An Exclusive Interview with Upcoming Producer Chase N. Cashe

If you have the new Flo Rida album Mail on Sunday, then skip to track #6. Chase N. Cashe's production, along with his partner Hit-Boy, can be heard on the song "Priceless" featuring Birdman. Also, check out his remix to Nicole Scherzinger's single "Baby Love." His production credits are growing. Currently, he is signed to Polow Da Don's record label Zone 4 along with Hit-Boy. Also, he and Hit Boy have formed their own label Surf Club with their other partners B. Carr and Chilli Chil. This talented and humble producer has agreed to speak with me regarding his rise in the industry..........

Rowrytah: First of all Chase, I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your "mega busy" schedule to participate in my very first interview at

Chase N. Cashe: Always appreciated.

Rowrytah: No problem. So tell us a little about yourself Chase. How long have you been producing and how did the greatness begin?

Chase N. Cashe: I've been producing since 2006 and started getting into music in 1997. I was listening to the Hot Boys and Missy Elliot at the time.

Rowrytah: Wow! So you haven't been producing for long and you are really good... What kind of equipment were you using when you first began producing?

Chase N. Cashe: I used Fruityloops and a Triton LE and I am still using the same stuff. I like to keep it real simple...

Rowrytah: I hear that...Were you born in New Orleans?

Chase N. Cashe: Yep. Born and raised

Rowrytah: Being that you are from New Orleans, how did Hurricane Katrina affect you and do you reside there now?

Chase N. Cashe: Nah, I live between Atlanta and Los Angeles. Hurricane Katrina affected everyone really. My folks still live there. The city isn't completely recovered, but it looks a lot better.

Rowrytah: Indeed, it was a terrible disaster to a great city. There is still so much more rebuilding to do....... So before, you mentioned that you listened to Missy Elliot and The Hot-Boys when you first got into music. Were there any other artists that inspired you growing up?

Chase N. Cashe: Yeah, I was inspired by Michael Jackson, Babyface, Luther Vandross, James Brown and basically anyone legendary.

Rowrytah: Oh yea. You mentioned the greats. Do you see their influence in your music now?

Chase N. Cashe: Yeah I definitely see it. I feel my music sounds like a progression of all of my influences.

Rowrytah: The music is hot no doubt! By the way, I love the name "Chase N Cashe." It's really creative and clever. How did you come up with it?

Chase N. Cashe: I always loved to work and give 100% in my art and business. And my homies were like "You always chasing that cash." It had a ring to it so I ran with it.

Rowrytah: It's definitely got a ring to it. Haha..... It's dope! Can you tell us a little about your background and how it was growing up?

Chase N. Cashe: Shit. I was an athlete. I always played sports and had hoop dreams.

Rowrytah: Ah cool. So you wanted to be the next Michael Jordan? Haha....

Chase N. Cashe: You already know....

Rowrytah: Haha.... Balling is definitely a far cry from music, but I guess you are ballin' in other ways though...

Chase N. Cashe: Nah, but I'm trying.

Rowrytah: Haha... I hear that. You were definitely destined for production. Speaking of which, I am aware of your production team with Hit-Boy called Surf Club... How did the Surf Club come about? Are there any other producers or artists on Surf Club's roster?

Chase N. Cashe: The producers of Surf Club are Hit-Boy, Chase N. Cashe, and B.Carr. Chili Chil is our main artist and also a producer.

Rowrytah: How did you all link up?

Chase N. Cashe: I met Hit-Boy through Myspace after we heard of each other from music friends. I was living with Sean Kingston at the time he was working on his album. Hit-boy submitted beats to Sean and I listened to them. I checked my Myspace inbox later and he had sent me a message as well.

Rowrytah: Wow! So you guys both felt each others' production.... You were definitely destined to link up. Surf Clubs' sound is real unique... I love that surf; beach boy vibe to the music. Haha....

Chase N. Cashe: Thanks. It's what I like to call cool music.

Rowrytah: And that it is. You guys are definitely blowing up. What projects are you currently working on and what artists are you currently in the lab with?

Chase N. Cashe: I am working on projects for Teyana Taylor, Young Steff, The Pussycat Dolls, Tiffany Evans, and whatever else we can get on.

Rowrytah: Those are all hot artists and I can't wait to hear what you guys have in store for us. How did it feel to have a major artist on your track for the first time?

Chase N. Cashe: Its still surreal. I'm a fan of music more than anything. So I'm just appreciative. Shit is like a dream.

Rowrytah: I hear that. You are currently a part of Zone 4 Inc., which is Polow Da Don's record label. How does it feel to be working with one of the biggest producers in the industry right now?

Chase N. Cashe: Its great. I get to learn the business side just as much as music. It's a blessing above all.

Rowrytah: What have you learned from his work ethic?

Chase N. Cashe: To never stop.

Rowrytah: By the way, how were you discovered by him?

Chase N. Cashe: I was discovered through Myspace.

Rowrytah: Ah yes.... the beautiful world of Myspace. I bet you were surprised.

Chase N. Cashe: Yeah, but I didn't really know much about him other than that the fact that he was in Jim Crow. I just knew he did "Pimpin All Over World" by Ludacris ft. Bobby Valentino.

Rowrytah: Wow! That song was hot no doubt! So did he just ask you to be apart of his label? What prompted you guys to meet?

Chase N. Cashe: Nah, we had a meeting. I played material for him and then the rest was easy. He made an offer to me and I gladly accepted.

Rowrytah: That is really cool.

Chase N. Cashe: Yes, definitely.

Rowrytah: Who are your favorite artists in the industry right now and which one of them would you like to work with in the future?

Chase N. Cashe: Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Lil' Wayne, Beyonce', Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, Alicia Keys. I'd really like to work with Beyonce'.

Rowrytah: All of them are hot. So you know that I am going to be waiting for that Beyonce' collaboration right? Haha...

Chase N. Cashe: Thanks. I'm hoping.

Rowrytah: Well, there is nothing standing in your way. How do you feel about the industry today? Do you think it's changing?

Chase N. Cashe: Yeah. It will always change. Everyday a new person is inspired to make music and change is inevitable. I'm always excited for change.

Rowrytah: That is very true. Do you see music shifting in a positive or negative direction?

Chase N. Cashe: It'll always be both because of opinions. So it'll be positive and negative.

Rowrytah: Very true. Music will continue to thrive and evolve. What inspires you to make music?

Chase N. Cashe: My talent. I just like to see what I can do next.

Rowrytah: So you like to keep people on the edge of their seats guessing for what you are going to do next huh?

Chase N. Cashe: Different is always the route for me.

Rowrytah: Yes. Different is always good. So that brings up another question... Do you have any other hobbies besides music?

Chase N. Cashe: I like to play basketball as a hobby.

Rowrytah: Do you have any clothing lines, record labels, or projects in the works, etc.?

Chase N. Cashe: Well, Surf Club is the label. Chili Chil will be the first artist with a project from the label. Then from Zone 4 Inc., I will be working on Keri Hilson's In A Perfect World. Rich Boy's and I-15's new albums are coming as well.

Rowrytah: We definitely can't wait to hear what you have in store for us. Keri Hilson is really doing it big.

Chase N. Cashe: Yep. Look out for her in Ushers new video "Love In This Club" produced by Polow Da Don. It's the #1 song in the country.

Rowrytah: Oh yea. I love that track. I have it as a call-tone. Haha....

Chase N. Cashe: Good taste.

Rowrytah: Thanks! I heard she may be the leading lady in the video. Is that true?

Chase N. Cashe: Yeah. She is from what I know.

Rowrytah: Cool. Can't wait to see the video. Do you have any advice for the up and coming artists and producers wanting to break into the industry?

Chase N. Cashe: Yes. Believe in God and get your business ethics right.

Rowrytah: I love to hear that Chase. God has to be first and foremost.....

Chase N. Cashe: Always.

Rowrytah: So basically, they need to find out all of the ins and out of the business?

Chase N. Cashe: No one will ever be able to find out the ins and outs.

Rowrytah: Elaborate for us...

Chase N. Cashe: Each situation is different. You just have to be a people person and know how to conduct business professionally. Preferably in a face to face manner.

Rowrytah: That's great advice Chase. Do you think that being in the industry will change you as a person?

Chase N. Cashe: Yeah and I can't wait.

Rowrytah: Haha! In a positive way right?

Chase N. Cashe: If I didn't grow I'd be worried. Always positive.

Rowrytah: I hear that. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Chase N. Cashe: In a studio working with the best talent at the time and being continually blessed.

Rowrytah: I can see that in your future Chase. Don't ask me how I know.... I just have that you feeling that you are right.

Chase N. Cashe: Thanks. I appreciate it. I'm just a blessed black man that loves music.

Rowrytah: Awww. That is great.... Well, we have reached the conclusion.... I would like to thank you again for participating in my very first interview.

Chase N. Cashe: Thank you for asking me.

Rowrytah: Is there anything else that you would like to mention or say before we conclude?

Chase N. Cashe: I love my parents, my brother, my family, and the whole Zone 4 staff. Surf Club forever! New Orleans is the home of the best. And thank you. -)

Rowrytah: You are definitely welcome. Shouts out to too.

Chase N. Cashe: Yes, is official!

Rowrytah: There we go... -) Oh, and one more question before we get out of here..... What made you cut-off all of that lovely hair!?

Chase N. Cashe: It was time for a change. So I just went and cut it off.

Rowrytah: Oh okay. Change is sometimes necessary. Well, thanks for being patient with me during this interview. Keep doing great things!

Chase N. Cashe: Anytime homie.

-Rowrytah signing out! Check out Chase N. Cashe's myspage page below and let him know you heard about him at!

Chase N. Cashe's myspage page


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