I am not talking about groups like B5 but groups like Dirty Rose that are young and bring the noise. I doubt they that may have some good songs coming but I don't think they will have a impact. Wasn't Sisqó on Gone Country trying to prove his self as a serious musician. How many times Woody gonna leave the group and be replace by some other over singing hopeful. What happend to Scola?

Yung Buck Cartoon! ahaha im cryin! Pun intended

Whoever is making these videos is funny as shit. Here is a skit of young buck in the store. Man 50 has destroyed this guy. Come one Buck!! Do something! You have nothing left but to find this guy 50 and beat his ass. Anything else and you are just letting him bitch you out.

Who still Rocks the Reebok Iverson Jersey?? / Soulja Boy Cartoon!!

Ice T is old as shit!! "This is Ice T, I'm break dancer turned gangster rap.."

Jay z -"My favorite music is heartfelt music..."

Hip-hop is constantly scrutinized. This host is clearly being a little bit condescending towards Jay Z. However, Jay has really gotten his bars up on his interviews. I remember seeing a young Jay stuttering on tv... Now a days, Jay is a pro on the tv. He knows how to brush off an ignorant comment and put it right back in your face. Throughout the interview the two built up an interesting dynamic with each other. The first part of the interview starts after the break in the middle...

The entire Jay-Z @ Glastonbury performance and Lupe Fiasco performance!!!!!

Jay-Z Performance

Lupe Fiasco Performance

Ruben Studdard is a Married Man Now!

According to People.com, Ruben Studdard, 29, and Surata Zuri McCants, 30, are officially husband and wife. The happy couple wed on Saturday in Birmingham, Alabama. The second season winner of American-Idol, who has also been nicknamed The "Velvet Teddy Bear," had 20 groomsmen at the ceremony, which was attended by approximately 200 people. The couple met in Atlanta, Georgia at Wal-mart where he was singing copies of his CD The Return in 2006. During the Fall, you can catch Studdard in the 30th Anniversary tour of "Ain't Misbehavin" and his upcoming album is scheduled for release by the end of the year.

Amy Winehouse's Performance at the Glastonbury Festival

This woman has been in the headlines so much lately and she is doing more things to keep people talking. Here is footage of her performing at the Glastonbury Festival with Jay-Z headlining the event. It was obvious that she was probably drunk while performing "Rehab." Her words were slurred while singing and she even forgot some of the words to her very own song. And if you look closely, you will actually see her elbowing a fan. As I have stated before, I really admire Amy Winehouse as an artist. She is really talented, but she is torturing her career right now. It really is sad. This performance was hard to watch! Let me know what you think!

The Verdict at the Glastonbury music festival is in......see for yourselves!!!!!


Weezy is workin on a documentary with QD3(son of Legend,Quincy Jones.) Here's a sneak preview of what the documentary will look like...

Get Your DMX Post Cards

DMX is really starting to look like that uncle that's always getting into some shit. Drug Man X(I hope yall got that one) was arrest once again yesterday for buying cocaine and marijuana from a undercover cop. This is his fourth arrest in a 2 month span.

Here's exclusive StayOnDeck.com video footage from that arrest!

Have you ever wondered what's under this celebrity's HAT ???

Check out this link and Let me know what you think! LOL


Video Premiere-"No Matter What" by T.I.

Check out the new video premiere of T.I's single "No Matter What." The single will be on T.I's upcoming album Paper Trail, which will be released on September 2.

Rick Ross Denies Engagement Rumors

Rick Ross is shooting down all rumors of an engagement to Foxy Brown. Ross told MTV news Tuesday, "Nah, nah, nah. The engagement is just speculation. I'm married to the money." He, nevertheless, did not deny if he and Brown are a couple and he already proposed to her. The rap star is currently working hard on his next release titled Deeper Than Rap, which has no release date as of yet.

Rihanna Performs with Maroon 5 on FNMTV

Rihanna is shown above performing "Take a Bow" yesterday. She also performed "If I Ever See Your Face Again" with Maroon 5 on FNMTV.

Video Premiere-"Since You've Been Gone" by Day 26

Check out this new video "Since You've Been Gone" by Day 26. The track was written and produced by famous songwriters Bryan-Michael Cox and Adonis. Their self-titled album dropped on March 25 and is doing well on the billboard charts.

We are Turning the Chats into weekly series!! Here is the official schedule..

Starting monday with the first official Blackbaby radio broadcast and a live chat with Ryan Leslie's artist Krys Ivory. Dirty Rose, blackbaby radio, Bill Jabr, and Bobby V have signed on to do a series of broadcasts every week! Here is the official schedule:

Mon June 30 7pm - Bryan Cox's Blackbaby Radio hosted by Marco V and Pimp T
Monday June 30 9pm - Get to know Krys Ivory LIVE video chat pt 2
Tues July 1 8pm - B Jabr and "Pop" Fernando host "Throwback Prince Week"
Wed July 2 7pm - Bryan Cox's Blackbaby Radio hosted by Marco V and Pimp T
Wed July 2nd - Dirty Rose Live Weekly streaming reality chat/series - episode 1
Thurs July 3 - Bobby Valentino LIVE Weekly streaming Reality chat/series episode 1
Friday - July 4 = no show!!

Janet Jackson Fans Are Buy Up Concert Tickets

With disappointing records sells and a trouble relationship with Island Def Jam, Janet Jackson can smile at the fact that her upcoming Live Nation tour 'Rock Witchu Tour' is performing very well at the ticket box office. Janet's successful ticket sells are increasing murmurings that she may sign a similar '360' deal similar to that of Jay-Z, Madonna. The Chairman of Live Nation step down last week after criticism that he was paying stars too much for the return. Janet has gross more that 100 million in tour sales in her career right now is fairing better than Madonna who is sign to Live Nation is not selling very well right now.

New Joint: T-Pain f/ Lil Wayne - "Can’t Believe It"

Check out this new track from Lil Wayne and T-Pain titled "Can't Believe It." The track will appear on T-Pain's album, Thr33 Ringz, which is due in September. Apparently, the two have plans to put together a group called T-Wayne. That is so wack.....haha....

"Can't Believe It" by T-Pain featuring Lil Wayne

Nicole Scherzinger at Nelson's Mandela's 90th Birthday

Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger is pictured here with her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton, who is a British race car driver. They both attended Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday dinner in London, England.

Snoop Says Detox Is Finished!

Many of you Dr. Dre fans, including myself, have eagerly been awaiting his final album Detox. Recently, Snoop Dogg confirmed that the album is finally finished! He also added the the album is worth the wait. Basically, Dr. Dre is going through the songs for the album and deciding on which ones will make the final cut. Snoop states that he has recorded some tracks for the LP. Supposedly, Detox will drop after Eminem's album is released. Who is excited about this news?

Fantasia Barrino Dropped by Management

American Idol third season winner Fantasia Barrino has been dropped by her management team, according to EW.com. Reportedly, this took place because of creative differences between the singer and her management. Fantasia nor her management has released any statements about this matter. Nonetheless, she will still be under Umbrella 19 Recordings and continue to share her musical profits with the recording company.

Three 6 Mafia Performs on "The Late Late Show"

Three 6 Mafia is shown up above performing their single "Lollipop (Pop That Body)" on "The Late Late Show" with Craig Ferguson on Wednesday. Their new album Last 2 Walk was released on Tuesday.

Terrence Howard releasing album Sept. 2

Terrence Howard's Columbia Records debut album, "Shine Through It," will be released Sept. 2. The album was recorded live, and done in 11 days and it is said to reflect his music diverse music taste and influences which include Pop, World Music, Jazz, and R&B. This should be very interesting since Howard arranged, and produced the entire album. We shall see what he comes up with.......in the mean time, i'm gone!!!!!
~Knight Rider

T-Pain and Steve Rifkin getting sued?!?!?

Allhiphop.com is reporting that a complaint filed Monday (Jun 23) with the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Rodney King (no relation to the beat down rodney king), Jeff Byrd and James Reese are demanding a trial by jury and seeking an award for damages including any gains, profits and advantages obtained as a result of the alleged infringement.
“The musical hook is nearly identical,” attorney Gregory Bodell told AllHipHop.com. “It’s a little slower in my clients’ song, but it was of course recorded 8 years earlier. When I listened to it, I said, ‘That’s the same hook.’“Given how similar the hook is musically, and the lyrics aren’t that different, from ‘Makin’ love to a playa’ to “I'm in Luv Wit a Stripper,’ it’s hard to believe that Rifkind, who had my clients’ original song, didn't give the song to T-Pain,” Bodell claimed. “It is especially likely that this happened since originally, back in ’98 when he met with Mr. King, he and his A&R staff were trying to determine which of his artists would best perform the song. It seems they found T-Pain in 2005.”.....looks like t-pain might be in some legal troubles of his own.

Who Remembers Soul 4 Real?

Now I know you guys remember Soul 4 Real! Well maybe some of you. Soul 4 Real came out back in 1990s and was discover by Heavy D. They were apart of Andre Harrell movement with Uptown records. A StayOnDeck reader put me on to the Candy Rain boy's new song call One Man featuring Jadakiss. My question to you is can a group who was pretty successful make a come back and be successful today? Listen to their new song then let me know what you think!

Have some TV Show Ideas for Stayondeck.com? We want to know what you think

If you don't already know, stayondeck has started to move into live streaming tv and radio. We are in the process of program different music industry related shows throughout the week but before we do that we wanted your feedback. Keep in mind the shows will be live and interactive so that makes them unique off top. If you were to watch a live interactive show what would you be interested in seeing? A music countdown, music video show, interviews with your favorite artists, information from people behind the scenes etc? Let us know some of your ideas and we will put them in motion. Simply email to stayondeck@gmail.com or just leave a comment. The sky is the limit on what we can do. We just want to make it the most informative and entertaining for the stayondeck fam!

Rodney Jerkins Talks About Beyoncé and Ciara’s New Albums

Wynter Gordon Prepares to Release Single...

Wynter Gordon exclusively revealed to stayondeck.com regarding her upcoming single. As of yet, the singer has officially released the single "Surveillance," which features Maino, to radio and mixshow. The song has rapidly spread through internet circles for sometime now and you will hear it in rotation beginning in July. Therefore, make sure that you request "Surveillance" at your local radio stations in July! Even though "Surveillance" has been released, it is not her official single. In addition, Wynter stated that her first official single will be released in July. Her first official single will either be "Insomnia" or "Simple Girl." A definite decision on which single to be released has not been made at this time. However, the talented singer did tell me that she will be shooting a video on August 20th in New York City.

Prepare for a live video chat soon with Wynter Gordon only here at stayondeck.com. Keep looking at our chat schedule for the official date and time. In the meantime, check out a video of Wynter showcasing some of her songs for Atlantic Records below:

Add Wynter Gordon here on myspace

Ciara In Beverly Hills...

R&B singer Ciara was spotted in Beverly Hills, California on June 24th. She recently signed to Wilhelmina Modeling Agency.

Lil Mama Upset With Label Over Album Promo....

Lil Mama believes that her record label is responsible for her lack-luster album sales. Her new album, VYP: Voice of the Young People only debuted at #25 on Billboard charts and sold about 19,000 on its first week. The singer is disappointed with Jive Records for not promoting her album properly. Also, she feels that signing with a record label is not all that it is cracked up to be. In an interview with Rap-up.com, the rapper stated, "By signing with a label, I signed knowing that everyone was on the same page as me and understanding what was going on. But that wasn't what I thought it was." She feels that her label does not know what to do with her material. She also expressed that, "I'm an innovator and everything that I do is fresh. When you have something so new and fresh in your hands, you're supposed to know what to do with it." Let us know what you think about this. Any fans of Lil Mama out there?

It's starting to look like Ne-yo's BET performance was the introduction to a hostile takeover....don't believe me, listen to this video clip...

VIdeo Premiere-Talib Kweli "Eat to Live"

Check out Talib Kweli's new video "Eat to Live" from his current LP "Eardrum." Talib Kweli never fails and always spits that knowledge. He is definitely one of the dopest MC's in the game. I must admit I am a true hip-hop head at heart.

Flashback of the day - Sista

Ever wonder where Timbaland gets it from? Young Devante Swing production, young Missy and Mary J! Pay attention new producers, this is what a hot beat sounds like:

Is the music industry really struggling, or just alot of bad music????

1 million plus 2 weeks ago, followed by 721,000 copies last week??? Those are the numbers for Lil' Wayne's first week sales and Coldplay's first week sales. This marks only the second time the chart has seen back-to-back debuts of more than 700,000 since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking data in 1991. Eminem and Britney Spears did it the first time with Britney Spears' "Oops! I Did It Again" which sold 1,319,000 copies, and Eminems' "The Marshall Mathers LP" which sold 1,760,000. I truly believe if the record labels, not the artist, take the time to put out good music, then we will see better numbers than we have come accustomed to now. Remember, the record labels call the final shots....so about 80% of the time it's the label, not the artist.....and with promotion for albums like it is now, these labels need to look at what they are doing wrong before it's too late....oh my bad, it's past that point!!!!

source - billboard.biz
~Mr. Knight Rider

BET Awards 2008 Arrivals...

Here are some of the arrivals at the BET Awards 2008. Pictured below in the photos are: Keri Hilson, Solange Knowles, Jennifer Hudson, Lil’ Mama, Lil’ Kim, Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, Jordin Sparks, Soulja Boy, LL Cool J, Keyshia Cole, Cassie, Trina, Rick Ross, Nelly. Who watched?

Ruben Studdard Prepares for Marriage

American Idol Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard plans to wed his longtime girlfriend Surata Zuri McCants this weekend in his hometime of Birmingham, Alabama. According to People.com, the wedding will take place at Canterbusy United Methodist Church on Saturday, June 28, 2008. Studdard will have 20 groomsmen by his side. The couple obtained their marriage license on Monday and reportedly, looked "very happy." Congratulations to the happy couple.

Broadcast by Ustream.TV
Exclusive 2009 New Yung Joc Single!! - Poppin featuring bobby v

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