Introducing Huey's New Artist......An Exclusive Interview with Young Rhome

Newcomer Young Rhome is ready to make his mark in the game with his yet untitled release. Young Rhome, born Rhome McGee, was raised in the slums of Kinloch County, which is in St. Louis. There he was discovered by Huey and is now signed to Huey Records/HitzCommittee. Huey, scored a hit with "Pop, Lock, and Drop It" and started a dance craze. HitzCommittee was founded by MempHitz and is home to Huey, T-Pain, and Asia Cruise. Poised by hard work and determination, Young Rhome is ready to create some more noise in the Midwest. I had the opportunity to interview Young Rhome who is currently in the process of recording his debut album.

Rowrytah: What’s up Young Rhome?!! How you doing?

Young Rhome: Already. I'm cool.

Rowrytah: Thanks for participating in this interview at I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to let me interview you....

Young Rhome: That’s cool. I appreciate it.

Rowrytah: First of all, tell us a little about yourself, for those who are not familiar with your music?

Young Rhome: Young Rhome: I just signed with Huey Entertainment/HitzCommittee Records. I am currently in the studio recording my album. I have a couple of mixtapes out there. All that I am doing right now is promo and recording. I am 20 years-old and was raised is Kinloch County, which is apart of St. Louis, Missouri. It was hard in the hood. I grew up in a home with a single mother.

Rowrytah: How did you begin rapping?

Young Rhome: Growing up I always liked music. When I got jumped off into the rap game, I went straight into the studio.

Rowrytah: What artists influenced you growing up?

Young Rhome: Tupac, Jay, Z, and Lil’ Wayne. Basically, all lyrical artists. I don't really see their influence in my music right now. I am trying to do my own thing. I like Rick Ross too. That is my guy.

Rowrytah: You are signed to Huey Records, which was founded by Huey, who is popular for “Pop, Lock, and Drop It." How were you discovered?

Young Rhome: Well, Huey reached out to me. When I was younger, I was in a battle in my hood. Huey had an artist named K.O. Me and K.O had a neighborhood battle and I won. After that, Huey said that he had to sign me.

Rowrytah: So you basically killed K.O right?

Young Rhome: [Laughs] Yeah, pretty much, but K.O is cool though. He is a cool dude.

Rowrytah: What was your first reaction to getting signed?

Young Rhome: I was happy and anxious to get in the studio and do some work.

Rowrytah: Is Huey Entertainment under HitzCommittee Records, which is the label responsible for artists such as T-Pain and Asia Cruise?

Young Rhome: Yes. I will be working with Huey, T-Pain, and Asia Cruise on my upcoming album.

Rowrytah: Yeah, I really like Asia's song "Selfish." In fact, I have it as a ringtone right now. [Laughs]

Young Rhome: [Laughs] Yea. Asia is like my little sister. She is grinding right now.

Rowrytah: So tell us a little about your album? When will it be released and what is the title of the album?

Young Rhome: The album will be released in the first quarter of 2009. There is no title for the album right now. I am just recording as many tracks as possible. Right now, I have about 30 songs recorded. In the end, I hope to have about 100 songs to choose from.

Rowrytah: I heard you are looking for producers for the album right?

Young Rhome: Yea. That is true.

Rowrytah: What will the first single be?

Young Rhome: As of now, I don't have any plans for a single. I have a couple in mind, but no definite single yet.

Rowrytah: What artists collaborations as well as producers do you have lined up for the project? Can we expect any collaborations from Huey, Asia Cruise, and T-Pain?

Young Rhome: Well, I want to work with The Justice League on the album and DJ Toompe. I am trying to get Rick Ross on the album too.

Rowrytah: Hopefully, you can get that man. DJ Toompe is dope.

Young Rhome: I am hoping it will happen. For this first album, I want to give myself to the world.

Rowrytah: So do you have any talents besides rapping? Do you produce?

Young Rhome: [Laughs] Nah, I am not really into making beats. I leave the beat making up to Huey. Huey will be producing a record for the album.

Rowrytah: So I heard about this beef that Huey had with Nelly, who didn’t want to collaborate with Huey on the Notebook Paper album. Reportedly, you are on a diss record with Huey called “Down Down Baby." How do you feel about the situation and is the beef still going on?

Young Rhome: I really never saw the situation as a beef. It was a battle. While it was going on, we were seeing Murphy Lee at the club and they weren't saying anything or beefing. It wasn't a beef, it was just a battle. The battle is over.

Rowrytah: Okay. So I heard Nelly responded back with a diss record titled “Cut It Out” featuring Pimp C and Sean P? What did you think of the diss record?

Young Rhome: Actually, their diss record triggered us to do the song. Their song came out first so Huey and I responded back to them. There was no battle until their song came out.

Rowrytah: If you saw Nelly on the streets right now, how would you react?

Young Rhome: If I saw Nelly on the streets, there would be no love lost. There wouldn't be any conversation or fights. We would just have to keep it moving.

Rowrytah: In your opinion, who are the top artists reppin’ the Midwest?

Young Rhome: My big brother Huey would be first one. Another one would have to be Bow-Wow just because he has been in the game for so long. That is pretty much it.

Rowrytah: In your opinion, who is the king of St. Louis?

Young Rhome: As far as respect, it would have to be Huey hands down.

Rowrytah: What other projects do have in the works besides your album?

Young Rhome: We have the Camp Boyz Mixtape coming. Huey’s second album will drop later this year. We have another mixtape titled The Do Works Mixtape on Hitzcommittee Records. Also, I am planning to drop a single sometime soon.

Rowrytah: What can we expect from your album? What kind of feel does it have?

Young Rhome: I got the tracks for the ladies, for the fellas, and hood music. I try to do everything. I will have a well-rounded album. I am just basically trying to do it all from the top to bottom.

Rowrytah: Who are your favorite artists in the industry?

Young Rhome: Rick Ross, Jay-Z or J Hova, and Weezy. A lot of people are hating on Wayne right now. To me, he is still one the greatest rappers. If not the best. I am still gonna rep him regardless. I mess with Webbie too.

Rowrytah: Yea. Lil' Wayne is blowing up the charts with "Lollipop."

Young Rhome: Yea. That "Lollipop" track goes hard. When the song first came out, a lot of fellas was hating on Wayne, but look at him now.

Rowrytah: How do you feel about the current state of hip-hop?

Young Rhome: Hip-hop is alive and not dead. A lot of people say that hip-hop is dead, but I do not believe that. I do not even feed into that.

Rowrytah: Who are your favorite producers?

Young Rhome: I still mess with Manny Fresh. Also, I like DJ Toompe, Pharrell, and Timbaland.

Rowrytah: That would be cool if you could get Pharrell and Timbaland on some tracks.

Young Rhome: Right. That would be hot.

Rowrytah: How do you feel about the other Young Rome formerly of Immature/IMX? You and him share the same name, but he just spells his name differently....

Young Rhome: I really don't have any feeling about it. He did his thang when he was out. I am just trying to bring a whole new look to the game with my album.

Rowrytah: Where do you see yourself about ten years from now?

Young Rhome: Possibly doing movies. I see myself sitting at a big round table with MempHitz and Huey. The skies the limit. I see myself doing a lot.

Rowrytah: Any tours planned?

Young Rhome: I am just doing promo, hitting up radio stations and doing shows. Just trying to get my name out there.

Rowrytah: What do you think the industry is missing right now?

Young Rhome: Rappers keeping it real. A lot of rappers are rapping about things that they actually have not been though. I am rapping about real life. Everything I am rapping about are things that I have been though.

Rowrytah: Before we get out of here, can you recap some of your current projects so the fans will be able to hear some of your material or purchase it.

Young Rhome: There is the Voice of the Streets Mixtape and Midwest Bosses Mixtape. They can also download songs off of my myspace page too.

Rowrytah: Thank you for letting me interview you. I really appreciate your time.

Young Rhome: No problem. Thank you for interviewing me.

Rowrytah: Oh, and one more thing. What is one thing that you would like for your fans to know?

Young Rhome: I will stop whatever it is that I am doing to sign an autograph or take pictures with my fans. Don’t be afraid to approach me. I am just a regular person like they are. I am not arrogant or big-headed.

Rowrytah: Any shoutouts?

Young Rhome: Shoutouts to HitzCommittee Records, Camp Boyz, Huey, and MempHitz.

Listen to the Nelly diss record below. There is also more songs playing on his myspace page.

-Check him out here at Young Rhome Myspace Page and let him know you heard about him at!


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