Aubrey Gives Her Doggie Some Scooby Snacks!!

Would you do this? I seriously have to wonder if this is all she is giving that doggie..Haha!! You know I had to say it!!! LOL!! There is no way I am giving my dog tongue to tongue action...PERIOD!!!!

T.I., Trey Songz, and Others at the Patron Music Motion Tour Party

T.I. is shown here getting the party hype at the Patron Music Motion Tour Party yesterday. And I see he was there promoting his album too. I am sure everyone got loaded with some Patron there. Fabolous, Wendy Williams, and Flo Rida were at the event. Flo Rida sure has been on the low lately...

Album Battles for the Week of September 30, 2008

Today, T.I. releases his long-awaited album Paper Trail. Along with him Jennifer Hudson and Robin Thicke also released albums on the same day. A lot of people have been anticipating Jennifer Hudson's album and Robin Thicke. Who do you think will come out on top? I think for sure that T.I. will sell the most records during it's first week. Jennifer Hudson will probably come in second behind T.I. What do you think will happen? I don't think that Dem Franchize Boyz or Mur will even get close to the rest of the artists.

Is It You?

Diddy and Rodney Jerkins are looking for the next star. Is it you? I think Diddy is going to spend the rest of his life looking for the next big thing. And I am sure he is trying to redeem himself, after the disappointment of Donnie Klang's album. Haha! That was a huge error in Diddy's judgment!! Will you be the next star?

Ciara Get's Racy on Set of New Video...

Here is Ciara on the set of her new video "Go Girl" featuring T-Pain. I swear this girl is Janet Jackson in training. Pretty soon she is going to be pulling her male fans out of the stands and lap dancing for them. Haha! She looks like a plastic doll in that top pic. So I am guessing the video will premiere soon. I am not a fan of this song. It is pretty blah to me.....blah, blah, blah!!!

Video Premiere-"Another Way to Die" by Alicia Keys and Jack White....That Crackhouse I Tell Ya!!!

I hate this! I love different types of music and love when two different music world's can come together, but this just frankly sucks! Alicia Keys doesn't sound right singing this. This is a song for the new James Bond movie. Amy Crackhouse was supposed to be on this track with Jack White from The White Stripes, but she messed that up with her drug addiction and couldn't get it right. I actually think Amy could've did more justice to this song than Alicia. Man, I am so mad at Amy Winehouse right now!!! And Alicia this song isn't working with you girl!!!!

Janet Jackson In Hospital...

Janet Jackson recently performed in Toronto, Canada at the Rockwitchu Tour. Reportedly, she has cancelled her show in Montreal, after suddenly becoming ill. She actually had to be rushed to the hospital for an unknown illness. There are no words yet on whether there will be anymore cancellations at this time. I hope that Janet gets better though. Sickness is running around alot right now, especially due to weather changes. I have been getting sick myself.

Christina Milian Asks For A Miracle with Myspace Records Debut

Christina Milian was snapped the other day while out with a friend. I have seen a lot of photos of her out and about lately probably trying to prepare herself for her Myspace Records debut. I wonder how this new album of hers is going to do? If you want my honest opinion, I do not think that her Myspace Records debut is going to do well. Who knows though? I could be wrong. I mean her project will be heavily promoted on myspace, which is basically one of the biggest social networks out there. I would like your input. Do you think her myspace project will do well?

Video Premiere-"Undisputed" by Ludacris

Ludacris travels into the life of a boxer in his new video. Peep Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the video and Pretty Boy Bam Bam. He's perpetrating like he is really doing something, but I didn't see him even break a sweat in that video. Haha!!

J Hud Caught with her Face Off!!!!

Man, I would be really pissed if the paparazzi caught me looking like this. Jennifer at least could have beat her mug before stepping out in public like this. Oh well. This is what happens when you don't have your game gear on. Jennifer you always have to be prepared girl!!! And her album is coming out tomorrow too....(psssss)...


Avant's New Contract..

For all of us Avant fans, it looks like the singer's next album is going to be held back for a little while. He just signed a new contract with Capitol Records, which will push his album from October 28th to December 9th. That is the next week after Jay-Z releases his album. The singer thinks that his new deal with Capitol Records will be a better look for him. Also, he is going to try to take things to a new level with his album and do some different things. Reportedly, he is working with Trackmasters, The Architects and Anonymous for the album. I can't wait until the album comes out! His new single doesn't sound so different though. It sounds like the Avant that we are used to. And it's not like I am complaining in any shape or form. Haha!!

Bow Wow Finally Does Something Worthwhile...

Bow Wow is finally doing soemthing good for a change. I am saying that because I am not a fan of his music. LOL!! Moving along; Bow Wow is getting patriotic and getting involved in the upcoming election. He is trying to get other people out there to vote. He is doing this by promoting something called "Walk Across America." The rapper is going to visit many cities across the country trying to get people to vote. This event will be filmed and it will kick off in Altanta, GA on October 1st. I can't knock this good deed that Bow Wow is putting together.

Go Party with Robin Thicke!

Are you eagerly anticipating the release of Robin Thicke's new album? Well, go to his myspace page because he is having a listening party. His new CD Something Else will hit stores tomorrow. So if you are curious about the album, go to his myspace page to check them out. Hopefully, the album is good. So far, I like his single "Magic." If the album does well, maybe Vibe will put him on the cover. Haha! Here is a tracklisting of the songs that you will hear on the page:

Something Else Tracklisting:

1. You’re My Baby
2. Sidestep
3. Magic
4. Ms. Harmony
5. Dreamworld
6. Loverman
7. Hard On My Love
8. The Sweetest Love
9. Something Else
10. Shadow of Doubt
11. Cry No More
12. Tie My Hands featuring Lil Wayne

Nick Cannon Sends Message to the Haters!

I guess Nick Cannon is getting tired of all of the haters out there talking about his relationship with Mariah Carey. The other day Nick wore this shirt, which is definitely a message to all of the haters out there that talk about his relationship. I think these two really do love each other and they are cute. I wish them nothing, but the best....Unfortunately, the haters will probably remain no matter what.

Jay-Z Decides on Release Date...

We all have heard that The Blueprint 3 is going to drop at the end of the year. Well, it has now been confirmed by that Jay-Z will drop the album on December 2. This will be his last album under his Def Jam contract. Do you think that Jay-Z will quit rapping or do you think he will work out a new deal?

Also, in other Jay Hov news, the rapper is working on his own version of "Swagger Like Us." The original version featured Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and T.I. Jay-Z's version is going to feature Young Jeezy, Nas, and Andre 3000. Now I can already tell you that Jay-Z's version is going to be dope! I am glad he added he added these guys to the song. I was actually wondering where Jeezy was on Kanye's version.

Jennifer Hudson Performs on The Tonight Show...

Jennifer Hudson stopped by the Tonight Show the other day to talk about her new engagement to Punk from I Love New York 2 and her upcoming album, which will drop tomorrow. She also performed her single "Spotlight." Who's picking up the album tomorrow?

New Joint-"Chopped and Screwed" by T-Pain ft. Ludacris

T-Pain is ready to drop his second single "Chopped and Screwed" ft. Ludacris. His upcoming album will be releasded on November 11th. This song talks about being chopped and screwed and the song itself has been chopped and screwed. The track sounds pretty good. Do you like it?

Video Preview-"Cool" by Anthony Hamilton ft. David Banner

"Cool" behind the scenes from levi maestro on Vimeo.

Here's a preview of Anthony Hamilton's new video "Cool" ft. David Banner. The singer is preparing to release a new album The Point of It All later this year. Supposedly, the album will be more uptempo. Hamilton says that he is tired of singing sad songs. What do you think of this new song?

Polow Da Don gives you a real background of how he came up in the industry!

Great panel right here.. Check out this interview..

Throwback Weekends-"Money, Power, Respect by The LOX ft. Lil Kim and DMX and "Fugeela" by The Fugees

I posted these joints for all of the hip-hop heads out there. There are some hip-hop favorites and some of mine too...

Ashanti's "Drop It Like It's Hot" Campaign...

Everytime I see some photos of Ashanti lately, she is all hiked over in a short skirt or some tight a** pants. I guess she thinks it is going to help her sell some more records. Haha!! I don't think it is quite helping girl. Her boo's Sean Jean ads aren't even helping his record sales either. LOL!! Pretty soon the both of them are going to be going for broke. Hey ya'll...check those guys in the back...She thinks they are her backup dancers, but they are really peepin' her. That one guy looked liked he wanted to reach out and touch a sista...Haha!!

Mariah Carey Not Preggars!!!

Well, I guess there were rumors floating around that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were expecting a bundle of joy. The news is false according to Oprah Winfrey. The other day, Oprah verbally confirmed that Mariah Carey is not preggars. I wouldn't be surprised if she did though...

Video Premiere-"Many Moons" by Janelle Monae

Man, I love her! I have been familiar with her every since she started working with Outkast and I love her music! I bought her EP The Chase Suite about two days ago and my only beef with it was that it needed more songs. Haha!! I can't wait to hear more of her music. She is refreshing to me because she is different and creative. She is basically the feminine version of Andre 3000. In the video, you can really tell her theater background. She is so dramatic....Haha!! Anyway, I am a big fan and her music has me excited!!! Let me know what you think.

Amy Winehouse Continues to Decline...

OMG!!! Seriously! This isn't even funny anymore. Amy Winehouse is just digging herself an early grave. She needs an intervention IMMEDIATELY or she is going to kill herself!! She continues to look worse and it is really sad that someone with so much talent can self-destruct like this...This picture was taken recently too at a performance in London last night. Come on we all need to pray for her!!

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Will Be Heard...

For years we all heard about that Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (R.I.P) was recording an album. Now her material will be heard. Her first album Supernova was released only overseas in 2001. However, before she passed, she was working on more material, which will be released. The album title is Eye Legacy and will include 12 tracks. The album will feature music from Missy Elliot, Tupac Shakur, Chamillionaire, Lil Mama, and Bobby Valentino. This album is stictly dedicated to her fans and will be released on November 11th on Mass Appeal Entertainment/Koch Records. I can't wait to hear the material. I didn't even hear Supernova. She is surely missed...

Video Premiere-"When It Hurts" by Avant

It seems that Avant is sticking to what he knows best and that is slow jams. The song is a nice little ballad. Let me know what you think? I love me some Avant. Haha!!

50 Cent Says Beyonce Made Jay-Z???!!

Huh? I guess 50 Cent has been smoking a lot of "refa" nowadays. How is he going to say that Beyonce made Jay-Z? Jay-Z was huge before he got married to Beyonce. True he has added some more bank to his resume' since he married her, but still.....He is really a hater forreal...Read his exact statements below:

"I’m a big fan of Jay-Z, but outside of the States and hip-hop circles, no one really knew who he was until he married Beyonce’. He adds, “I don’t believe he’s worth that much! It’s all been exaggerated. I’m comfortable. I don’t want for anything so I’m not in a race.”.
What do you guys think? Let me know your comments on this one....I cannot stress enough how desperate 50 Cent is acting. He know he career is sinking...

Video Premiere-"Why Me" by Ice Cube ft. Musiq Soulchild

Ice Cube is still making records and reppin the West. Do you like this song?

This Week on the Album Charts-Ne-Yo, Nelly, and Raphael Saadiq....

Wow....album sales seem to keep getting lower and lower for me...Nevertheless, Ne-Yo and Nelly actually had a better week on the charts versus the albums which debuted last week. Ne-Yo clocked in at #2 with his new album Year of the Gentlemen at 250,000 copies so he definitely has something to smile about. Nelly, on the other hand, is putting those gold fronts in jeopardy as Brass Knuckles only sold about 84,000 copies at #3. If you compare that with the success of his last album, which sold in the range of 396,000-342,000 copies, his current sales are not that great. I mean, LL Cool J was all bothered that he sold about 40,000 copies while Jessica Simpson sold more than him. Well, Nelly is not too far off the mark....Haha!! I knew that he wasn't going to do as good as he usually does, but I thought he would at least sell over 100,000 copies in the first week. He did get close, however. Raphael Saadiq sold about 23,000 copies. Anyway, what is up with Nelly's decline? Do you think that the listeners are getting tired of his material? Before I get out of there, lookout for the results next week on Jazmine Sullivan, Joe, and The Pussycat Dolls...

Aubrey Comments on the Future of Danity Kane...

In the current issue of Complex Magazine, the best bud of Jenna Jameson sets the record straight on the future of Danity Kane. There has been a lot of rumors lately claiming that the group is in trouble and is going to break up. In the interview, she stated:

Does the fact that you’re on Broadway and on the way to becoming a high-profile celebrity cause tension within your group?

Aubrey O’Day: I can answer that question this way: I am very dedicated to Danity Kane, and nothing I can ever do will conflict with my respect, love, and dedication to that project. So, on my end, there will never be any issues. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I can speak for myself.

How many Danity Kane albums are you locked in for?

Aubrey O’Day: Seven, not including holiday and live albums.

Damn! So that means at least five more to go.

Aubrey O’Day: In a perfect world, that’s what appears to be the case. But, as we all know, this world is not perfect.
Hmmmmm....I do not know if I believe that one. With a group of five girls, anything is possible. I couldn't imagine them getting along forever...What do you think? Do you believe that Aubrey is just blowing smoke up our a*sses or do you think that everything is peachy-keen with the girls? The truth will eventually come out if so...

Would You Buy Their Album???!!! Do you recognize these foos? It is Real and Chance from I Love New York and their brother. The other day, they made an appearance at the Fox Reality Channel Awards. Expect to see them on your tv screens soon. They have their own reality show on VH1 where they will try to find love, which will premiere on November 3rd. They are trying to push a music career too. I would not even think about buying their album. I know it would be highly wack!! Haha!! Would you buy their material or should I ask that question?? Haha!!

Jazmine Sullivan Performance and Interview on Yahoo

For all of those Jazmine Sullivan fans out there, here's an exclusive interview from her on Yahoo. Also, check out her performance of "Need U Bad" below. Who copped the CD, which dropped on Tuesday?

Rihanna at Gucci Fashion Show-Cute or Not???

Rihanna is really proving herself to be a fashion icon. Check her out at the Gucci Womenswear Spring/Summer 2009 fashion show in Milan, Italy on Wednesday. She will appear in their new ad soon and they personally invited her to this event. I personally don't like those shoes. She looks like a wrestler or something. What do you think about her outfit? Is it cute or not?

Beyonce Holds Back Singles....

Do you guys remember last week when I mentioned that Beyonce was going to come out with two new singles on October 7th? Well, she has decided to wait to release her new singles to radio until October 14th. She is doing this because her Destiny's Child bandmate Michelle Williams will be releasing her album Unexpected on October 7th. Lookout for "If I Were A Boy" and "Single Ladies." I wonder if Beyonce's kind notion will do any good for Michelle???? In other Beyonce news, she just made the 2008 Forbes List for one of the highest paid musicians at #2. Man, I wish I was stacking that kind of change! Must be nice!! Haha!!

Ludacris Loses Part of Home...

Ludacris recently lost part of his mansion in Altanta, Georgia yesterday to a blazing fire. According to reports, his pool house was completely detroyed. Thank God no one was injured and that he did not lose his whole house to the fire!

Ciara Says She Wasn't Nude!

Do you believe her? Ciara recently told MTV News that she wasn't nude in her recent photos in Vibe Magazine and said they bothered her. Vibe has a different twist to Ciara's statements. They claim that it was Ciara's idea to appear nude in the photos. Ciara's recalls looking at her cover shots for the first time realizing that things weren't the way that she intended for the photos to look. She stated:

"When I saw the photos, I was a little bothered because the photos appear as if I was nude, and I wasn't nude. I reached out to [Danyell Smith from Vibe] - I sent her a letter - and I was a little upset, too, in the fact that she didn't respond to me, and that happened prior to me reading her quote on the Internet. That definitely bothered me, just because of the fact that I wasn't nude."
Regardless of what Vibe says, Ciara stands behind her statements and says she knows what's up. Also, she will not sue the magazine either, but contends she was trying to make an artistic statement without being nude. Do you believe Ciara or Vibe?

Big Boi Joins with Grand Hustle...

That's right people. There's no stank coming from this rumor. Big Boi has decided to ditch his longtime manager to roll with T.I. and his crew at Grand Hustle. Reportedly, T.I.'s manager has approached Big Boi about joining the Grand Hustle Family and the word on the street is that Big Boi has accecpted, even though he has not formally made any comments about the matter. Amid all of the new hype, he will be releasing his upcoming album Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty on October 28th. (Did ya'll get that by the way?) That is one loooong album title! I guess we will have to see how this news unfolds and how it will play in with the release of his album....

Don't Expect a Destiny's Child Reunion Anytime Soon..

Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle are not planning to reunite anytime soon. This was basically confirmed by Michelle the other day. Right now, the singer says that she is concentrating on her solo career and has no plans to go back to Destiny's Child at this time. In her own words, the singer stated, "I haven't heard anything about a Destiny's Child reunion. I'm focusing on me now and want to stand on my own two feet." So basically Michelle is trying to build her own fanbase. The other members of the group have not commented on this matter at this point. Many of us know that Beyonce is going to release her album later this year and Kelly has been doing her solo thing too. I can say that I have to give Michelle props. Her vocal skills are better than what they used to be...

Jermaine Dupri Celebrates Birthday....

Jermaine Dupri celebrated his 36th birthday with his freakazoid Janet. Janet showed out last week at the Rockwithchu Tour by sexually seducing some of her male fans. I am sure her honey is used to her behavior. Haha!! Anyway, I guess we can also say she is a free agent in the music market since she recently was let go from her contract at Def Jam. For a minute there, I bet you guys thought I meant she was single. Haha!! Sorry about that. Anyway, a few stars came out to celebrate the producer's birthday with him such as, Ne-Yo, Ice-T and his big wad of plastic Coko, Julissa, L.A. Reid, DJ Cassidy, etc.

Nelly, Akon, and Ashanti Performance on Jimmy Kimmel...

Everytime I see Ashanti here lately, she has been in some tight a** pants. Haha!! I can't see how she can move in those things. She and her booboo Nelly performed "Body On Me" along with crazy Akon. The song is on both Nelly and Ashanti's albums. I was just waiting for Akon to reach out and smack a fan....

Cassie on 106 & Park

I still do not think that Cassie can sing. Here she is on 106 & Park talking about her vocals on Diddy's Freestyle "Swagga Like Puff." Are any of you excited about her upcoming album?

SAVE THE MUSIC = buy Jazmine Sullivan's album out now!!

I am happy to promote something that can help the music industry as a whole on here. Make sure you buy this album this week!

It's Never Quite Right??!!!

Man, I think these two are sooooo cute! They are always up under each other, but I don't quite get Tiny's style. Lawd, T.I. needs to hire his boo a stylist bad!!!! Those leopard skin capri's or whatever you wanna call them are horrendous!!! There is hope for her though. I am confident that one day, for once, she will dress right in a pic...Haha!!

Sparkle Still Stands by Her Testimony...

It's been a hot minute since we have seen or heard from former R. Kelly protege' Sparkle until the Child Pornography trial went underway. Sparkle had some incriminating news against Kellz and stated that he was the guy in the video. The reason why she testified was because her niece was the girl in the video and she claimed to have proof of what Kellz did with the girl. Of course, we all know that R. Kelly wasn't convicted, but the singer stresses that she told the truth. According to her recent interview in Sister 2 Sister Magazine, she almost did not testify because she still deeply cares for R. Kelly and respects him for getting her music career on track. However, she testified because she wanted to do the right thing and stated, "I was like, because I do care I have to show up. I have to basically finish what I started, which was basically just to tell the truth."

The singer is no longer working for R. Kelly, but her neice's father is. In the meantime, she is working on a new album, which is expected for release sometime next year. Definitely, if she knew something, I am glad that she spoke up. You have to do the right thing. Even though the trial is over and R. Kelly has been acquitted, do you think that he got away with doing wrong? Also, if you were in her shoes, would you speak up?

Melody Thornton and Eddie Murphy??

It looks like Eddie Murphy has been scouting for a Pussycat Doll. Here he is with Melody Thornton of the Pussycat Dolls at her birthday bash the other day. Eddie Murphy is just a womanizer forreal. I wonder how long this one is going to last. LOL!!! By the way, the groups second album was released today.

T.I. and Rihanna Shoot New Video

T.I. and RiRi performed "Live Your Life" at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. Now, they are ready to shoot the video. They will shoot it during the first week of October. The track was produced by Just Blaze. I really like the song. Remember Paper Trail drops 0n September 30th, which is next week.


He just luuuuvs to hear himself talk....

Preview of the Movie "Notorious"

Well, here is a preview of that movie "Notorious" based on the life of Biggie. It is set to hit theaters in 2009. Hmmmmm...I still can't make up my mind if this movie is going to be good or not. The preview kinda looked a little wack to me, but it may actually be good. What do you think? Do you think that this movie will be any good?

Rodney Jerkins Confirms Janet Jackson's Split from Def Jam...

This rumor has been swirling around for a week now or maybe even a months. Now it has been confirmed by Rodney Jerkins that Janet Jackson has cut ties with Def Jam. Do you think this is a smart move on her part and will it help her career?

Ya'll Ready for Andre 3000?/Throwback-"Prototype" by Outkast

The other half of Outkast recently told Rolling Stone Magazine that his upcoming album will drop later this year or even early next year. There will not be many features on the project because he says he usually likes to do things himself. He also stated that it will be most likely be much like The Love Below. That is another album that I am excited about. Andre is so creative with his music and I love that. I thought I would go ahead and post one of my favorite songs from him titled "Prototype" as a throwback joint. This song was on The Love Below, which was his part of Outkasts' joint album together.

Outkast - Prototype via

Keyshia Cole Trying To Do Things Different On Upcoming Album...

Keyshia Cole recently told TV One that her next album will be different. The singer states that "I'm not talkin'about being so...heartbroken." We all know that her major hits have focused on the ups and downs of love. Now, she is trying to head into a different direction with her upcoming album, which expected to drop later on this year. She also stated, "It's time to lighten up and have a good time for this album." There are unfortunately not many details regarding her third studio album. The singer has stated that within 5 years that she is going to put music on hold to start a family, be a wife, and a Veterinarian. I am sure that her next album will be good. I wonder if her audience will like her newer side?

Which One Do You Prefer-Tha Carter III or The Recession?

By this time, I am sure that most of you have heard Jeezy's and Weezy's albums. Haha!! Now, I have to ask. Which album do you think is the best? We all know that Lil Wayne sold a major amount of records for this day in age with Tha Carter III. Jeezy's album came out a few weeks ago and I am loving it. I really think Wayne's album is waaaay overrated. I liked the beginning of the album, but then it just went on a downhill spiral from that point. It could have been a lot better in my opinion. Then we have Jeezy's album. I swear I like almost every song on the album. To me it is better than Weezy's album. So now I have to get everyone's opinion on this and let you all decide. Who has the best album? Weezy or Jeezy? Take the poll below and let us know!!

Travis Barker and DJ AM Expected To Make a Full Recovery...

Many of you have probably heard about this tragic incident, but I just thought that I would post some footage of it. Travis Barker and DJ AM were injured in a learjet crash over the weekend. The last that I heard was that the two were in critical condition, but were both expected to make a full recovery. Investigative reports are citing a blown tire as the cause of the crash. Travis Barker is the former drummer of Blink 182 and has done a lot of work in the hip-hop circuit lately. Travis kills the drums. DJ AM is a famous celebrity DJ. Isn't he the guy that used to date Nicole Ritchie? I have been praying for those guys and I am glad they are doing better. My prayers are with the families of the four people that died in the fatal plane crash as reports that Jermaine Dupri went to the hospital to visit the both of them.

No Album for Amy Winehouse...

Well for all of you Amy Winehouse fans, her upcoming album may be shelved. Reports are swirling around that she is not sticking to her recording schedule and has only finished two songs. Her album was supposed to be finished by the end of this year or sometime early next year, but people are doubtful that is going to happen. Supposedly, she has too many issues at the moment to concentrate on music or recording. We all know that she has a serious drug problem that she is trying to deal with. I was reading that a member of the group Oasis made a comment about Amy when asked if he was going to collaborate with her. He basically stated that Amy may be dead by the time that he gets a chance to work with her. Anyway, it's a shame that she is so messed up. I really like her music a lot. I am a big fan....

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