An Exclusive Interview.....Introducing Krys Ivory

Krys Ivory is ready to make a huge impact on the music industry with her hit single "Next 2 Ya," which features the talented Ryan Leslie (the producer behind Cassie's success). The talented R&B singer hails from Los Angeles California and has just signed to the Next Selection LifeStyle Group/bad boy records. Krys has worked with hit West Coast producer DemJointz, and is currently working to finish her debut album. I had the chance to catch up with Ms. Ivory between her busy recording schedule. With her strong vocals and humble background, Krys Ivory is destined for success... This is only the beginning....

Rowrytah: Anyway, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to interview with me at How are you?

Krys Ivory: I'm extremely blessed. How are you? [Smiles]

Rowrytah: I am doing good girl. I just couldn't sleep. [Laughs] I am wide awake. [Laughs]

Krys Ivory: [Laughs] That happens to me all the time. [Laughs]

Rowrytah: First of all, I would like to give you a chance to briefly introduce yourself to the fans out there who may not be familiar with your music.

Krys Ivory: Hey yawl! [Laughs] I go by the name of Krys Ivory. I am a 22 year-old singer/songwriter. I am also an artist...freehand. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I am a pastors kid! UH OH! [Laughs] I grew up singing in church... and also for my dads homeless ministry, which he has retired from. I recently got signed with Ryan Leslie's Next Selection...and just released my new single "Next 2 ya" featuring Ryan Leslie. So definitely check that out! [Laughs]

Rowrytah: Congrats girl! That is what I heard!

Krys Ivory: [Laughs]

Rowrytah: It has been a long time coming!

Krys Ivory: Yes indeed. I have been working verrrrry hard! [Laughs]

Rowrytah: Well, you deserve it girl. I remember when i first heard your track "I Can Be Her" produced by Dem Jointz. I was hooked them. [Laughs]

Krys Ivory: [Laughs] Awwww thanks mama! Yea. Shout out to talented producer DemJointz. That guy is soooo talented its crazy! [Laughs]

Rowrytah: Yes, he is! I love his beats!

Krys Ivory: Yeah, I just did some new stuff with him too...its crazy! I'll send it to you when its mixed girl.

Rowrytah: Please do! I have been waiting for that "Ask About Me Mixtape" for what it seems like ages! [Laughs]

Krys Ivory: [Laughs] I am actually going to release that. It'll be free to download very soon. I'll give you a heads up when it is!

Rowrytah: Okay girl. That sounds great! So you were talking about DemJointz....Tell me a little about how you guys linked up and how you were discovered.

Krys Ivory: Well, I was working with talented producer DemJointz at the time...and Ryan Leslie's partner Rasheed Richmond (both behind the Cassie success) found me on myspace and heard my song "She like em bad." He loved it and invited me to come demo and reference for Ryan Leslie seeing how he was in L.A. at the time. Well I came through...and I remember thinking. "Wow! There are a lot of singers here! [Laughs] And they were all beautiful!" I mean...Ryan was surrounded by beautiful vocalists all the time...its crazy. So I wasn't expecting to sing that night. [Laughs] But sho nuff...Rasheed told Ryan to peep me out! I sang a lil' sumthin' and Ryan had me get behind the booth. The chemistry was just voice and Ryan's beats mesh very well. It's been a great experience and it continues to grow!

Rowrytah: Awww....that is great girl! It was definitely meant to be girl. I mean look at the coincidence with Sheed getting at you on myspace around the same time that R-les was in LA. That is crazy! How did you feel when you were contacted?

Krys Ivory: Haha...yes indeed. I didn't think anything of it to be honest. In this game, I try not to put my hopes up too high unless somethin solid happens. [Laughs] It's very tough being a female in the music industry, especially with no guidance... I did this all on my own...I am one hell of a hustler...only the guidance of the good Lord! [Laughs]

Rowrytah: Why do you think it is so tough for females in the industry right now?

Krys Ivory:'s a doggy dog world. [Laughs]. Sometimes people can be very sex driven, but you have to stand your ground and let them know what your here for and not here for. Many times, I had to voice myself and say.."I am here for music...and thats all." Sounds cliche', but its true [Laughs

Rowrytah: It is very true and I am glad you brought that up. I see that happen all of the time, when females feel pressured to compromise their integrity because they are told sex sells. What you said is so true.

Krys Ivory: Haha....thanx!

Rowrytah: So tells us a little about your new single "Next To Ya." What kind of feedback are you getting?

Krys Ivory:'s crazzzzy. I never expected sooo much positive feedback just off of one song! It's been bubbling for awhile now and spread all by itself on the net. I remember googling myself out of curiousity and also on youtube and discovering fans making videos...singing, dancing, and just everyday life with my single playing. It picked up by itself on some radio stations. I am trying to bring it to the west coast. It's in the UK now...soon ill be releasing it to broader audiences.

Rowrytah: The UK is a good market to tap into..So are you basically doing promo for the single right now at different radio stations?

Krys Ivory: Yes. I just started actually and did some promo yesterday at Hot 107.9. That was fun [Laughs] Shout out to DJ Maestro. He's comedy. [Laughs]

Rowrytah: Yeah, I was listening to it and you did a great job girl!

Krys Ivory: Haha....thanks!

Rowrytah: So are you going to shoot a video for the single "Next 2 Ya?"

Krys Ivory: It's definitely going to happen. The video will probably be filmed in New York City within the next couple of months. I should be flying out to New York as soon as I can.

Rowrytah: So are you working on an album right now for your new record label. If so, when will it be released?

Krys Ivory: I am. There is no release date yet. They are making me bite my tongue with alot of info....haha..

Rowrytah: I totally understand girl. Keep me posted!

Krys Ivory: [Laughs] You know I will!

Rowrytah: So who do you at least plan to collaborate with on your album?

Krys Ivory: Well, things just kinda happen so I am not sure. I heard British singer Craid David did a remix to my single "Next 2 Ya." I also heard that even Jadakiss got on the single too and recorded a remix.

Rowrytah: So how were you discovered by DemJointz?

Krys Ivory: We met each other through DJ Rampage..Omarion's official DJ. He's been a mutual friend of ours for some years. He told DemJointz I could saaang! DemJointz didn't believe him when he saw my one day he set up a meet up at his pad. I sang...and DJ made me do a track with him that week. [Laughs] And it was "She like em Bad" the same track that Rasheed loved...haha...

Rowrytah: Wow! You guys do make a hot team. now that you are signed to Next Selection, will you still work with him?

Krys Ivory: Of course! [Laughs]

Rowrytah: Good. I was about to say you better! [Laughs]

Krys Ivory: [Laughs] That would be scandolous

Rowrytah: Yes, it would be! [Laughs] Annyway, so what kind of feel would you say that your album will have....With DemJointz you kinda had a hyphy sound..Are you still going to come with the same type of material or will it be different?

Krys Ivory: It is definitely going to be more of a Ryan Leslie sound, but I feel that my style is gonna put some stank on it too! [Laughs] It's going to be real dope. Pweez (Please) believe!

Rowrytah: I do...I can't wait! Anyway, what artists inspired you growing up?

Krys Ivory: Oh man! You asked the right question! I would have to say it's Teena Marie, Anita Baker, Mariah Carey, SWV, En Vogue, Joni Mitchell....and the lovely Truth Hurts. [Smiles]

Rowrytah: Those are all great artists girl. You are taking me back. I remember my father playing Anita Baker when I was younger.

Krys Ivory: [Laughs] Yea her voice range. Oh my God! [Laughs]

Rowrytah: Do you hear their influence in your music now?

Krys Ivory: I would like to say yes. I hope so! I believe my style is my very own.

Rowrytah: I agree girl.... you are in your own bracket.....So you said you were raised singing in the church, when did you belt out your first tune?

Krys Ivory: I was 4 years-old. I sang for my dads homeless ministry. I sang "Amazing Grace" and got a standing ovation. [Laughs]

Rowrytah: Awww that is great! It is good to start young. So what are your favorite artists in the industry right now? What songs are you playing in your CD player now?

Krys Ivory: Man, I am feeling Rihanna she is sooo doing her thing and Beyonce of course. I also like this new artist called LMFAO. He's sick to me.

Rowrytah: Wow. I haven't even heard of him yet. I am gonna check him out. You know I like new music!

Krys Ivory: [Laughs] He's definitely on a different tip. He's techno almost, but still hip hop. Check out the song "I'm in Miami bitch." I was rollliiiiin when I heard it.

Rowrytah: At first I thought you were joking writing that. [Laughs] I am going to check out that song asap!

Krys Ivory: [Laughs] Yes! Oh...Nah, thats the name. [Laughs]

Rowrytah: Okay. Songwriters seem to make more money than artists themselves. Do you plan to write for your debut album?

Krys Ivory: Of course. Writing is one of my gifts. I gotta share the joy.

Rowrytah: That is wonderful girl. I can't wait to hear it! Who would you like to collaborate with in the future as far as producers and artists are concerned?

Krys Ivory: Timbaland and Danga. I want The Clutch! to write for me to! [Laughs] Bobby COME ON!!! [Laughs] I heard what they did for Cassie for the song "Official Girl."

Rowrytah: Bill and Bobby you heard it here first. Get at my girl Krys Ivory!

Krys Ivory: I still play Bobby Valentino and Stix Mixtape. It was hot!

Rowrytah: Man, must I start with that song. That song "Official Girl" is blazing! Well, girl you know those are my peeps so we gotta make that happen fellas!

Krys Ivory: [Laughs] Yes!

Rowrytah: Check out Bobby's EP Come With Me that he just released with Bill Jabr if you get the chance since you are a fan. It is his most experimental work to date. You know I had to put that in.

Krys Ivory: Reaaaally? I definitely will mama [Laughs] Sweet!

Rowrytah: So how would you describe your music? What kind of feel would you say it has?

Krys Ivory: It's too soon to tell. The album isn't finished yet. But from what I have thus far, it's nothing you've ever heard before! You'll love it!

Rowrytah: I am sure that I will....So you are from the West Coast. How do you feel about the West Coast movement right now?

Krys Ivory: There's a lot of talented cats out there. I have no doubt that Cali will get its shine; artist like Bangloose, Gif Majorz, Problem, Glasses Malone...It's amazing! Marliek, Mike Ant, Candice Pillay to name a few singers...

Rowrytah: Yeah, Candice Pillay is dope! And I like your collaboration with Problem.

Krys Ivory: Thanks! Yes she is and beautiful too! No homo! [Laughs]

Rowrytah: True..No homo here either! [Laughs] Where would you like to see yourself about ten years from now?

Krys Ivory: Hmmmm..After have written for countless artists and collecting royalties, I want to write some books, do some acting, and start a ministry. I want to have a long successful career with many blessings to give to others.

Rowrytah: Awwww...that is awesome. I am glad you are still planning on writing that book! What is something that you would like for your fans to know? Do you have anything to say to them?

Krys Ivory: I want to tell them that they are more than appreciated and I love them to pieces! [Laughs]

Rowrytah: Do you have any tours planned?

Krys Ivory: There is definitely going to be tours. I will be performing my butt off. Performing is basically the best part and it is so much fun. I love the energy of being on stage. It is like a rollercoaster ride and going down a slope. I get butterflies inside. It is the best feeling.

Rowrytah: Oh, and I have to ask this question and cater to the fellas. [Laughs] Are you single?

Krys Ivory: [Laughs] Yes, but I am definitely married to my music and don't have the time for that. [Laughs}

Rowrytah: Well, we have reached the conclusion. Do you have any shoutouts?

Krys Ivory: [Laughs} I did them all during the interview. [Laughs]

Rowrytah: Okay. That is true. [Laughs] Any shoutouts to stayondeck? {Laughs]

Krys Ivory: SHOUT OUT TO ROSHELLE! SHE DA SHIT! [Laughs] And to stayondeck...I am lovin' this site!

Rowrytah: And thanks girl!!! Thanks for letting me interview you. You did a great job!

Krys Ivory: Not a prob! As did you! Thanks girl for the interview. Oh, and also tell the readers to feel free to check out my new voicemail 323-622-8134 if they want any updates. It's free and hey, they won't get any annoying text.

Rowrytah: Okay readers. There you go! Make sure you hit her up on the voicemail!

Krys Ivory: Thanks so much! Halla at me girl

Rowrytah: I will and thanks again.

-Interview by Roshelle aka Rowrytah @

Listen to Krys Ivory's new single "Next 2 Ya" featuring Ryan Leslie below:

Check her out on myspace and let her know that you heard about her at!


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