Keri Hilson's Album Has Been Pushed Back...

For all of you Keri Hilson fans out there, her upcoming album In A Perfect World has now been pushed back to October 14th, which is a week difference from what it was previously scheduled. If this release date is definite, her album will drop on the same day that Ludacris will drop Theater of Mind. In the meantime, one of her songs titled "Return the Favor," has been getting a lot of attention lately. There is no word yet on whether it will be her next single or not. I can't wait to hear the album!

Fox News Has Some Words For Solange..

Dang...Fox News called Solange a brat for her little episode earlier this week...And then the male anchor said nobody cares about her album...Wow...Who's unprofessional now??? What do you think? Watch the whole video because they said some more rude things too..

DJ Khaled Album cover + Tracklisting

1. “Intro” DJ Khaled (Prod. by Kane Beatz)
2. “Get Somethin!” Fabolous, Fat Joe & Red Cafe (Prod. By The Alchemist)
3. “Block Shit” Rick Ross, Plies & Triple C (Prod. by J Rock)
4. “I’m On” Nas & Cool (of Cool & Dre) (Prod. by Cool & Dre)
5. “Rep Till I Die” Plies, T.I., Big Kuntry King & Young Dro (Prod. by The Runners)
6. “I Love My Hood” Lil Wayne, Birdman, Ace Hood & Chris Brown (Prod. by The Runners & Deezle)
7. “Out Here Grindin” Plies, Ace Hood, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, Lil Boosie, Young Jeezy & Akon (Prod. by The Runners)
8. “Body in the Trunk” The Game, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne & Bun B (Prod. by The Runners)
9. “Promblems” Flo Rida, Plies, Fat Joe & Ace Hood (Prod. by Scott Storch)
10. “Go Hard” Kanye West & T-Pain (Prod. by The Runners)
11. “Broken Bones” Avant, Brisco, Jim Jones, Fat Joe, Jim Jones & Rick Ross (Prod. by The Runners)
12. “Piano Bass (Interlude)” Nas (Prod. by Jay Electronica & The Runners)
13. “She’s Fine” Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott & Sean Paul (Prod. by Danja)
14. “F.U. Pay Me” Plies, Juelz Santana, Chamillionaire & Ace Hood (Prod. by CHOPS)
15. “Niggas Know” Twista, Ludacris, Rick Ross & Ace Hood (Prod. by The Runners)
16. “Big Money (outro)” Ace Hood (Prod. by Beat Novacaine)

To this day i still don't understand how a damn DJ has an album and the man doesn't even rap!!!!! Someone explain please......i'll wait


Kanye's really startin to diversify which is good to see....


Cute Video..

Revenge of A Child Ignored..

I just barely got a chance to watch this video. In a way, I feel sorry for Solange. She has definitely been negelcted, tired, and ain't takin' no sh** now! Solange and Beyonce definitely have some underlying issues with each other and the root is their parents. If you are not aware, the other day Solange went off on a reporter that was basically on Jay-Z's "jock" during Solange's interview. Now, here is her formal apology. I don't really have too much to say about this one. All I can say is Solange please settle down girl!!! This girl's mind was everywhere in this vid. Somebody give this sweet child some Ritalin please!!!

I still got love for ya though Solange. The CD is good!

Lil Kim and Her Shaggy Brows..

Yeah, we all know Lil' Kim. You don't gotta be pointing at those thick a** eyebrows of yours. We can spot them from a mile away. Haha! This is just further evidence on how Faith Evans a** whoopin left Lil Kim f****d up in the head and delirious.

Fat Joe Calls Daddy Yankee A Sellout!

Recently, Reggaeton superstar Daddy Yankee voiced his support for Senator McCain. Daddy Yankee feels that Senator McCain will do more for the Latino people, when he gets in office. Fat Joe has a big problem with Daddy Yankee's move and called him a sellout. The rapper stated to MTV News:

“I opened the newspaper and got sick to my stomach. I felt like I wanted to vomit when I seen that. The reason why I called him a sellout is because I feel he did that for a [publicity] look, rather than the issues that are affecting his people that look up to him. How could you want John McCain in office when George Bush and the Republicans already have half a million people losing their homes in foreclosure? We’re fighting an unjust war. It’s the Latinos and black kids up in the frontlines, fighting that war. … We over here trying to take the troops out of Iraq and bring peace. This guy immediately wants war. If not with Iraq or Afghanistan, he’ll start a new one with Iran. I feel real disgusted that Daddy Yankee would do that. Either he did that for a look, or he’s just not educated on politics.”
Well, I defintely feel that everyone has the right to their own opinion and to believe in a certain way, but Fat Joe brought up some goods points about the war. I can't tell Daddy Yankee who to vote for, but I really hope that EVERYONE who is voting in the election does their own research on each candidate! To just vote for someone like this is a popularity contest is just not cool!

Rocsi Pisses Off Queen Pen..

Female rapper Queen Pen has a few words for Rocsi of 106 & Park. Apparently, Queen Pen is good friends with Lisa Raye. I am sure that many of you have heard the rumors about Rocsi supposedly messing around with Lisa Raye's husband. Well, Queen Pen took up for her friend Lisa Raye backstage at a concert. She called Rocsi out and told her that she "don't like the bitch" and that she is "fake and phony." She also stated that Rocsi is "wack." If Rocsi messed with someone else's husband, then yes she is wack! But you know, I always have a saying for people who do that type of grimey s**t! If you do others wrong, then it will come back to bite you in the a**...Always!

T-Pain Turns Gospel Song Into A World of Patrón

I remember singing that Kirk Franklin song "Silver and Gold" in church. It was the jam and still is a powerful song. Well, T-Pain must've remembered it too because he took the subject of Jesus and flipped it into that popular drank Patrón! Apparently, he recorded the song a while ago and it leaked on the internet unexpectedly without T-Pain's consent or knowledge. T-Pain did not intend for the song to leak, but we all know how that goes nowdays. Songs leak like crazy. T-Pain told MTV News that he was just playing around in the studio, when he recorded the song and it is not going to appear on his upcoming album. In the song, he stated, "I done mixed up silver and gold/ I done mixed up silver and gold/ I’mma tryin’ to get drunk before this party/ Somebody’s gonna have to carry me home/ I done drank the silver and gold." Basically, Kirk Franklin's lyrics said, "I'd rather have Jesus, than Silver and Gold...."

Things are cool between the Autotune King and Kirk Franklin. The two had a talk about the situation and T-Pain told Kirk Franklin that the song got leaked and it was not serious. Kirk Franklin told him that things were cool and he understands what happens when songs leak. Anyway, that is good they cleared things up. Shame on you T-Pain though. Haha! Ya'll know he was probably in the studio faded listening to some gospel and isn't that supposed to uh....get you into the spirit or something? But drove T-Pain into a drunken tyrade about some Patrón. Haha! T-Pain, you know you ain't right!! Haha!

Vibe Showed Robin Thicke No Love...

Robin Thicke appears in the new issue of Billboard Magazine and claims that Vibe would not put him on the cover because he is white, which is a very idiotic statement if that is true. Thicke stated further that the only white artist that they have placed on the cover has been Eminem. The singer said that he decided to leave all else alone since his wife Paula Patton is black. Do you think Vibe's statement's were racist? Do you think their is another reason why they would not put him on the cover? If Vibe really said they would not put him on the cover because he is white, then that is racist as hell and shows bad tactic too. He also mentioned during the interview that he respects Mary J. Blige and realizes her impact on the industry by making timeless music. Here's some of his exact words,

"You can’t always expect people to be as color-blind or open-minded as you want. What you can do is keep giving your heart and soul, like Bob Marley did. His music became so overwhelmingly loving; it was a relentless love in a sense. Keep beating them down with love and they can’t stop you."
What I would say to Robin Thicke is that if they do not want to put him on the cover, then oh well...Just keep making good music and maybe they will be begging to put you on the cover. Then, you can respectfully decline! But I must say that I hope that this is just not one of Robin Thicke's "diva" moments.

The Velvet Teddy Bear Owes The Government

It seems like a lot of celebrities have been skipping out on those taxes and now we have to add Ruben Studdard to the mix. Apparently, he owes about $200,000 in unpaid taxes and now has liens on his properties. The honeymoon's over for the recently wed star. He better start recording some albums to take care of his mess! But I do not know if that will even help. Don't get me wrong, I like Ruben Studdard's music, but his albums haven't really been doing that well, with the exception of his first album Soulful. His last album sold around $230,000 copies. I like his music though and wouldn't mind hearing another album.

Video Premiere-"Love That Girl" by Raphael Saadiq

Raphael Saadiq makes us groove again with his 60's insprired song "Love That Girl." Raphael Saadiq is a very talented artist and producer. Listen to the lyrics of this song though. I think it was inspired by Joss Stone, whom he used to date. Joss will also make an appearance on his upcoming album The Way I See It. I like the song. What do you all think?

M.I.A Plans to Do It Again...

A few months ago, British hip-hop superstar M.I.A jumped on the retirement bandwagon and said that she wasn't going to put out anymore records. Now she says that with the success of her single "Paper Planes," which is a hot joint, that she is going to record another album. Sometimes, I think that these artists say they are going to retire just for publicity or something because nine 9 out of 10 times, they change their mind. I really feel that if you really love something, which in this case is music, you are going to be like an cocaine addict. It will be hard to give up. So if you know you love it, why even mingle with the idea of retiring? You know as well as I do that ain't going down! Haha!

Jazmine Sullivan Tour News/Singer Hits #1

I know a lot of people are anticipating Jazmine Sullivan's new project. Look out for her on tour this Fall with Maxwell. If you plan on going to this show, then I would book my tickets asap. I am a big fan of Maxwell too so it should be a good show to attend. It has been a while since Maxwell has been on the scene. Anyway, Jazmine has some more exciting news. Her single "Need U Bad" is now #1 on the Urban Mainstream charts this week. Her upcoming album Fearless will hit stores on September 23rd. The tour will kick off on November 21st. Check the tour schedule below:

Oct 8 Boston, MA Opera House
Oct 9 New York, NY Radio City Music Hall
Oct 10 Wallingford/ Chevrolet Theatre
Oct 12 Toronto Massey Theatre
Oct 14 Cincinnati, OH The Taft Theatre
Oct 15 St. Louis, MO Fox Theatre
Oct 17 Indianapolis, IN Murat Theater
Oct 18 Chicago, IL Chicago Theater
Oct 19 Detroit, MI Fox Theatre
Oct 21 Minneapolis, MN Orpheum Theater
Oct 22 Omaha, OK Music Hall
Oct 23 Kansas City, MO Uptown Theatre
Oct 25 Denver, CO Paramount Theatre
Oct 28 Oakland, CA Paramount Theatre
Oct 31 Las Vegas, NV Pearl
Nov 1 Los Angeles, CA Shrine Auditorium
Nov 6 Houston, TX Verizon Theatre
Nov 8 Dallas, TX Majestic Theatre
Nov 10 Birmingham, AL BJCC Hall
Nov 11 Memphis, TN Orpheum Theater
Nov 12 Atlanta, GA Civic Center
Nov 14 Greensboro, NC Coliseum Theatre
Nov 15 Richmond, VA Landmark Theatre
Nov 17 Washington, DC Constitution Hall
Nov 21 Philadephia, PA Susquehanna Center

I will definitely be at one of these shows! Haha!

Jennifer Hudson Sings National Anthem for Obama

Last night, Jennifer Hudson did her thing singing the national anthem for the Obama at the Democratic Convention. I am so proud of her. I remember being pissed thst she prematurely got kicked off American Idol and now look at her now. She has an oscar under her belt and was requested by Obama to sing at this event. Go Jennifer!

Jon B. Performs at BB Kings...

I have said it before and I will say it again; I love me some Jon B!!! Haha! He performed his new single "Ooh So Sexy" live at BB Kings in NYC the other day. He also performed more of his throwback tracks. I can't wait until he drops his album! Jon. B never disappoints me with his music. It's good to see him back...

T.I. Hits #1 Mark With "Whatever You Like"

T.I. has to love his life right now. He has a new clothing line called Akoo. And to make things even better, his new single "Whatever You Like" has jumped from #71 on the Billboard charts to #1! His next single is rumored to be "Live Your Life" Featuring Rihanna, which we already know is going to be a hit. The pair is going to perform the single on this years MTV Video Music Awards so definitely stay tuned for that one. It should be hot! Anyway, congrats to T.I. and I am eagely awaiting his upcoming album Paper Trail.

Can Michael Jackson Come Back???

The King of Pop was spotted in Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas the other day with some pajama pants on with a double-breasted jacket. I remember seeing some photos of Michael Jackson coming out of the hospital a few months ago so I am glad that he is out and about and walking around. He showed up to Planet Hollywood without his usual mask so that is another good sign that he is in better health. I know he is supposed to be coming out with that comeback album this year, which I am excited about, but do you think he can pull it off? I will always be a fan of Michael, but do you, the readers, feel that the public as a whole will be receptive to Michael Jackson again? I heard that Ne-Yo, who is doing some work on the album, pretty much has high hopes about Michael and Whitney Houston's comeback. What do you think?

For All of You Rakim Fans Out There...

A new album from Rakim may finally see the light soon! Reportedly, the lyrical monster just found a home with SMC Recordings, which is home to Killer Mike and Pastor Troy, just to name a few. A while ago, he was supposed to have a major comeback album with the Dr. Dre, but I guess those dreams are dead in the water now, which is a shame. That album would have been dope! But anyway, he is in the studio now recording his long-waited album The Seventh Seal, which has an expected release date of Spring 2009. I am definitely looking forward to the album.

Rihanna-Cute or Not?

I know you all are probably tired of hearing or seeing Rihanna, but she is photographed everywhere. Haha! What do you guys think about this get up? She has really been uh..."daring" with her outfit's lately. Is this outfit cute or not?

Solange Lost Her Cool Points With Me..

Solange really has some issues with her sister. She got pissed off when the reporter mentioned her having a famous sister and told her that her introduction was unprofessionl. I mean, WTF????!!! I do not think the introduction was unprofessional at all. When it was time for Solange to speak her piece, she something to the likes of, "Uh, your introduction was unprofessional. Uh, please don't tie me in with my family or my brother-in-laws establishment." Uh....okay Solange. I can understand that you want to set yourself apart from your sister, but you need to accept the fact that Beyonce is your sister and a major star. That is called blatant realism and for her to try to cover that up is just stupid. What I am wondering is how her sister is feeling about this? I know earlier this year, Beyonce was urging fans to support her sister, after they were focusing on trying to listen to some of her leaked tracks. Now, her sister is just straight trippin'. Solange needs to be grateful that she is setting herself apart from her sister right now and people are actually feeling it. Like I said before, she needs to accept reality and "do what she do."

Beyonce To Debut Jewelry Line

Beyonce has really been trying to get her fashion line in high gear, after the recent news that the line hasn't been doing well as far as sales in concerned. Lookout for her new Fall line of costume jewelry. If this is the best that she can do in that photo, then I do not know what say...

Jeezy Needs A Vacation..

Jeezy needs a vacation; at least that is what his new video "Vacation" implies. The track is the second single from his upcoming album The Recession. The video's concept has been done before and all, but I like the song. I am looking to his upcoming album. How do you all feel about this song?

A Quick history lesson for you youngsters - The Art of hip-hop

Chronicals of a young CEO - Aaron Arnold

Here is a video from Aaron Arnold (formal Assistant to Diddy, and young entrepreneur in the music industry)

Check out Aaron's blog too mr music is my business blog

DMX Escapes Prison Time..

Hopefully, now that DMX has been released from jail that he can be on his best behavior. Apparently, he had a good lawyer that worked out a plea bargain with the judge. If convicted, DMX could have faced up to 6 years in prison. Also, it seems that DMX couldn't handle that inmate food as he was feenin' for McDonald's. I would suggest to DMX that if he wants to keep eating Big Macs and the world famous McDonald's fries, then he better straighten up his act. He surely won't be getting that in the big house. He better be thankful for the miracle that his lawyer worked out. The question is, however. Has he learned his lesson? Uh......probably not!

New Common Video featuring Pharell-Announcement

Damn, they fine..Ladies, which one ya'll think is sexier? ...I'll take either one of

T-Pain Looked Like A Clown!

T-Pain went to 106 & Park yesterday looking like a straight up clown. He actually looked like Macho Man Randy Savage if you really think about it! Haha! Ya'll remember that wrestler from back in the day? Haha! Anyway, his get up was actually a tribute to George Clinton, who is pretty much known for wearing weird, wacky, and colorful clothing. He even sang "Buy U A Drank" without autotune! I was about to prepare myself for the worst when I saw he was about to sing without his most treasured companion, but he didn't do that bad. He actually sounded pretty decent without autotune. What do you guys think? I know one thing though. I am loving his new track "Can't Believe It" Featuring Lil Wayne.

Rihanna and Chris Brown Living Together?

The latest Chris Brown and Rihanna rumor is that the two are going to be moving in together, according to Star Magazine. Supposedly, they have been spotted shopping for a condo in Los Angeles. Even though they keep denying that they are not together, we all know that they are. I mean, it is quite obvious so there is no need for them to keep hiding things. Haha! Anyway, reports say that the couple has been looking for a place since July and are on the prowl for a crib together as soon as possible. They both want an apartment that is soundproof because they like to play their music loud. I hear them on that because I am the same way. I am always playing music and I play it loud when I have the chance to. Well, I hope they find a pad soon. Shopping for a new place is always fun and decorating is always funner!

Album Battle-The Game vs. Solange

Yesterday, Solange Knowles and The Game released their albums. The Games album L.A.X finally came out after a lot of album push backs. Solange has really been on the rise here lately and she is trying to move out of her sister's shadow. I bought her album yesterday, but still haven't opened it up to listen to it yet. (Uh oh) Haha! I think she will accomplish her goal with her new album. I have heard that L.A.X is pretty good as well. What I want to ask the readers, is who do you think will have the better album or sale the most records? Let me know what you think and leave comments if you have any. Please take the poll below:

Birdman and Lil Wayne pt 4

Now this is funny..

The Son of Dr. Dre Passes Away...

According to, Dr. Dre's son Andre Young Jr., has passed away at the young age of 20. His body was found Saturday morning as reported by the Los Angeles Times, after he went out the prior night. As of yet, the cause of death is unknown. Our prayers are with the family during this tough time. To lose anyone to death is a tragedy.

Faith Evans Gave Lil' Kim The Beat Down of Her Life!! Who is Really The Queen B***h?!!

Don't mess with Faith's man or else you are going to get a beat down! Faith Evans recently wrote a tell-all-book and has an interesting story in there for readers. Apparently, she gave Lil' Kim an a** whoopin' for days, after she caught her in the bed of the Notorious B.I.G (R.I.P), who was her husband. In her memoir, she describes going over to Biggie's house one day to get things straight with her relationship with Biggie. When she walked into his room, she states that she saw a small lump laying next to Biggie. At that moment, she turned into "lady of rage" and flipped out on the naked Lil' Kim. She even pulled off her wig! Haha!! Maybe that is why Lil' Kim is confused about who she is because Faith knocked her senseless. If you could compare how Lil' Kim used to look to how she looks now, then you would see that major difference! Haha! To make a long story short, when Kim broke loose out of the crib, she had to get the last laugh. She scratched up Faith's car with keys. Uh uh.....Lil Kim had the nerve to scratch up somebody's car, after sleeping with someone else's husband. I can't stand when people cheat. Believe me, I have been there...Ladies, how would you have reacted to this situation? I honestly don't know what I would have done.

Jermaine Dupri Still At Def Jam?

A rep from Def Jam is stating that the recent rumors of JD getting the axe at the label is false. Laura Swanson, who is a in charge of SVS Media and Artist Relation at Island Def Jam, issued a written statement to regarding these rumors. She completely shot them down and said there is no truth to them whatsoever. When I heard the news of him getting fired the first time, I had to admit that I was a little shocked. Even though his life has been spared at Def Jam, he is still experiencing problems as his Atlanta restaurant is now closed. Apparently, some of the workers are claiming that they have not been paid and were given checks that did not clear. If this is true, then he definitely needs to pay these people. I would have been mad if I was working somewhere and they gave me a bad check. That is not cool at all...

Omarion Has No Love For Former B2K Members...

In a recent interview with MTV News, Omarion spoke out about his relationship with his former groups members Raz B, Lil Fizz, and J-Boog. Basically, Omarion stated, that they did some shiesty things and now karma is coming back to bite them in the a**. He spoke of his recent signing with Timbaland's record label as a classic example of how things are going great for him, but not so great for his former group members. He stated:

“People will say, 'Omarion is still out there and in the public. Omarion is still successful.' But they don't sit back and think, 'Why is Omarion able to get this opportunity? Why are they not getting this opportunity?' Fizz put a single out. They are a product of their karma. I can't talk in detail about what was done [on their parts], but a lot of wrongdoing was done. A lot of false statements — off-the-wall, disrespectful things. Not even on a dislike level. On a hurtful level.”
Despite his feelings towards his bandmates, he is moving on with his third studio album. And to signify his new his new direction in life, he has even cut his hair. I am curious to see how his upcming album will turn out with Timbaland in the mix. Speaking on his situation with his former group members, even though I do not know the the full story, I always believe that karma is a b***h. When you do wrong, you will definitely pay for it eventually.

Video Premiere-"Can't Believe It" by T-Pain Featuring Lil Wayne

At first, I wasn't diggin' this song much. I thought there was nothing special about it. Lately, this song has really been growing on me. It's really hot!! Haha! I have the song as my ringtone on my phone right now. I like the video and it is creative. Do you like the video and song?

Solange on Letterman

On Monday, Solange arrived on the Late Show with David Letterman. Her new album drops today. I wonder how the album is going to sell? I can't wait to hear it! Her outfit would have been cute without those pink leggings.

Video Premiere-"Good Morning" by Kanye West

Here is the full version of "Good Morning," in which Kanye West apparently premiered in late 2007, but it was just the snippet. Now, he is promoting the full version of the animated video. I guess Kanye West has been in an animated mood lately. He released another animated video for "Champion" about a week ago. This is a cool little video and was designed by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

Song of the day - It's So Cold in the D


Game Is Talking Trash But Bow Wow Is Clown him!

This is some funny shit. I hope there is some kind of undercover deal with Madden going on. I guess I have to really be into Madden to understand all this trash talking but it makes for good entertainment I guess. Bow Wow is responding back to game and he even tells Game he wants Mya. OOOOOOOoooowwwwww!

We Still Love You Baby Girl!!

Now, I know I have been gone awhile from posting but yall know I had to make sure I speak my peace on Aaliyah. I can't believe its been seven years since our angel made her transition (Aug.25,2001 at 22). She was true representative of the type of young lady I am. She was a pretty young lady that was so laid back that can't adapt to an situtation. She had that cute tomboy style but was still very much a lady. As she grew older, we got the chance to see her as she fully blossom into someone that everyone respected. I didn't know her personally but I feel a connection to her. That's why still to this day you still hear people say they miss her and I know I always will. Check out some rare footage of a young Aaliyah working in the studio with R. Kelly and one of my favorite videos from her.

Love Is Spreading..

The latest rumor is that Dawn of Danity Kane and Qwannell of Day 26 are engaged! I think they are so cute together. I wish them all the best if this is true! I wonder if we will find out more about this during this season's Making the Band? Do you think they are a cute couple?

Crack is a Hellava Drug!

OMG! Check this! K-Ci and Jo Jo was performing the other night in Australia and Jo Jo passed out on stage. Now, I have been hearing rumors that K-Ci was all cracked out, but not Jo Jo!!! Haha! They are wrooooong! When Jo Jo passed out on stage, nobody bothered to pick him up at all. K-Ci kept performing and singing his little heart out. Haha! D**n! He probably passes out all the time. They act like they are used to him passing out like that. Drugs are definitely the culprit!

Jayz's XXL behind the scenes footage..

For all u peepin's sum behind the scenes footage from Jayz's XXL's 15th anniversary photo shoot..

Ray-j to get his own Datin show...

Eeewww....Am I the only one who thinks Rayj's a cornball?

Well, apparently, VH1 doesn't agree with my opinion. The pornstar wannabe, has his own datin show in the works. It will air in 2009...and i'm not holdin my breath.. Maybe they should bring New York to his show...Could be a match! I'm such a matchmaker...Wonder how Whitney feels bout this...hmmm.. could be sum great drama for the show!

New Joint-"Swagger Like Us" by T.I. Featuring Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Lil' Wayne

"Swagger Like Us" is a new joint by T.I. Featuring the Hip-Hop "Dream Team." Reportedly, this track will be on T.I.'s upcoming album Paper Trail. The song is also going to be included on Jay-Z's Blueprint 3. It's a hot track and I like it. The song contains samples of M.I.A. song "PaperPlanes," which is a dope track too. T.I. recently made some comments to MTV News about this track leaking and he is not pleased.

“Don’t ruin the event. Wait till the cake comes out the kitchen before you eat it. That’s like a kid who sees his toys before Christmas; it takes away from me and I think it takes away from the fans as well. When it’s time, I’mma give it to you. They leaked my record with me and The-Dream [”Like I Do”] too. Leakage is never a problem I have had. I’m not used to it.”
Well, here is track, which is included in Kanye Wests' blog. Kanye made a comment in his blog about Jeezy not being on the song. Yeah, where is he? He stated that Jeezy may have to be on the remix. Anyway, listen to the song below:

"Swagger Like Us" by T.I. Featuring Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and Kanye West

The Game is Still Talking Trash

Here is another video of The Game talking "ish" about this impending Madden NFL '09 match between him and Bow Wow. In this video, he beats his opponent. Man, I wish that they would just play this game already!

Throwback Joints-"At Your Best (You Are Love)" Remix by Aaliyah/"I Want To Be Your Man" by Zapp and Roger

At Your Best (You are Love) Remix is probabaly one of my favorite Aaliyah tracks. I loved this song when it came out and I still do. It is actually an Isley Brothers song. When this song came out, I was about about 13 years-old and singing this song like crazy! Haha! The song was included on her first album, but not this remix version though. She was working with R. Kelly then and we all know that he was robbing the cradle too. Let me know if you used to like song and R.I.P Aaliyah!!!

I included another throwback in this post. The song below comes from the good ol' 80's, which I really miss. "I Wanna Be Your Man" is definitely an all-time classic! The lead singer of the band, Roger was famous for using the vocoder and talk-box. Sadly, he died in 1999 by the hands of his brother at 47 years-old. He and his brother got into a fight on the outside of a studio and he was shot in the chest by his brother Larry. His brother then shot himself in the head afterwards. R.I.P to this true music legend. Let me know if you used to love this song!

Whoop That Trick!!!

I don't know. I am just having a hard time accepting Terrance Howard as a serious artist. He looks like he's about to turn into Djay and pimp slap somebody!! He was performing with Solange and Michelle Williams at the J&R MusicFest the other day. I bet he stopped during the performance and said, "Wait! Is that Bonequesha over there trickin'? Ooooooohhhh, I know that b***h betta cough up my money or else I'm gonna have to choke a b***h." The people in the crowd are just left there staring at him in awe, and then Terrance Howard says, "Does it look like I am muthaf****n playing???!!! (Nostrils flared) Alright. Let's get back to this muthaf****n show." (Jaws are dropped)

New Joint-"Mic Check" by Keri Hilson Featuring Akon

Here is a banger by Keri Hilson that will be featured on her upcoming In A Perfect World. It's a nice track. Shout out to Keri Hilson of The Clutch!

"Mic Check" by Keri Hilson Featuring Akon

Keshia Cole on 106& Park

Dim di di da da daaaa..Caught up in the Rapture of Luuuuuvv. I'm not sure if i'm feelin this Anita Baker type do...I like the mssg. on the shirt tho..

LL Cool J isn't breaking up with wife, Simone

The internet has been buzzin about LL's marriage being in trouble after he's been spotted several times without his wedding band.. He tells OK! magazine,"I promise you, I'm not breaking up," he insisted. "Kill that rumor." LL said he wasn't wearing the wedding band because "I'm getting my wedding ring upgraded. I'm getting it hooked up... She's going to get hers upgraded too." We've heard that line from other celebrities before..Hmmmm....

Lil Wayne on the cover XXL

Lil Wayne is on October's XXL...He's in a league of his own right now...

The Brat will serve 3 yrs. in the slammer..Dayyuuum Guh!!

Clik Clink!!!!!! The Brat is gonna be serving 3 years in jail with 7 years probation! She f**ked up majorly! She went postal at a Jermaine Dupri party last year and struck a woman in the face with a rum bottle. The woman had to be rushed to the hospital and has mulitiple scars to show for it. The Brat don't play!!! I guess Kiki and Susan-lee in jail are gonna have their fun

New Cassie Video"Official Girl" Featurn Lil Wayne

I like this joint. It's the first single off Cassie's second album. Danja produced it..

New John Legend video'Green Light' featurin '3 stacks'

Bow Wow Shakes Nelly with That Crossover!

Ahhhh Nelly! How you gonna let Bow Wow school you like that???!!! I am surprised Nelly didn't twist his ankle or that his shoes didn't go flying off into the stands and hit someone in the head! Haha! Now that really would have been funny! They were both playing the So So Def 2008 Celebrity Basketball Game.

Jazmine Sullivan Is Bad!!!

Here's Jaz performing on BET's 106 & Park. Her video is number one on the show for the first time. I am so excited about her album! This girl can sang! She sounds just as good live as she does recorded. I think just about everybody is excited about her....

What was Rihanna Thinkin'?

I am usually diggin' RiRi's sense of style, but did she have to take it there with those shoes??? She lost me with those!!!!???

JD is in trouble...

His restaurant is in trouble, it was reported on local news in Atlanta that he was having money problems, most of the DJ's in the world don't like him right now, and now this: "JD fired from Def Jam!?!?" Could it be true?Article Here

Video Premiere-"Miss Independent" by Ne-Yo

This video is filled with guests from the likes of Trey Songz, Lauren London, Gabrielle Union, and Keri Hilson. I like the song and I like the choreography in the video. I guess Ne-Yo is going to wear that same gray suit in all of his videos. Haha!! He could've at least wore a different suit for this vid! Haha!

Video Premiere-"Sanctuary" by Terrance Howard

Uh.....I don't know what to say about this one....It's cool he can play the guitar though, but.....Let me know what you think.

These guys are heated but good points.. Kanye West really is the last artist I can think of that was successfully ushered in the game by someone else.

The young people of today's generation don't "empower" young artists like the legendary La Reid and Babyface's (who empowered everyone in atlanta in the 90's and early 2000).. The new generations aren't ushering the new "them in.." Rather, they are making the artists make it themselves within the media and then they jump on with them. La's generation, R. Simmons etc. was the last generation of execs to empower people with out the fear of those they empower taking their spot. Great business men and people with strong networks seem to empower others and see the bigger picture over being afraid or egotistical. If you look at the history of Atlanta Ga as a popular music "mecca" of talent, you can trace the mainstream musical exposure back to a very small group of people. La Reid was responsible for most of the city and there were a few others that also made great impact. La Reid brought talent from the south to the mainstream and helped change the sound of music forever. He is responsible for giving a shot to such artists as Outkast, TLC, etc. And then you had in house publishing companies like noontime that was catered to music publishing and making money of off producers. Now, if you are younger it is a different place in the A. Most of the people signing artists, or producers around town are so busy being artists, or producers, or writers, that they can't fully empower the younger generation like Russel Simmons could or La could... Check out this video about the state of the industry... interesting conversation

Bow Wow Challenges the Game!

Bow Wow has challenged The Game to a match of Madden NFL '09. The winner gets a payoff of $100,000. The Game's album comes out August 26th so I am sure they are doing this for some media exposure. Who do ya'll think is going to win?

Throwback Joint-"Twisted" by Keith Sweat

To me this song is a classic! This is another song that I loved back in High School. "Twisted" came out in 1996 and I was just about to be in the 9th or 10h grade I think. Ahhhhh!!! I can't even remember. Haha! But anyway, I used to listen to this song over and over. The CD was hot too! I could listen to the CD all the way through. My family members were always playing Keith Sweat. He is still doing his thing too. He just released an album earlier this year. Enjoy the flashback video and leave some comments on the song!

Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson Are Doing the D**n Thang!!

This movie looks good! The Secret Life of Bees stars Queen Latifah, Dakota Fanning, Alicia Keys, and Jennifer Hudson. The movie will hit theaters in October and I will definitely go and see it. Who's going to go and watch this?


Cassie Denies Diddy Rumors...Do You Believe Her?

Cassie recenly stopped by Hot 97 to clear up some "thangs." The world has been buzzing about Cassie and Diddy dating. Cassie was asked in this video if she and Diddy were dating. She said no, but stressed that they are really close and have a close working relationship. Hmmmmm....Do you believe her? Rihanna and Chris Brown were saying the same thing in regards to being "close" and look at them now????!! Even they can't lie to themselves anymore. Haha!! If they really are dating, then I guess I can understand why these celebs do not want to dish the dirt. I wouldn't want anyone in my business either, but unforunately people want scoop. Let me know what you think!

Kim Osorio Dishes Dirt on The Source Magazine...

Kim Osorio is ready to dish some major dirt in her Tell-All-Book titled "Straight from the Source: An Expose from the Former Editor in Chief of the Hip-Hop Bible." If you are not aware, Kim is a Hip-Hop Journalist and the former editor and chief of The Source Magazine. In fact, she even won a multimillion dollar sexual harrassment lawsuit against The Source Magazine. You go girl!!! It is good to see women filing these types of lawsuits and winning. And it looks like she is trying to stack some more paper too by writing this book. Read the excerpt from her book below, which is pretty interesting. In the excerpt, she described a situation where she was on Hot 97 and Sway tried to say that she gave 50 Cent head live on air! Apparently, he misinterpreted some lyrics in an Eminem song, when Eminem was really talking about his ex-wife Kim, in which we know he always has angry lyrics for.

I think this will be an interesting read though and I am going to pick up the book. Kim tries to make a point with her book, which is that there is a lot of crooked stuff going on in the industry period and a person has to deal with a lot things. Basically with success and power, comes headache and turmoil. More people are going to talk about you and try to tarnish your name. And a woman will have it ten times harder and have to deal with sexist issues. She basically won her lawsuit against The Source by claiming that she worked in a hostile work environment, in which co-workers watched porn at work, smoked pot, hung nasty pictures in their office, and called women b*****s! Here is the excerpt below:

Read excerpt from the book

Tonight @ 7pm eastern time Polow Da Don's i15 will be chatting live video!!

Right Here Live webcam @ 7pm eastern time. Also look out for bobby v to pop on afterwards!! be here tonight!

Are Videos or Parents To Blame For This?

OMG!!!! I can't believe my eyes.!! Why are children dancing like this?!! Do you think she learned how to dance like this watching videos or from her parents? That must be the mother in the background. She is obviously watching her child dance like this and has no problem. In my opinion, the parents are to blame for these children dancing like this. Unfortunately, this child could have dreams of being a video girl. I bet you this girl has been watching some music videos too, but I am not going to blame this on Hip-Hop. I blame the parents because we are reponsible for the way our children behave and obviously their parents do not care. That is a terrible shame! Let me know what you all think about this subject.

Throwback Joint-"Cheers 2 U" by Playa

Cheers 2 U
Uploaded by ice1906

This used to be one of my favorite groups. I loved the way that they sang and harmonized. Unfortunately, Static (R.I.P) passed away earlier this year. He was very talented and wrote some greats songs for Aaliyah (R.I.P), Missy, etc. This song brings me back to a lot of memories. Enjoy this video!

Who's Child Is This????

Does this kiddo look familiar to you? Who's chid do you think it is? If you guessed Diddy then you are absolutely correct! You can't deny who his father is. They look exactly alike! He looks like a younger version of Diddy. This photo is a part of Diddy's ad campaign for Sean Jean clothing. He even has shiny lips in this photo like his pops....

Would You Buy Dollhouse Jeans?

Danity Kane has unleashed their own line of jeans called Dollhouse Jeans on Monday in New York City. Would you wear them ladies? From the photos, I can't really tell how they look or anything, but they look cute. If they are not tailored to those of us with that junk in the trunk, then I probably won't be wearing them. Haha!

BET's 106 & Park Celebrates 2,000th Episode!

106 & Park celebrated it's 2,000th episode yesterday. I can't believe it's been that long! Rocsi and Terrance were joined by LL Cool J, T.I., Jennifer Hudson, Keyshia Cole, Bow Wow, Ray J, Julissa, and Busta Rhymes. I am surprised that AJ and Free didn't stop by. I miss those two! The show just isn't the same without them. It's good to see that Terrance and Rocsi have kissed and made up.

New Jeezy Ft. Nas!!!!!!!!!

This is shaping up to be one hell of an album people.

Young Jeezy Ft. Nas - My President Prod. By Dj Toomp (BANGGGGGERR!!!!)

15 of the biggest females on one song!

Sept. 2 you will hear the biggest female artist's on one song entitled "Stand Up".The song features Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Fergie, Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus, Melissa Etheridge, Ashanti, Natasha Bedingfield, Keyshia Cole, Ciara, Leona Lewis, LeAnn Rimes and Carrie Underwood. All sales of the star-studded single will benefit cancer research. The song was produced by LA Reid and Babyface, so it should be decent to say the least.

All 15 singers will perform the song live on Sept. 5 during the "Stand Up to Cancer" television special, set to air simultaneously on ABC, NBC and CBS.

Video Premiere-"Pretty Please" by Estelle

I really like Estelle's music. She is definitely slept on. Her album Shine really has some bangers on it and her music has a R&B, Reggae, Hip-Hop, and Soul feel to it. "Pretty Please" is a nice track with a classic R&B feel to it. Cee-lo is singing background vocals on the track. See if you can spot crazy Aubrey from Danity Kane in the video and Taraji Henson, who co-starred in one of my favorite films Hustle and Flow. In the video, Estelle is dealing with her cheating man. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

New Music 8/19

Katy Perry Ft. Flo-Rida- I Kissed A Girl (remix)..Nice Club Mix

Chris Brown - Captive Prod. By Polow Da Don (I dunno buddy)

DJ Khaled Ft. T-Pain & Kanye West - Go Hard Prod. By The Runners (BANGER)

Young Dro - We Can Do It (hot)

New Couple Alert-Bow Wow and Angela Simmons

It looks like Bow Wow might have a thing for Angela Simmons. The two were spotted the other day hanging out at an event. I think Angela needs to run the other way on Bow Wow. I am not for sure if they are a couple or not, however. What do you guys think? If they are dating, then are they cute together?

Album Battle-Keri Hilson vs. Michelle Williams

I love Keri's hair in this photo. It seems that her album In A Perfect World has been pushed back to October 7th, which is the same day that Michelle Williams of Destiny Child, is going to come out with her album Unexpected. So it looks like these two will face off in the album battle. Who do you think will come out on top? I think Keri Hilson has this one in the bag, especially since Michelle's album has been leaked over the net already. Vote on the poll below and let me know who you guys think!

Chris Brown upset by his new songs being leaked..

Chris Brown is frustrated and really upset because his music has been leaked lately. His new song Electric Guitar is actually a collaboration between him and girlfriend, Rihanna."I'm mad that it's leaked," he said to The Associated Press in an interview."The record's not finished. It's supposed to be me and Rihanna's duet/"


GO on Nas, speak ya mind!

Sean Kingston's 2nd video blog shows his rides and Mansion

Dayyyuumm, Sean Kingston is really gettn it! Check out his rides and crib....

Put Your Shirt Back On Kanye!

Ahhhhh lawdy!!!! D**n!!! Ignorance is pure bliss. I have never seen Kanye without a shirt until now. And why am I wishing that he would have left the shirt on!??? Yeah, go hurt 'em all right. He hurt my eyes with this one looking like somebody's crazy Uncle Willie trying to be sexy. Yuck! This is far from sexy...He actually looks older with his shirt off! Haha! Some of you ladies may like this, but I am not.

Photo Source


Photographer,Derek Blanks taking pics of Amerie. She is currently workin on her 4th album..

Broadcast by Ustream.TV
Exclusive 2009 New Yung Joc Single!! - Poppin featuring bobby v

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