EXCLUSIVE interview PJ Butta - The Power 92 Los Angeles DJ/ songwriter/web site mogul/teacher/ and A&R to the people...

How does he do it all in one day you might ask? How do records get broken on the radio? He had all the answers for me..  

Sound Bite---How long have you been a Radio Dj and what led you to pursue it as a career?
PJ- been a radio DJ for over 15 years. I actually wanted to behind the scenes in the music biz as an A&R or a producer but there weren't any classes for that in college so I took the next closest thing which was radio broadcasting. I got in an internship at a radio station and was quickly hired and was put on the air so I was kinda derailed from my original goal lol

Sound bite---Very cool.. So what do you feel like were the key factors that made you a successful radio dj and personality? Why do you think they chose you so quick for the job?

PJ - first off it was the voice. I have that "radio voice" and i've never been a groupie or star struck. i just go in and do my job and be consistent. I think my overall "cool " personality and the fact that I broke new music when no one else did were factors in my success

Sound Bite---That's a good point.. It seems like so many dj's are afraid to step out of the box and promote something they believe in. You have been known for breaking hit records. How do you go about breaking records? Are you influenced by the relationships you have with people or is it as simple as you believing a record is hot and squeezing it into your rotations?

PJ-- Both. relationships help to get records first. but if it wasnt hot I wouldnt play it. I would always ask what else you got and pick the hottest joint to play. As was the case with Bobby Valentino. I have a relationship with producers Tim & Bob who did Bobby's 1st album... they hit me up and wanted to play me something. They played me what they thought the single was and it was cool but when I heard "Slow Down" I was like I gotta play that one NOW!

Sound Bite---That's crazy so you were really the first one that picked slow down? What made you gravitate to that record? Can you give me any new upcoming hit predictions that the people should look out for?

For me what caught my ear was the sound was different. It wan't like anything on the radio. And the reference to "melrose"... which is a huge shoppin strip in LA... I knew was gonna be a hit with folks in LA
Hit predictions: Hot Rod of G-Unit got a club SMASH called "I Like To Fuck"... if it ever comes out and the right songs make it... Frankie J's upcoming album will change the game a with a new sound... anything from Shawty Lo... and out West a filipino rapper named Roscoe Umali is killin it. Roscoe did a joint called Live It Up with E-40 and Bobby Valentino which is killlin out here

Sound bite---oh yeah I heard about that.. cool.. ok just a few more questions.. What Current Projects are you working on outside of radio?
PJ---well I'm a songwriter who primarily works with producers The Avila Brothers. We're just finished up Frankie J and Sean Garretts projects... currently working on Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas... Usher and Jamie Foxx suppose to come in. I'm helping out on a Hip Hop compilation and some other projects on a record label situation I might be involved with...
I also DJ alot of clubs around LA so I'm busy doing that... and I'm a college professor so the semester started and I'm back molding the minds of our future talent
I'm a professor by day and rockstar by night lol

Sound bite -- wow! souds like you are extra busy. I have a few more questions for you to wrap up pertaining to people involved and trying to break into the music industry. First of all, what advice can you give to anyone trying to pursue a career as a Dj and in the music industry? and I see from your myspace page that you are a family man. How are you able to balance your fast music industry work life with your teaching and family life ?

PJ - advice: don't let no one tell you nothing. follow your passion. do what your love. i didn't get into DJing/music for money. If that's your mentality you will lose. Also network. Meet people. Cause it is true... it's about who you know. And the people you meet will be the ones who will get you to where you need to go.
luckily I have a wife who is also in radio so she knows and understands the business which is SO helpful. But my family comes first so they have priority. But the best thing is the music business usually is a night gig so I can spend days spending time with the fam and whatever and nights DJing/studio time, etc
plus being a songwriter i can write anytime anywhere. plus being a songwriter i can write anytime anywhere.

Sound Bite - sounds like sound advice!  I have one final question for the readers and the if you have anything else to add feel free.. How do independent artists without any major push end up with a big song on radio? What is their secret? and if there is anything else you want to add or promote let me know.

PJ -- best way is to go to the mixshow DJs or get to the DJ that can play new music on the radio. Nowadays all you have to do is mp3 them don't waste money on vinyl. amd talk to them. build that relationship but don't come off as a dick like, "my shit is hot you gotta play it." build a relationship first. it 's like a chick... you gotta get to know her... wine and dine before you fuck lol. If it's hot it's gonna get played. Push it on the streets make sure it's in the clubs, mixtapes, barbershops. You gotta create your own buzz

Sound Bite - haha i feel u.. good analogy! anything else to add? any closing remarks? Thanks a lot for your time!

support good music. check out www.pjbutta.com for new music first


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this is good stuff!

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